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Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to talk about impeachment

So much for “solemn.”

For nearly 3 years, Democrats in Congress openly made plans to impeach President Donald J. Trump. While Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that “no one comes to Congress to impeach a president,” some House Democrats did exactly that—and said so explicitly.

“I would vote yes” on impeachment, one said during her campaign more than a year ago. “I recognize [President Trump] as a tyrant.”

Another Democrat made this promise hours after she was sworn into office in January: “We’re gonna impeach the motherf****r.”

The list goes on. Speaker Pelosi doesn’t want mainstream Americans to see comments like those. She knows the rest of the country would be appalled by the way House Democrats talk to their far-left base. And she knows it would expose the truth about impeachment: that it was always a partisan move to silence the voices of 63 million Americans. It never mattered what the facts were or what the law said.

You can’t have it both ways. Democrats can’t lecture the country about the gravity of impeachment and then turn right around and make a mockery of it for their voters. Speaker Pelosi assured the public that the impeachment vote would be a “solemn” process and a prayerful day for America. Not everyone got the memo:

Pelosi had to not-so-subtly remind House Democrats not to cheer during the final vote. Remember: solemn.

Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib gleefully recorded a selfie video gearing up for the vote. “Nonpartisan” Washington Post reporters posted a celebratory group photo and wished everyone a “Merry Impeachmas.” 

Speaker Pelosi may be captive to her party’s growing radical, Democrat-Socialist movement, but she’s no dummy. She knows how bad this all looks. In full damage-control mode, she made two shocking announcements just hours after the House vote. The first is that she’s done talking about impeachment. “I’m not going to answer any more questions” about it, she said to the press.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham called her out, noting that the White House had been answering reporters’ questions about it all morning. “When you wrongfully impeach a President, people deserve answers. You’ve been talking nothing but impeachment for months (years really)—why the silence now?”

The second stunning move Speaker Pelosi announced? After rushing to complete the fastest impeachment of a President in U.S. history, the House will now hold onto the Articles of Impeachment instead of passing them along to the Senate for trial.

Democrat leaders know the Senate will acquit President Trump—after all, their Articles don’t even allege that he committed a crime—and they don’t want the weakness of their case exposed.

House Democrats got their historic day. They now own the first impeachment in American history that had no bipartisan support, only bipartisan opposition. They now own the first impeachment that contains no criminal violations, only political disputes. It’s a terrible precedent for our country. Speaker Pelosi knows that. Just don’t ask her about it, OK?

Here’s what President Trump reminds us: Something to share: They’re not after me. They’re after you.

Charlie Kirk tweeted this: Wow: Is this why Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump for uncovering corruption? Turns out her son, Paul Pelosi Jr. used the Speaker in a promotional video for an energy company he sits on the board of Oh—and they also do business in Ukraine.

Let’s not forget, California leads the nation, by far, in both the number of homeless people and the percentage increase in the homeless population - two terrible stats. Crazy Nancy should focus on that in her very down district, and helping her incompetent governor with the big homeless problem!


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