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Australian TV channel ABC accidentally showed its viewers footage from a Satanic ritual during the middle of a routine newscast. The blunder was linked online to a current court case about teaching Satanism in schools. The excerpt from the news broadcast, posted by ABC Media Watch on Twitter, took place while anchor Yvonne Yong was introducing a story about Queensland’s proposal to make it a criminal offense to injure or kill police dogs and horses.

During Yong’s awkward pause, the screen showed silent footage of masked officials in suits. The broadcast then unexpectedly cut to what appeared to be the middle of a satanic ritual. A person donning a black robe proclaims “Hail, and then the word “s”atan,” while flanked by a large illuminated upside-down cross.

Once the broadcast cut back to Yong, along with a brief silence, she continued as if nothing had happened. Hmmm... did she deliberately expose this and pretend it was an accident? ...or is this something they are discretely preparing to shove down our throats?

It is not clear whether the Satanic footage was part of another story, or had come from elsewhere, and as of this podcast ABC has not commented on the matter. Several people online linked devil-worshippers with members of the Noosa Temple of “s”atan, which is currently suing Queensland’s Education Department to have religious instruction classes taught in schools.

According to Australian media, the “s”atanist’s, led by Robin Bristow, also known as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, want the federal government to scrap its religious discrimination bill and replace it with a human rights act.

The Noosa Temple of satan retweeted the clip, adding that “’s’atan works in mysterious ways.”

Commenters on social media, meanwhile, joked that the newscast was an “unfair slight on “s”atanist’s,” and hoped for the clip to stay with 666 retweets, which it has now surpassed. [1]

This is a sad state of the times. Clearly, we are in the days when good is evil and evil is good. These are the same types of Babylonian mind sets who brought about the wrath of Ya’s burning of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Great Flood. While Messiah Christ based teachings have been treated within our school systems as the plague. Pouring poison down the minds of our children is becoming the new mainstream. The reason, I share these depressing points with my audience regularly is so that we can become more proactive in our prayers and actions.

There are things we can do to counter these assaults on goodness. Even if we don’t have children, we can attend the school board meetings. Remember until we reach the age of 65, we are paying taxes for these school board members. If we show up in droves, our voice will matter. For those who are able, I encourage you to seek out a private school that embraces the Biblical truths. Or even consider homeschooling your children. Still, many aren’t able to consider those options.

This is why we as citizens owe it to future generations to rise up. Granted, this podcast is discussing the event that took place in Australia, it is literally knocking on the back door of our country and countries all around the world. So, who is Robin Bristow anyway?

Noosa Temple of Satan founder, former sex party candidate Robin Bristow, also known as “Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon”, attempted to hand out flyers to students on Tuesday to encourage them to nominate satanism as their choice of religious instruction.

“Some people may object to our presence but Bristow said, “under 110-year-old Queensland law, we have the same rights as all other religions to provide religious instruction. If the school has received permission for the student to attend Noosa Temple of satan, then the school must provide one of their rooms for us to use and must allow such students to attend.” [2] Do you see their game? These people have taken the epitome of evil and attached the term ‘RELIGION” to their agenda.

What most fail to understand, is the first religion was born in the land of Shinar under the ruler Nimrod. The term “Religion" has now been weaponized against us. Those who followed Christ Messiah were NOT part of a religion, but rather that of a Movement. In fact, in His day, those who followed Him were called members of “The Way” movement. [3] Shortly following the death and resurrection of our Christ Messiah Yeshuah, Titus Flavius Josephus rose to power. His story is quite colorful. He was born Yosef ben Matityahu in the year 37 and died in the year 100. He was a first-century Romano-Jewish historian who was born in Roman Judea Jerusalem to a father of priestly descent otherwise known as a Pharisee and a mother who claimed royal ancestry.

He initially fought against the Romans during the First Jewish–Roman War as head of Jewish forces in Galilee, until surrendering in the year 67 to Roman forces led by Vespasian after the six-week siege of Jotapata. Josephus claimed the Jewish Messianic prophecies that initiated the First Jewish–Roman War made reference to Vespasian becoming Emperor of Rome as a way to flatter him and it worked. In response Vespasian decided to keep Josephus as a slave and presumably interpreter. After Vespasian became Emperor in the year 69, he granted Josephus his freedom, at which time Josephus assumed the emperor's family name of Flavius. This was an ingenious way to slide into royalty as an imposter.

Flavius Josephus fully defected to the Roman side and was granted Roman citizenship. He became an advisor and friend of Vespasian's son Titus, serving as his translator when Titus led the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Since the siege proved ineffective at stopping the Jewish revolt, the city's pillaging and the looting and destruction of Herod's Temple (Second Temple) soon followed. [3]

Josephus recorded Jewish history, in a favorable light for the Pharisee's and Sadducee's. Keeping in mind that the son of a Pharisee embraced the Roman lifestyle; even taking on the name of the emperor’s family name Flavious. Perhaps this was the dawning of the merging of Hellenic-Pharisee paganism and Romanism. Let’s skip into time to more of the imposter Flavious ruling family.

Little information is known about Constantine the Great or as I like to refer to as Constatine the Imposter. He was the son of Flavius Constantius. His father was in the Roman army. Another killer warrior. His mother was Helena. It is not known whether Helena was his wife or just his concubine. Remember Hellenistic Judaism? This form of Judaism was a Greek infusion into the Hebrew worship that many claim contributed to the final fall of the Second Temple. Is it possible the wife/concubine of Flavius Constantius was given the namesake of this pagan form of worship? The father of Constatine the Imposter’s was highly adept in the military, and this contributed to his quick rise in the military ranks. In other words, he was a warrior. Around 293 a.d. Imposter Constatine’s father was appointed to serve as the deputy emperor for Augustus Maximian.

With time, Maximian’s failure on the throne meant that he had to step down. This paved the way for his father’s opportunity to take over as Emperor Constantius I in 305. His son, Constantine followed suit and joined his father in fighting with him in the army. Notice a pattern of imposter positions of power with people who conduct their lives totally contradicting the lives of members of “The Way” movement.

Remember, Flavius Josephus was the son of a Pharisee. In Acts 13:10 and again in John 8:44 our Messiah referred to these Pharisee’s as “sons of the devil”. Was our Messiah implying these Pharisee’s were sons of the Nephilim? Genesis 6: 1-4 tells us there were giants before and after the flood. [4] This passage has caused heated debate by many scholars.

Many believe the epic of Gilgamesh to be an account of one such giant who survived the flood. Genesis 9-13 And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth. In this passage, God is telling Noah the end of all flesh is approaching. Could this “all flesh” as written be that He was describing only the man He created? This possibility could explain how the giants reappeared.

[5] Genesis 10 starts off with a statement about the generations of the sons of Noah. Moses goes on to list the sons of Japheth with no elaboration on any of them. By the time we get to verse 6, we are told about Ham's children. The sons of Cush are listed in verse 7. Then, verse 8 goes on to mention one of Cush's sons in particular: Nimrod. The text then pauses for a moment to give us more - Five verses worth of details - about this individual; drawing our attention specifically to him as someone clearly important for us to remember:

And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.

And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. Out of that land went forth Asshur, and he built Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah, And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city. - Genesis 10:8-12 (KJV)

We could argue that this detail is given as a set up for the next chapter, which will focus on this individual's activity in the plains of Shinar. So, essentially the added detail given sets the stage for understanding future events. And that is likely why we are given added detail all through the Scriptures. But in this particular section of added details, there are some interesting facts concerning Nimrod. By way of review, it is possible Nimrod simply became a strong and powerful man; however, other cultures say he was much more than that. Nimrod began to become a giant himself through some sort of defilement. ...or Nimrod began to become a giant hunter - or a hunter of giants.

Additionally, according to many ancient cultures, Nimrod (The Man of Many Names) was often depicted as a mighty warrior, giant and possibly a hunter and subduer of giants as well. In fact, giants are even said to have helped him build the Tower of Babel. An Arabic manuscript found at Baalbek says:

After the flood, when Nimrod reigned over Lebanon, he sent giants to rebuild the fortress of Baalbek, which was so named in honour of Baal, the god of the Moabites and worshippers of the Sun. [5] Here we find our first account of Religion. Nimrod, used pagan religion to rule with an iron fist. Considering every war ever fought has been connected to some form of Religion, it is no wonder, this has crept into the assault on our most innocent; our children in these last days.

So, back to the legalism of the End Days religion. This satanist Robin Bristow in Australia had this to say, “We are sure that Education Minister Grace will support our legal right to offer Satanism classes at the school which is situated in her electorate of McConnel.”

Well, Education Minister Grace has already said schools should not be used as a backdrop for political stunts. Then Bristow said they went to the school to “send a message straight to the Education Minister and are hoping to get a response from her in support of Satanists going to a school in her district”.

Sadly, it seems one such spokesperson has caved. An Education Department spokeswoman said in accordance with Queensland legislation, religious leaders who wish to provide religious instruction to students of their faith group can apply to the principal in writing. “If there are students of that faith group at the school, a principal will approve the Minister of religion or their representatives to be religious instructors at their school. “Religious instruction is not compulsory. Parents decide if they want their child to participate (or not) in religious instruction.” “Students who are over 18 years of age are able to make their own decisions about participating in religious instruction if it is available at the school.” [2]

Since the first religion of Nimrod, their practice has continually brought death and destruction. Speaking of the satanist’s religion.

Demented occultists looking for victims as part of their sick rituals pose a real threat to the Russian public, one top analyst has cautioned after a pair of satanists confessed to a gory double murder in a remote woodland. Roman Silantyev, the deputy chairman of the Russian Ministry of Justice's advisory council on religion, said that people should be aware of the risks. “The likelihood of becoming a victim of satanists is small, but it is not zero, 20 to 30 people a year can become their victims,” he said.

According to him, the groups usually evade detection by hunting down homeless people and those without a fixed abode, ensnaring them for occult ceremonies. “Gangs of Satanists, who were engaged in ritual murders, have repeatedly been identified in the Tula region of Russia. Unfortunately, this is a sad norm of our life, Satanists have existed before, and they will continue to exist,” the specialist added.

A top official in Moscow's Orthodox Church, said that “the satanic movement remains a breeding ground for criminals.” According to him, “authorities and society need to think about how to protect people from the propaganda of satanism on the internet.”

Recently, two young Russian devil-worshippers confessed to luring two friends into the forest in the country's remote north, murdering them and eating their corpses as part of a twisted ritual. They were initially detained on drug charges before admitting to investigators that they had committed the slayings back in 2016.

Police probing the case after the pair's shocking admission later found the dismembered remains of one victim in a woodland area, north of St. Petersburg. The families of the murdered youngsters had apparently been searching for years for their missing children, while the whereabouts of their bodies was known only to their killers. A decade ago, a pair of self-described Russian goths were convicted of killing and cannibalizing a 16-year-old schoolgirl. The duo, were sentenced to nearly two decades each in high-security prison colonies, with the prosecutor describing their actions as “monstrous.” [6]

The examples discussed in this podcast are those of Australia and Russia. If you think these things don’t happen in your country or here in America, you are sadly mistaken. It is up to each of us to speak up, and refuse to fall prey to warrior-murderers of any race, religion, or creed for political intrusion into our lives; and especially the lives of our children. The time is NOW to make a stand. The TRUTH is staring us in our faces. Now, it’s up to us to share these TRUTHS as they are unveiled.


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