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Anthony Pellicano, the former private eye who spent 16 years in federal prison, is back in business as a Hollywood fixer. Pellicano was released in March 2019, after completing his sentence for wiretapping, racketeering, conspiracy and wire fraud charges. Before his downfall in 2002, Pellicano worked for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Michael Jackson, Brad Grey and Michael Ovitz.

Today Pellicano is working for Joel Silver, the “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon” producer who exited his company in 2019. Silver has since been engaged in an arbitration case with Daryl Katz, his former financier, and Pellicano said he has been hired to help resolve it. But what he said while in prison is what’s alarming. [1] [VIDEO]

Other former clients Pellicano worked as a fixer for include, Tom Cruise, Yoko Ono, Sylvester Stallone and dozens more, but it was his mafia-like methods that landed him in prison for 16 years.

Pellicano spoke at a sit-down interview in 2008, at the Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution in the small town of Big Spring, Texas. Self-described as tight-lipped, Pellicano name-dropped several celebrity clients and revealed quite a few interesting tidbits.

Pellicano didn’t rat out any of his high-profile clients to the FBI, and he reasons this is why he received his high sentence. “Up until the day of trial, [federal prosecutors] tried to get me to talk,” he says. But he still insists that none of his clients knew about his wiretapping. “It was either I talked or go to jail and accept it like a man,” he says. “I could have gone to the Clintons [Pellicano was reportedly hired to investigate Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers] and senators and asked them for a favor. I am not going to ask them for a favor. You take your lumps and go on with your life the best way you can.”

Details on his former alleged client, Arnold Schwarzenegger: “[The FBI raided] my business…I have personal stuff on Arnold…If they found that stuff, he never would have been governor.” He didn’t elaborate or say whether that personal information had anything to do with Schwarzenegger’s love child with his maid: “I can’t say one way or another if I knew it,” he says.

His bombshell drop was the one on Michael Jackson. Pellicano revealed why he allegedly dropped Michael Jackson as a client, who hired him to investigate one of the families accusing him in his 2003 child molestation case. Pellicano detailed that he told Jackson he would only work for him if he wasn’t guilty. Pellicano said he quit as Jackson’s private investigator because he found out some truths. According to Pellicano, Michael Jackson did something far worse to young boys than molest them.” However, Pellicano would not elaborate. [2]

Michael Jackson’s troubles began when his van broke down on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles in May 1992. Stranded in the middle of the heavily trafficked street, Jackson was spotted by the wife of Mel Green, an employee at Rent-a-Wreck, an offbeat car-rental agency a mile away. Green went to the rescue. When Dave Schwartz, the owner of the car-rental company, heard Green was bringing Jackson to the lot, he called his wife, June, and told her to come over with their 6-year-old daughter and her son from her previous marriage. The boy, then 12, was a big Jackson fan. Upon arriving, June Chandler Schwartz told Jackson about the time her son had sent him a drawing after the singer’s hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. Then she gave Jackson their home number. We know the rest of the story, or at least we think we do. [3]

Alex Constantine has this to say on his blog A. Constantine Blacklist: Michael Jackson retained a powerful Washington, D.C. PR firm Dezenhall Resources, that specialized in "damage control." The damage to Jackson's image was pedophilia. The many excuses we've heard over the years - that Jackson paid out $20-million in a gold-digging shakedown, that he enjoyed sleeping with children (after "Jesus Juice") to evoke a childhood that he never experienced - are "damage control," plausible tales of deniability spun by professional media manipulators. People continue to cite an article that appeared in GQ magazine in October, 1994, by Mary A. Fischer. The article was titled, "The Framing of Michael Jackson." It is chock-a-block with misrepresentations. Ms. Fischer is known as a professional journalistic painted lady - like the drug company ghost writers who pen articles claiming that a medication with serious side effects is really safe. She's one of those. But Mary Fischer doesn't write deceptive articles for drug companies, though - she seems to prefer child molesters. There is a school of pedophile advocates in the media. They began 20 years ago with profitable ties to the Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), though that connection is currently obscured and they operate as moles in the press. They often cry "child abuse witch-hunt" at the drop of a hat. In the public print, they libel anyone who writes intelligently about ritual abuse/mind control. [VIDEO] They are vermin. Mary Fischer has written articles discrediting the McMartin Preschool sex abuse allegations. Also, in the McMartin Preschool sex scandal, her facts and reasoning were skewed, following a script written by members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF - whose first chairman, Dr. Ralph Underwager, had formerly been a NAMBLA official, and the media tactics are familiar because he was a media darling for pedophile apologias widely quoted by leading newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and London's Times), a CIA/pedophile front that concocts bogus psychological and legal arguments to discredit victims of mind control, RA and organized pedophilia. [VIDEO] Ralph Underwager She was hired by a propagandist named Abby Mann to make liars of children who'd been drugged, molested, video-taped for the lucrative child porn market, and tortured in a pre-school setting. The children's allegations were true but made to look ridiculous in the media. The press lied and spun the case to discredit them. [VIDEO] Mary Fischer was one of those "journalists," all connected by the FMSF, who wrote articles claiming that the McMartin children had "false memories." Newspapers would not print evidentiary articles supporting the children. Only one side was actually presented - defending the teachers who'd been "falsely accused" - and supporters of the children were blacklisted. All of this took place very quietly, behind the scenes, and only the parents and children of McMartin understand what happened. The public doesn't comprehend what really went on at the school because the disinformation spun by Ms. Fischer and another media liar who "reported" on the McMartin case, Debbie Nathan (who went on to work for NAMBLA's Dr. Underwager), among others, was widely disseminated. They convinced the public that ritual abuse, a cover for mind control operations, was a figment of young fertile imaginations and therapist coercion - a "witch hunt.

" Ms. Fischer is a cover-up artist. She might be described as a PR hack for rich pedophiles. Her arguments are specious when you examine them closely and do a little fact-checking, but the average reader of GQ in 1994 didn't understand her history, and swallowed the lies intended to clear Michael Jackson in public opinion of crimes he really did commit. The cover-up proves the crime, as they say - in a sense, Mary Fischer has done us all a favor. Her article proposing that Jackson was "framed," coming from a hired-pen with a history of lying about child abuse, is hard evidence of his guilt. The writer of this article Alex Constantine has this to say: In the past I've had reservations about the allegations. Now I have no problem stating without a doubt that Jackson sexually handled children. A paid cover-up artist ran to his defense, pulling out arguments that reek of PR tactics, and her toxic moonshine was splashed across magazine stands across the country. Jackson, as his own sister maintained on national television, was guilty of child molestation. Having been reminded by a reader of this blog of Fischer's article, I now harbor no doubts. [VIDEO] And there is another factor that complicates everything. Roseanne Barr maintains that Jackson told her of his dissociative identity disorder - multiple personalities. It is possible that one of his alter personalities molested children. This is the door to another facet of the case, an unexamined one that could explain everything. But that door leads to a room full of implications that need to be explored at length - and I'm eagerly looking forward to the day someone in the media explores that room. [4]

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