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[VIDEO 1] Thank you, Riley on Twitter, for this message today. UAS International Trip Support is a private airline that claims to deliver award-winning, customized flight support solutions to the global market. A one-stop shop for all aviation needs such as trip support, executive travel, and air charter trusted by Heads of State, VVIPs, Fortune Global 500 companies, and business jet operators worldwide.

UAS was founded in 2000 by Mohammed Al Husary, Omar Hosari, Mohsen Felo and Mike Mamoun Milli. Their vision is to serve places no one has serviced before. With global presence in 31 countries, our global network is constantly expanding to ensure our clients get the best supervision and quality at every destination. We also channel our expertise and experience into the creation of game-changing technology solutions designed specifically for business aviation. [1]

[1a] And... UAS who has a HQs in Houston partnered w/DeerJet and guess who that is

HNA Group- and guess who the chair of HNA is? Not Wang Jian who “accidentally fell to his death posing for a picture”. this guy (Harvard’s BFF) [VIDEO 2]

[1b] Here, we learn at the World Economic Forum site that the Chairman of the Board for the HNA Group is Chen Feng. He is a graduate of the Lufthansa College of Air Transportation Management, MBA graduate of Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, and graduate of advanced studies in senior management at Harvard University.

He was nominated as Representative for 16th, 17th, and 18th of the National Congress for the CCP. He was the National Committee member for the 11th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He is a National Model Worker and a Best Business Leader in Asia.

[2a] We learn that Duetsche Bank laundered $1.3 trillion for corruption politicians, drug/human traffickers & terrorist groups. China’s HNA Group, parent firm of Bohai Capital that invested $1.4B with Hunter, used to owned 10% of Duetsche shares!

[Tom Fitten] This tweet is in response to Tom Fitten’s tweet with the first reading: BIG: Docs Hunter Biden took 5 trips to China while Joe Biden was VP.

New emails show intel manipulated by Obama WH on #Benghazi-prelude to #Obamagate abuse of @realDonaldTrump! PLUS, Deep State sedition against General Flynn-Obama Did It! ...and Secret Service tells that there are no records about Hunter Biden travel after July 2014. Did Hunter Biden give up Secret Service protection? Why?

[3] This link explains it all.

[4a] maybe this is how the flight records were manipulated... China runs UAS trip support (has headquarters in US) FULLSERVICE, customs, security and more... [4b] UAS Air charter has been delivering a full suite of world-class charter solutions globally since 2006.

Customizing charter solutions to suit clients’ complex requirements and tight schedules whether for business or leisure, out exclusive and personalized solutions include, crew, catering, branding, security, and close protection services, as well as concierge, fast customs clearance, transport, and accommodation at your destination. In 2016, UAS International Trip Support became the global flight support partner for Deer Jet.

[5a] So they can “expedite” the customs process... what all is actually in the “cargo” - shall we deep dive into some flight history @mil_ops? [5b] Cargo Flights: Trust us to expedite your valuable cargo to wherever it needs to be, even during global lockdown situations. Our 24/7 global operations control centers are standing by to provide you with customized solutions for your unique requirements while keeping you updated with the latest flight operations data. [6] [VIDEO 3]

[7] China in Houston, TX UAS – Trip Support – Full Service I’d like to see their client list/logs

[8] Let’s try this again with a visual @realDonaldTrump. Beasley is NOT your friend! Another fake Republican! “sharing dreams” w/ #CHINA [2] Here, he talks about hunger [VIDEO 4]

[World Food] HNA Group Launches Global Partnership with the World Food Program to support Syrians in need. An agreement confirming the partnership between HNA Group and WFP was signed today in Beijing by WFP Executive Director David Beasley and Vice Chairman of HNA Group’s Board of Directors Li Xianhua. “This contribution is additional confirmation of China’s longstanding commitment to helping people in Syria who have suffered so much and who continue to suffer because of the crisis in their country," said Beasley. [3]

[9] Of course SOROS is involved- why wouldn’t he be. [2] These infiltrators in our country have been using stealth means to sell out America while even operating these airlines right under our noses as an imposter pretend President elect runs the show. Meanwhile we learn Beijing was “substantially involved” in the 2020 elections on multiple levels, according to Gordon Chang, who has described the infiltration of American “elite” circles as an “espionage emergency.”

Chang, who has spent decades studying this Asian country and writing about the threat of their tactics, explained how leading up to Nov. 3, the trend of their propaganda was that former Vice President should receive the Party nomination over Sen. Bernie Sanders. State propaganda later favored Biden over President Trump, Chang said.

Large Beijing networks like ‘Spamouflage Dragon’ relentlessly attacked the president on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter,” Chang said, referring to a pro-Beijing spam network that targeted Trump in the run-up to the election.

Responding to Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s recent announcement that the intelligence community couldn’t meet the Dec. 18 deadline set by an executive order to report on foreign threats during the November election, Chang suggested that there could be a disagreement within the intelligence committee about the extensive nature of foreign involvement.

The Executive Order also directs the U.S. government to impose automatic sanctions on foreign nations, individuals, and entities found to be involved in trying to interfere in U.S. elections. The overall trend is that China was substantially involved in our elections,” Chang said of the delay. “They did this with these malicious disinformation campaigns on the surface, with these troll and bot farm operations below the surface.

“They were involved, and they’ve been involved for a very long time.” The danger of infiltration is highlighted within the U.S. elite circle, suggesting that all institutions nationwide are being targeted by Beijing. “It’s not just colleges and universities, it’s also prep schools, secondary schools, the foundations, NGOs. If there’s an institution in the U.S., it is being targeted,” Chang said. “Their influence here is vast, which means that we’ve got a lot of work to do to remove them from our society, because they are certainly up to no good. [VIDEO 1]

“The danger is clear and present, and Xi Jinping is floating ideas that China has the mandate of heaven overall, under heaven, and he acts like emperors of old, who believe that they’re the only sovereigns in the world, which means essentially that Americans are just subservient—we don’t have a country, we don’t have sovereignty,” he said.

“I know that sounds ludicrous, but we’ve got to listen to what these leaders are actually saying. They are dropping hints that they should be considered the world’s only sovereigns. They’ve made it very clear, and we’ve just not been listening.

Earlier this year, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that the biggest threat to election security in the United States is the C and C and P. “This country poses a greater national security threat to the U.S. than any other nation—economically, militarily, and technologically.” [4] [VIDEO 4]

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