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[Forwarded from Anunnaki Nibiru on Telegram]

A few points on Ted Turner and depopulation:

1. Ted Turner advocates for reducing the population by 95%

2. He allegedly funded the Georgia Guidestones which call for the annihilation of all but 500mil humans

3. Ted Turner is the co- founder the NTI

4. NTI predicted a monkey pox attack with the next major move occurring January 10, 2023

5. The NTI Monkey pox exercise was done in partnership with Dustin Moskovitz's Open Philanthropy

6. The last tabletop exercise that Open Philanthropy participated in was Event 201, which simulated a Sars-like coronavirus mere months before news came out of Wuhan of a Sars-like coronavirus.

7. The Gates Foundation has been connected to Event 201 and the deadly pandemic response. Death is obviously way up following pandemic measures

8. And people like Gates keep talking about how bad the next pandemic will be and smirking.

9. Probably still the most concerning thing is new long-term cancer risk, immune reduction, fertility reduction, and heart damage from the shots.

Did they demolished it only to retrieve the time capsule? What was in it? There has to be something satanic, because this monument was sun worship ritual blood-sacrifice site.

So, CERN fires back up on Tuesday (they use Shiva as a logo/symbolism), and on Wednesday the Georgia Guidestones written in Hindi/Swahili gets destroyed at 4:33:30 (the witching hour, which is hugely important to them).

In 1951: The Acronym CERN Was Born. CERN “scientists” (read satanists) are in the majority KHAZARIAN’s, the rest are useful idiots. 'At the end of World War II, European science was no longer world-class. Following the example of international organizations, a handful of visionary scientists envisioned the creation of a European laboratory for atomic physics.

In December 1951, at a UNESCO intergovernmental meeting in Paris, the first resolution on the creation of the European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional council - the acronym CERN was born. This video extract from 1967 explains how CERN began.'


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