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The Ultimate Escape Plan . . .

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Another great take from Wordman at M.C.M. Madness News. Remember, Remember the Fifth of November. Midsummer came to the Texas badlands this past Friday night. Black Mass. Ritual Sacrifice. Altamont South. The ultimate Escape Plan. And lest you dare think something altogether weird and non-traditional wasn’t going on, pay close attention in the upcoming moments here, because I have breaking news for you…

In the long run that we’ve seen that stretches from infernos like Waco/OKC Bombing/9-11 to the still-fresh Vegas shooting massacre to even blips like the most recent Alec Baldwin fiasco, most can discern that there is much more going on behind the scenes and untold than we are ever made aware of by any mainstream sources.

And if they do, this info is leaked out in dribs and drabs and never ever connected in any meaningful way. But every once in a while, something so monstrous peeks out from behind the curtain of everyday normalcy that begs for a closer look into just what may be going on, what fuels these incidents, and what exactly the motive is. And that motive goes beyond even the human aspects of regular manslaughter or murder.

Something else is driving this, and it reveals itself in a million little ways: gematria, symbols, sigils, predictive programming, and perhaps most importantly of all, that feeling in the pit of our stomach. That one that lets you know that something is severely off. Trust your God-given instincts. He gave you them for a reason. Trust your nose for the diabolical. And all of that on Friday, Nov.5th, there was something in the air….it manifested most hideously during Astroworld 2021, Travis Scott’s mind meld with the otherworldly and the horrific.

The dates and the stars were surely aligned and right for this one. Ssssssh – if you listen closely, you might still be able to hear the setup lingering in the air, still circling the globe; the government on the phone: “Hey Trav, we’ve got a little thing you can help us with…” In the days preceding, look at how they were describing it. Interesting wording, wouldn’t you say?[1]

The "Houstonia" gave a list of 10 Items You Need to Survive Astroworld Festival 2021:

1. Negative COVID Test or Vaccination Card: Ragers must show up to the festival gates with a negative COVID test administered within 72 hours, or proof of vaccination. 2. Comfortable shoes 3. Jacket or coat 4. Clear bag 5. SPF/Hat & Sunglasses 6. Cash 7. Water 8. Portable charger 9. First aid and toiletries A10. Disposable camera [2]

I think they forgot to mention the bag of silver crosses and holy water… As early as 2pm, 7 hours before start time, the kids were breaking down the security barriers outside Astroworld and storming in. As they were doing so, this was playing, already setting the stage and conditioning the young brains for mayhem and worse: [1]

369@lwtchromes tweeted this: Travis Scott used fear frequency...which can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, nausea, and dizziness. Wow. There was something going on at this event that had nothing to do with stampedes or crush injuries: [3]

A Reddit poster posted a video of attendee seizing on the ground, and there was not a crowd rush, everyone else around him was fine. More and more reports just like this are filtering in: [4]

Another Reddit poster posted: Witnesses Claim AstroWorld Concert was Playing Frequencies that Induced Seizures and Breathing Problems. This Instagram screenshot was included in the post that reads: Look. My son was there and he said the frequency of the music made people have seizures and pass out. He told me that people were freaking out. Because out of nowhere people were having seizures. Then people were trying to move forward to see the people passing out.

My son Bryan Martinez, said something inside him made him feel like he couldn’t breathe and then he freaked out and ran out of there with his life. Honestly, he is spooked. Something is in the vac that a certain frequency will trigger this. [5] Graphene induced? (You had to be punctured with the mandatory venom or show a negative test to get in.) Something dealing with 5G? A combination of the two in a maiden beta test of this tech? Let’s remember that this is what graphene can be influenced to do thru remote infrasound tech and frequency modulation when installed inside you: [1]

On Twitter @IGG1776 posted a video of Graphene Oxide moving sporadically and wrote: Graphene Oxide and its reaction to different frequency. [6] And thanks to the work of Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej, Jane Ruby and now countless other docs around the world, we know that there is graphene oxide in ALL of the puncture modalities regardless of the maker. To be sure there WAS a crush of people that also played a part – people in a mad rush from the back of the crowd that seemed intent on fleeing something: [1]

For instance, as mentioned in my previous podcast, during the Astroworld Festival a member of security lost consciousness after feeling a prick in his neck. He was revived with Narcan. [7]

At this point in the blurry proceedings, it seems there were various unknown agents on the ground, as yet to be identified, that were injecting people with something. This proceeded from the back of the throng, and those there, in a mad dash to get away, started the push towards the front, as there was nowhere else to go. Hence, stampede. And what exactly was Scott doing during all this? Well, chanting: [1]

This comment on Instagram sums it up. Imagine producing a fest, being the live act entertainer at the fest, watching a dead body get crowd surfed out of the trample ground, and with your view from above you just hit em with some auto tuned yeeaaah eeaah yeeaah … [8]

In all my life I have never seen anything like that – and I’ve been to some serious gigs in the past. Everything from Springsteen in 1988 (and believe me there were some seriously heavy, dark vibes loose in the building that night too), to various heavy metal and industrial hardcore too, but nothing like this.

Kylie Jenner can disclaim all she wants that she & Travis had no idea what had happened until after the show – but the video clips circulating of him peering straight into the scene while he is singing to the unconscious is proof, she’s a liar. Her dude watching them pass what for all he knows could be a dead body out over the barricades. While’s he auto-tuning away as background. In an interview, Kylie’s first words are for and about she and Travis. That should tell you all you need to know.

At this point and for all I know she was there so the ritualizing could attach an entity to the baby inside her. Nothing would surprise me about the Jenner/Kardashian coven and anything they are a part of. Let’s be honest, ALL concerts are rituals, and carry on a tradition that dates back to time immemorial. When that many people are gathered together and have concentrated their focus on a single task and/or event, anything can happen. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad – it all depends upon your intent.

Ask anyone that was ever present at an early U2 show when they were extremely focused upon manifesting the Christ consciousness – ditto anyone that was ever at an ACDC show, or the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or even Fleetwood Mac at their mid/late 70s occult witchy-ness apex – there was something different there trading on the other side of the coin. Much is gotten into here in this legendary 1975 sit-down between William Burroughs and Jimmy Page: [1]

In 1975 a legendary encounter occurred; Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist of the blues rock band Led Zeppelin, was interviewed by William Burroughs – counter-cultural icon of the 60s beat generation, and deservedly famous author of Junky and Naked Lunch. William S. Burroughs was a fantastically able writer who has won the literary recognition of many; he was also a journalist, and a long-time user of heroin – even coining the term junky.

Heroin was something Page and Burroughs shared in common during the time of this interview in 1975, as Page’s experimentation with heroin had slipped into an addiction at this point in his life and career. Musically, critics believed his playing ability fell sharply as a result of his heroin use, while those obsessed with the occult insisted that his poor playing was a result of a black magic curse put on him by Kenneth Anger, an acolyte of the infamous Aleister Crowley.

Burroughs went into the interview asking “Mr. Page, would you care to talk about your interest in occult practices? Would you describe yourself as a believer in this sort of thing?” What follows is an interesting take on the standard music interview format, and a surreal exploration into the subconscious elements of music, such as vibrations, transferring of energy, magic, the arts and the similarities between rock and roll riffs and Buddhist mantras.

“The essential ingredient for any successful rock group is energy–the ability to give out energy, to receive energy from the audience and to give it back to the audience. A rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy. “The Led Zeppelin show depends heavily on volume, repetition and drums. It bears some resemblance to the trance music found in Morocco, which is magical in origin and purpose–that is, concerned with the evocation and control of spiritual forces. In Morocco, musicians are also magicians.

The music of Joujouka evokes the god Pan, Pan god of Panic, representing the real magical forces that sweep away the spurious. It is to be remembered that the origin of all the arts–music, painting and writing–is magical and evocative; and that magic is always used to obtain some definite result. In the Led Zeppelin concert, the result aimed at would seem to be the creation of energy in the performers and in the audience. For such magic to succeed, it must tap the sources of magical energy, and this can be dangerous.” [9]

And completely out of left field, hey, who remembers Crawdaddy?!! Haha! This particular show took all of those darkly-themed endeavors and made them seem like a freakin tea party. From the very get-go there were flaming winged demons, portals opening, technetronic trance beats to inflame your senses and muddle your synapses, frequencies to tighten your chest; everything to manifest something bad and as close to hell on earth as many were likely to ever see. For a great many it was the last thing they would ever see. And that 8-11 death toll…don’t you believe it.

Dark themes were abounding and traded in everything from the hellish paintings of Bosch trying to conjure Dante, to the Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony, to the nightmare fuel of what they are attempting at CERN. Scott himself boasted a tee-shirt that night that showed a baby-esque figure on one side of a doorway, entering it, and emerging on the other side in full scarlet with horns. Demons emerging from a dimensional doorway. Or worse, YOU becoming a demon when passing thru something you had no power over, and not the free will to change or object to. Sound familiar?

Just how much all of this is moving in lockstep with every other aspect of this (CERN, the puncture program, the mandates, portals, AI, Transhumanism, DNA-changing tech, 5G) is open to vast interpretation. But it sure seems connected. Just as years ago Las Vegas and the massacre there was a bellwether for change and a litmus test for our sense's capacity for derangement, so does this atrocity at Houston seem front-loaded for just the same – just something else to keeps us eternally off-balance before the final coup de grace is installed.

First of all, let’s not believe any of the garbage disclaimers and denials that they didn’t know what was happening and the fakest of fake crocodile tears afterwards – they knew EXACTLY what was happening in real time AS IT WAS HAPPENING. This was a fully engineered ritual sacrifice carried out in plain sight, which is precisely why people that were there are freaking out to the extent they are – they know what they saw.

They lived it and were lucky enough to escape; not the “escape plan” Scott and the organizers had in mind for them. For all of this and so much more, as quick as you can say Finders and Franklin the term “Satanic Panic” went trending on the Twitter-verse today. Even the puncture-induced and zombified can see the handwriting on the wall when it’s this clear and blatant. Literally just HOURS before what went down in Houston, CERN completed this on [1]

November 4, 2021, Geneva. The ATLAS Experiment at CERN welcomes a brand-new detector: the Muon New Small Wheel system. Its successful installation follows nearly a decade of design and construction, and marks a major milestone in ATLAS’ high-luminosity era.

The High-Luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider will dramatically increase the rate of collisions in the ATLAS experiment. While an opportunity for physicists to explore some of the rarest processes in the Universe, the large collision rate brings new challenges – in particular, higher radiation levels and significantly more data. [10] Which so happens to look more than a lot like what Scott had going on inside his mountain stage set. It seems the Days of Noah, part II, are comin’ in hot.

What if I told you Astroworld 2021 was a government experiment deliberately turned sacrifice ritual to both test 5G on a crowd of puncture treated captive citizens and to also open portals for entities summoned when the ritual brought them here? What if even those that didn’t die left with something a little more than what they came with? It’s just that so many upside-down crosses and portals and Saturn references tend to give one away… Please, keep saying your prayers. [1]

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