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Couple days ago. This poster thinks Grassley is the GOAT. - Navy Boat Number 224. Erik Prince. Who knows where the bodies are buried? [VIDEO – WE THE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE] The Russian air force has been carrying out airstrikes against terrorist groups in Idlib province of Syria since this morning. SHARE THE AWAKENING! [VIDEO - Aquila] The Belarus Army deployed a large number of T-72B3M Main Battle Tanks & BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles from Borisov toward the border with Ukraine.

Belarusian Armed Forces are also preparing themselves for a possible war which might affect the region.

[VIDEO - Aquila] Russian Tanks transported to the Frontline with Ukraine – Turkish Intelligence asked Syrian mercenaries to prepare to fight in Ukraine. - Russian airstrikes reported in southern Idlib near the town of Bsanqul, Syria. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins] Large military movements in Crimea, as Ukraine release a statement declaring 2 of their soldiers killed in combat already today. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins]

The mass military deployment to the Russian/Ukrainian border continued this morning, on the same day Russia announces they've begun combat readiness checks of all military units and Ukraine announces that it is pulling out of Minsk peace talks. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins] T-90A and BTR-80 tanks heading towards the border with Ukraine this afternoon as tensions come to a head.

A little insight into the Ukrainian/Russia tensions. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins] PantsirS1 air defense systems packed and moving to the Ukrainian/Russian frontline, I'm not seeing much, if any of this in the media. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins] Ukrainian tanks heading towards the Crimea region as frontline defenses build. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins]

Massive security deployment in the Dabouq area, near the Jordanian royal palaces in Amman, Jordan, after a coup attempt has taken place this evening. Former crown prince detained for plotting coup against the king, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein and about 20 others have been detained in the plot to overthrow his half-brother, King Abdullah II. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins]

Aksai, Rostov region on good Friday, notice the signature Russian PD/security car in front, the OSINT community has also identified that the Russian are covering up the numbers on the trucks so Ukraine can’t identify the military division. [VIDEO – Jack Dawkins] Moving of S-400 missile systems were in the Voronezh region, south Russia. Those who do not know geography, Voronezh region borders on Luhansk region of Ukraine. Soundtrack to the video is peculiar: "Let's not have a war". - In the 60s, the KGB did some fascinating psychological experiments.

They learned that if you bombard human subjects with fear messages nonstop, in two months or less most of the subjects are completely brainwashed to believe the false message. To the point that no amount of clear information they are shown, to the contrary, can change their mind. - The plot thickens.

*The Jolly Quarzo callsign ICQQ is now anchored right near the Ever Given in Great Bitter Lake!

*Saudi King’s Lady Hyatt heading south towards Great Bitter Lake. *Murdoch’s SY Vertigo heading North just passed Great Bitter Lake

*Bezos Flying Fox last GPS location was Great Bitter Lake 13 hours ago (maybe they didn’t like us following them and turned it off lol).

For the first time, Iranian state media acknowledges an Iranian ship in Red Sea is a Revolutionary Guard base and it is currently under attack. Israel has reportedly notified the US that it is responsible for the attack. - US military is warning that China is probably accelerating its timetable for capturing control of Taiwan, the island democracy that has been the chief source of tension for decades and is widely seen as the most likely trigger for a potentially catastrophic U.S.-China war.

It's time to expose the Arctic. - DOD Closely Monitoring Russian Activities in Arctic - Russian military activities and infrastructure build-ups in the Arctic are not going unnoticed, the Pentagon press secretary said. - Ghost Ezra posts: News outlets and DOD using recycled pictures from 2016. What does that tell you? You're watching a movie. What do you think?


Ezekial KJV by Max McLean

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