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The END GAME . . .

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Today’s message is taken from the blog post of Please go to my webpage to pull all the source links embedded within the script at The message at McM Madness News page is exactly what I believe is taking place on a global level. Please go to their blog and subscribe to them. Their work is incredible.

I asked myself, if I was a terrorist, and I wanted to take out millions of people with biological weapons, what would I do? From Left Behind World at War (2005) - The answer is in there. Matthew chapter 24 verse 3, and as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately saying, tell us, when shall these things be, and what shall be the sign of that coming and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them.... Pestilences? Not tornadoes or earthquakes?

That's in there too, but there's no unspeakable modalities for those. Webster's defines pestilence as a serious infectious disease that spreads rapidly and kills large groups of people. So, in a word, yes. And before you write it off as paranoia, read the next verse.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and you shall be hated of all nations for my namesake.... We know who he is, the Bible refers to him as the Beast of Revelation. He's the Antichrist.

Wouldn't you want him dead? He's the Antichrist -- you can't kill him. Here in the real world, what are your sources telling you? Was Jeffry Epstein, Harvard Scientists, and other scientists working on a mind control program to bring in something so sinister?

This is what an insurrection and a fully-backed Deep State coup looks like. As a matter of fact, "deep" doesn't even apply anymore -- this is now a Quantum State. This is a full-on merger of everything: Big Pharma, Big Tech, an out-of-control Oligarchy spearheaded by a Pedophocracy in full command, Full Spectrum Dominance amplified by a Fake News, "fact-checking" zone of total fear and compliance utilizing multiple realms.

A Sentient World Simulation run amok on global Fascism and the rise of A.I. and the Transhuman mythos, hellbent on killing a vast portion of us and subsuming and reengineering the rest. Think I'm exaggerating? Then you most certainly are not paying attention. Incidents over just the last few weeks have ramped up the crazy to ear-shattering, soul-crushing levels. It's time to put down the tennis racquet, put aside the golf clubs, and truly get involved.

If not now, when? Yours, mine, and our full attention is needed. Now is the time for all good men, and women, to come to the aid of their country. We are wrapped in a continuing Black Swan event sponsored by a Black Nobility network effect that shows no signs of stopping; they are certainly not going to cede over any power back to us -- we are going to have to take it, down to the lowliest thugs on the final rungs of the ladder.

Did you know the first tattoo designed by A.I. turns out to be a demonic sigil? Should we be concerned when the first image conjured by an AI-generated intelligence equates to a blatantly satanic one? Only when we realize who's in charge of all AI-driven tech, and what they represent.

It seems the last few years have ALL been one big lie -- all along. All of a sudden, we are allowed to make individual decisions.

Now all those that were de-platformed, marginalized, shut out of businesses, shut out of their families, lost friends, lost jobs -- they're just all supposed to forgive and forget, I guess. A ruined economy, a whacked-out election, hundreds of millions used as guinea pigs and experimented upon, a world full of injured, dead, and God knows what to come...all for a glorified cold strain that set the stage for the first ripples of Transhumanism on the back of an experimental modality that changes what it is to be human...

All as it was intended. And the brainwashed masses fell for it hook, line, and sinker as critical thinking was kidnapped and informed consent was destroyed. And watching over all, the machineries of justice barely quivered. It's extremely clear, at this point that a large swath of the population is in some kind of actual trance.

A trance induced by any number of factors ranging from the psycho-pharmacological to the occult renderings of ritual and initiation. Reality is being altered on a sliding scale, up is down, black is white, freedom is consent, and we should all be honored to be judged by our "betters."

A mercenary and weaponized new IRS is being filled with nearly 90,000 new stormtroopers instead of accountants, all authorized to create dangerous situations and use deadly force in apparently about the best scenario we can hope for. Not sure about the kind of America you want to live in, but I'm calling a hard "NO" on that one. Their collapse is imminent, and judicial and executive actions just like these bear this out. The line of demarcation has been clearly drawn and we are the enemy of the state now more than ever. So, what is the end game?

Richard Dolan reiterates the research of David Jacobs re abductees: infiltration, and "the ability to exert neurological control over you. Infiltrate your thoughts, and control your thinking..." Who is to say that the WEF AI and Transhumanism agenda doesn't somewhere include a hybrid off-ramp? What, and how much, is being concealed from us? What exactly was Charles Lieber's research, fully backed and funded by Epstein, looking into again?

What are some studies saying is the endgame of the thing I can’t say? Where do the biblical, the UFO-logical, and the weaponization of the biomedical all end up merging? Shared agendas, overlapping Ops, melded ideologies. One Umbrella (Corporation); multiple actions. Epstein gave millions upon millions of dollars to this. To what end?

All of his bought-and-paid-for scientists were, each and every one, responsible for what is going into the arms of humanity since 2020 onward -- all behind a relentless and wildly aggressive propaganda push mandating that you MUST DO IT. Why?

Looking down the road, perhaps this all has to deal with the manipulation of space, time, matter, and energy. And at some point, they are looking towards that transformation, that manipulation, inside us. At the cellular level. Turning vessels of God into vessels for something else. Iron and Clay perhaps?

And also happening in real time concurrent with this onset were, don't forget, the continuing sky spraying operations. This was all a good 10 years after the CIA, by proxy thru the U.S. Forest Service, began tying up and overhauling vast numbers of C-130 and other cargo planes -- then routed thru their Evergreen Air at Pinal Air Park, Marana, Tucson and McMinnville, Oregon.

In such a multi-pronged operation, in hindsight, perhaps the aerosol operations, were needed to set the stage for everything to come. Like a boxer working over the body before going for the head.

In another branch of the decades-unfolding Op, Epstein gave exorbitant amounts of money, at least $9 million on a pledged 30, to researchers funded by the DOD, DARPA, IARPA, NIH and Harvard, with the expertise and full technology to genetically engineer and improve bacteria and viruses.

Our problem is only magnified once you realize that the "unspeakable thing”, in addition to other injuries up to and including death, was also weaponized to give recipients the sickness (such as it is), not shield them from it. The ongoing experiment has many tentacles. Meanwhile, in another move of calculated omission, the CDC has removed from their website this particular wording ...

When the biblical, the technological and the existential all begin to merge their tramlines into a vanishing point on the far horizon that looms closer every day, and that we see playing out all around us in both the unspeakable injectable modality and now disclosure narrative agendas, it's time to pay strict attention.

What if there are MORE than 2 separate events? Many more? I believe by definition that means pay attention harder, right? More anecdotal science right here, showing yet more self-assembling nano-circuits/machines inside the unspeakable modality devices. And don't be dissuaded, simply remember that every step-in science begins with anecdotal observations. Every single one.

Last year, the heiress Ghislane Maxwell explained she has created an imaginary cellmate named A-17. Just how and why was Ghislaine manifesting some kind of hitchhiker effect, did it have anything to do with Epstein and their previous occult manifestations thru ritual and sacrifice, and just what IS in Box A-17 that the FBI took in the Mar-a-Lago raid? “It was either going to be the smallpox or the anthrax modality...." Mass modalities were going to be required.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is real, and plague, hunger, and frequencies can eliminate entire populations. This amazing Good Samaritan is taking this on one tower at the time to combat the frequency assaults.

These linkages grow even more shadowy and nefarious when you consider another nexus man in all this, sits smack dab in the middle of the tangled web also: Epstein by where he was positioned at the time would almost certainly have been front and center in fallen towers blackmail initiations that got the entire Op off the ground in the first place -- any participant not quite so eager and willing to see a coup d'état played out that involved the outright first degree murder of 3,000 Americans would had to have been somehow persuaded, eh?

Enter Epstein to shore up those not-so-gung-ho stragglers. How? Well, how many tapes, CDs, and DVDs of evidence do you suppose he had on the higher echelons in governments the world over?

And all ready to be burned ad infinitum. Also factor in his tangential connections with the Maxwell family, where the dad was probably M-o-s-s-a-d at the very highest levels. Also consider the infamous 5 "dancing" men from a tiny country I can’t speak of, arrested that morning post-Towers impact. They were arrested for videotaping and celebrating the event across the river. In their owns words, "We are not your enemy. We are here to document the event."

Finally, Epstein links rather easily to one of the largest towers "civilian contractors," Dyncorp. The same Dyncorp that the great Cynthia McKinney grilled old Rummy rather extensively about.


Wait, what was that? Smallpox and anthrax modalities?? ALONG with child sex abuse?

Now factor in the rather astronomical coincidences you have to believe in to know that Epstein's buddies were all involved intimately with the lockdowns, the masking, the genomic sequence of the sickness itself and especially, the modality, as has been pointed out here chapter and verse on many occasions. Sometimes problem-reaction-solution is masked, at other times it is WAY out in the open...


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