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When Advertising Goes Bad . . .

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We now have identified one of these criminals who were caught on video counting illegal ballots from a suitcase stashed under a table! As you can see from the video one woman in a purple top was filmed helping pull out the ballots and then sitting down to count the ballots. That woman has now been identified.

And she made the mistake of advertising her purse on her desk the same night she was involved in voter fraud on a MASSIVE SCALE. Her T-shirt says, “Lady Ruby” and her purse says, “LaRuby” which is her company. This was not a very smart move. Her company is called “LaRuby’s Unique Treasures.”

Maybe the Georgia police or Bill Barr’s DOJ may want to pay Ruby Freeman a visit. [1]

This tweet posted by Ms. Freeman reads: A lady had a problem with me telling her what a supervisor told me to tell her yesterday. This morning, lo and behold, out of nowhere, she came to give me a hug. You already know the end of that story. Judas, I’m not Jesus. Don’t play. I blamed it on Social distancing. [2]

Watch as her daughter makes the handoff: [VIDEO 3]

Now, this is what a hero looks and sound like: [VIDEO 4] Tom Graham asks some excellent questions. Matters of "NAT SEC" Is Election Tampering by a foreign country an act of war? Are those who help them domestically committing treason? Must the states knowingly certify an illegitimate vote count before it is considered a crime? Who handles it? DOJ or DOD/Military? [VIDEO5]

Mike Lindell gives this excellent summary of all the election crimes to date. In this message he appeals to the DOJ & FBI to do an investigation into the massive fraud evidence from this year’s General Election. He points out that only a fraction of the evidence will overthrow this fraudulent election. Here is the evidence from 6 of the swing states:

  • 1.8 Million absentee ballots sent out to people in PA – 2.5 Million absentee ballots were returned

  • 430,000+ ballots went to Biden in MI in 2.5 hours from 4 precincts-which is physically impossible

  • NY truck driver contracted by USPS drove 250,000+ NY filled-out absentee ballots from NY & dropped off in PA

  • WI postal workers were told 100,000 ballots went missing and told later to back date thousands of ballots to Nov 3

  • 635,000+ votes for Biden and 3200 votes for Trump in computer spike-scientifically impossible

  • 150% - 200% precinct voter turnouts for Biden

  • Hundreds of thousands of ballots backdated to November 3 by election workers

  • 45,000 people voted twice in NV

  • 220,000 illegal absentee ballots from WI residents that did not meet the “indefinitely confined” requirements

  • Tens of thousands of pristine absentee ballots without normal mailing creases-some even with the same street address-no date-& in SEQUENTIAL order

  • Hundreds of thousands of dead people, children, out-of-state, felons, mental asylum, churches & non-existing addresses voting (ex. 2,000 ballots all one address of a vacant lot in AZ) (ex. 17,300 dead people in MI voted)

  • Recounts “finding” missing thousands of ballots and USB drives never entered into original count

  • State “misplaced” over 45+ USB drives that contain vote counts that cannot be located

  • Poll watchers not being able to observe vote counts-you cannot prove fraud if you cannot see fraud-ex. Over 600,000 PA ballots were not allowed to be viewed

  • Computer “glitched” even seen on CNN-where voted go from Biden to Trump-ex.20,000 voted from Trump to Biden in PA. ...and several thousand in GA from Trump to Biden

  • 23,000 PA absentee ballots returned before they were even mailed out and 86,000 returned the day, they were mailed out

  • Storage unit broken into one month prior to the election and a computer and several digital key cards were stolen

  • Secretary of states illegally implementing new voting laws instead of the requirement of the state legislatures doing it

  • Scientifically implausible middle of the night dumps of ballots

  • Between 3:30-4:30 am they “found” 140,000 mail-in ballots for Biden in WI Between 3:30 –5 am they “found” 200,000 mail-in ballots for Biden in MI

  • Between 2 am – 4 am they “found” 140,000 mail-in ballots for Biden in PA

  • AZ election official said tens of thousands mail-in ballot signatures not validated nullifying 1.9 million mail-in ballots

  • Tens of thousands of ballots were accepted without ID verifications – as well as gift cards and money given in exchange for ballots

  • Tens of thousands of people called and verified they did not request a ballot, but the polls show they voted...or they requested a ballot, but rolls show they did not vote...or they showed up to vote and were told they had already voted absentee & they had not

  • Internal polling day issues: Sharpies given to voters (causing ballots to kick out) tremendous GOP poll watcher intimidation, voters being coached on how to vote for Biden, observers not allowed in rooms where ballots counted or cured, making observers stand 20-100' away, block windows with cardboard, etc.

  • In counting rooms: observations of ballots being loaded and counted and additional 2-8 times, ballots being stolen, ballots being filed out by workers, additional data (signature, date, address, DOB) added to ballot, hundreds of thousands of ballots being “found” in the middle of the night – being brought in without following proper procedure, continual ballot where signature did not match & receiving a “low-confidence” yellow banner were pushed through to be counted, poll books not balancing to ballots (ex. Detroit had 71% of their precincts int in balance)

  • Dominion Voting Machines:

  • Created for Venezuela dictators like Chavez to cheat elections

  • Votes go out of the US to be processed

  • System uses fraction votes (to manipulate percentages per candidate)

  • System has user-capabilities like drop & drag votes to trash

  • Machines were verified to be on WIFI-making manipulation of votes extremely vulnerable (internet usage verified going from 7 terabytes to 10 terabytes on Nov 3 &4 due to US voting)

  • No chain of custody for voting! Ex. USB drives being used during voting and taken off site improperly

  • Owners & HQs of system are directly connected to China, Germany, & Spain

  • Information experts Dr. Shiva Ayyadural & Colonial Phil Waldron have conducted extensive mathematical evaluation, including spikes in voting (ex. 56,098 votes in 8 minutes where those machines could only process approx. 20,000 votes per hour), anomaly research, overvoting precinct numbers, and the fractional algorithms likely performed by the Dominion Voting systems – concluding highly implausible vote totals in tested precincts. [3]

Hat-Tip to Lisa T for this interesting thread of panic: Polls show a dead heat for the crucial Senate races in GA, and if GOP wins even one of the 2 races … This is what panic looks like: [VIDEO 6] Does anyone believe for a second this guy won? [VIDEO 7]





Video Sources:


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