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This article by J.W. Bryan tells that 3,848 fatalities and 118,902 adverse reactions have been logged into the Adverse Event Reporting System.

Mr. Bryan’s report states that, “The mass genocide through the experiment continues.” In addition to the number of deaths and injuries reported, many believe there is solid evidence that the appointed reporting agency is holding back much of the data, and that the number of tragic incidences reported is much higher.

This is in addition to the fact that many fatalities and injuries following are not even reported, because the propaganda put out by the U. S. Government and reinforced through the drug-funded corporate outlets, continues to claim that all of these incidences are simply “coincidences”. [V 2]

[V3] Friends, I’m telling you. You do NOT have to believe the FEAR put out by Bill Gates Incorporated. It’s the Eternal Consequences that are most important. However, there IS something you can do to protect yourself from the biowarfare inflicted by Gates and company while ensuring your Eternal life and being is intact.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a drug that is currently and secretly treating this worldwide lab created virus…This is an excellent solution for illnesses, minus big pharma’s fillers and preservatives. Not only has HCQ proven to eliminate this virus…but others as well. It was supposed to be a big kept secret…but now the cat’s out of the bag. [V4]

What is hydroxychloroquine exactly? It is nothing but quinine. Something that anyone can make at home…and something that is being manufactured each and every day in the form of something we have all seen at the grocery and liquor stores…none other than tonic water. A full treatment regime of pills from the doctor is less than A 100.00 for someone that does not have insurance.

Something else you may find interesting is that when they created this virus, they also put A strain of HIV in it. This was to make it even more fatal. But… guess what? The quinine killed that part of the aids virus as well. [V5]

Can you see now why they were screaming that this was a dangerous drug and not to dare use it. Behind the scene studies are now coming forth that show it being effective with other diseases as well and even on cancers. Quinine has many uses and applications. It is analgesic, anesthetic, anti -arrhythmic, antibacterial, antimalarial, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antipyretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, bactericide, cytotoxic, febrifuge, fungicide, insecticide, nervine.

Stomach, tonic…so you can be sure that big pharma is scared to death at this point and screaming that this drug does not work…when the entire world sees that it is working. You see, God’s way always overpowers the enemy. [V6]

If you ever feel a chest cold coming on or just feel like crap…make your own quinine. It is made out of the peelings of grapefruits and lemons, …but especially grapefruits. You can make a tea out of it and drink it all day.

This should take away all your fears about this virus, because you now have the defense against it and many other things. If you take zinc with this recipe, the zinc propels the quinine into your cells for much faster healing. Nuts and seeds high in zinc include squash seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, pecans, chia seeds, flax seeds, Brazil nuts, and almonds. [V7] list of nuts high in zinc [V8]

Here is all you need to do to make your very own quinine……

  • Take the rind of 2-3 lemons and 2-3 grapefruits. Take the peel only and cover it with water about 3 inches above the peels. Put a glass lid on your pot if you have one, a metal one is fine if you don’t.

  • Let it simmer for about 2 hours. Do not take the lid off of the pot till it cools completely as this will allow the quinine to escape in the steam.

  • Sweeten the tea with honey or sugar since it will be bitter. Take 1 tablespoon every couple of hours to bring up the phlegm from your lungs. Discontinue as soon as you get better.

  • In addition to this, some doctors are additionally prescribing the antibiotic azithromycin (z-pack) for those already infected with the virus. For the record, I am not a doctor of any sorts. This is only a suggestion, and I must remind you to consult your physician for any health decisions you make. [2]

Sources: [1] GENOCIDE IN U. S. CONTINUES by J.W. Bryan [2] Angel4Light on Telegram Video Sources: [V1] [22:20 to 23:54] Witchcraft [V2] Trump Gives Updates [V3] It’s Worse Than You Think [V4] @dollmomma on Telegram

[V5] Santa Surfing on Telegram [V6] Operation Warp Speed [V7] https://www.Myfooddata.Com/articles/high-zinc-nuts-seeds.Php list of nuts high in zinc [V8] Pepe Deluxe & World Freedom Alliance on Telegram [V9] ➡️ ️Don’t be left with bare cupboards 🥨 ➡️ Get your Food Supply 🌞today at:

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