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Source: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2020/luisv426-1.htm

Today’s reading comes from Luis Vega’s writing of "GEORGIA GUIDESTONES - Lucifer's 10 Commandments for the New World Order." The purpose of this study is to show a possible date association that involves the Georgia Guidestones dedication date of March 22, 1980 to a possible 40-year countdown of when the Masonic evil empire is to start its initiation imploding their Old Phoenix ‘World Order’. This correlation will be based on the very significant and prominent occultist number of 33 that Masonic Secret Societies venerate.

The proponents of the New World Order are possibly signaling the countdown to their Luciferian Empire of the Age of Reason or when it is to be initiated. The monument does lend some possible proof of this diabolical 40-year timeline countdown. The parallel is taken from where the 10 Laws of YHVH were given and thereafter it took 40 years for Israel to enter into the Promised Land or ‘New Order’.

Will such a countdown of 40 years from the giving of the 10 Luciferian Commandments be when the Luciferians are going ‘into’ their Promised Land to possess the New World Order? Regardless, the numerology and astronomy associated with the Guidestones does bare the trademark of the various Luciferian Secret Societies and Satanic Globalist bent on initiating their evil plan to bring all of humanity under their Luciferian Protocols of the Elders of Zion’s 10 ‘Unholy Commandments’.

These mandates are against the true 10 Commandments of YHVH given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The counterfeit Luciferian 10 Commandments are opposed to the work of the LORD and GOD, the Savior Yeshuah Christ. It appears that the dedication date of March 22, 1980 is sort of a ’hidden code’ (3-2-2).

From the dedication date of March 22, 1980 plus 33 years, the year count ends on the Spring Equinox of March 22, 2013. Then the 40-year count ended in 2020. Will the 40th-year date signal the last stages of end of the Age of Grace that has been in effect since Christ’s resurrection nearly 1,988 years ago? If not sooner?

Think about what happened in 2020. Perhaps this prescribed Masonic ‘New Age of Reason’ would be set to fill in the vacuum created by the possible Rapture of the Church that is to perhaps coincide this coming Luciferian Age, that like the French Revolution only brought the Reign of Terror instead. The Guidestones are nonetheless a mysterious monument. The structure is sometimes referred to as America’s Stonehenge. It has been reported that occultist rituals take place there.

Some believe that the Guidestones having Lucifer’s ‘10 Unholy Commandments’ carved on its stones is in a way mimicking and mocking how the God of Israel carved the 10 Commandments on stone and gave them to Moses on Mt. Sinai. These Unholy 10 Commandments of Lucifer prescribes a New Age of Reason that in some fashion will replace the Judeo-Christian morality that the current Age has been based on.

There are numerous references to the concept of an ‘Age of Reason’ etched in the Guidestones. The Guidestones are based off the classic work of Thomas Paine entitled The Age of Reason. His work critiqued institutionalized religion and challenged the inerrancy of the Bible. To many who oppose the Judeo-Christian paradigm, the solution has always been an Age of Reason.

It has always attempted to replace and be maintained by the implementation of the Luciferian 10 Commandments. What most do not grasp is that this Age of Reason has already been implemented on Earth throughout Mankind’s sad history. The Builders have always sold this alternate ‘religion’ or philosophy as a sugar-coded new morality that is supposed to be good for Humanity.

What inevitably occurs is that its end-result will be a mandatory adherence to the Protocols of these evil Elders of Zion upon the penalty of certain death if not adhered to. Strict totalitarianism will be required to maintain the coming Masonic ‘Utopia’ on Earth as they have been in the past. It will have disastrous results as millions have been slaughtered and are going to be massacred in the name of ‘Reason’ and Lucifer’s religion of the Builders.

Thus, the true intentions of the Builders and supporters of the coming Masonic New ‘Age of Reason’ have once again hidden their evil plans in plain sight. They are clearly anti-Christian and come directly out of the pit of Luciferian doctrines of demons and the vein philosophies of men. According to the Bible, ‘reason’ alone is not the sole measure of what can or should be ‘right’ or ‘good’.

The French Revolution was ruled and dictated by ‘reason’ and ‘good intentions’, yet it led to the Reign of Terror; so too it will be the case with Lucifer’s 10 Commandments in the coming New World Order. The GOD of Heaven, YHVH, does nonetheless believe and actually prescribes mankind to reason. It is a reason though to come before the Creator and acknowledge that one’s sins are as red as crimson, but that Christ Yeshuah can make them white as snow by his Blood.

Despite this plea from a YHVH to have given the Gospel of Salvation and the coming of the true Age of Righteousness according to the Bible, Humanity will choose instead a ‘Reign of Terror’. As this study suggests, it is coming upon the world after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will coincide to a large measure with the 7 year last prophetic Week of Years according to Daniel. The following are the ‘10 commandments’ of the coming Masonic Age of Reason.

This time period of the New Religion of Reason will be in essence a showdown, a countdown to Armageddon and the return of the King, Yeshuah Christ to re-establish Paradise once again on Earth, the true Utopia. Until then, Lucifer and his ‘Builders’ are just about done setting-up their transitional process to initiate their version of the New World Order. To reiterate, the coming Luciferian Religion of Reason will be an Age that will be governed by these Protocols of Zion’s 10 Commandments so-called moral and rational laws.

This new morality is designed to control the whole of human population but in fact to also de-populate it since more than 90% of the Earth’s population must be eliminated. The End-Game plan will be the total control and decimation of Humanity. The coming New World Order will dramatically reduce the human population 90% - at least 4-6 billion plus to be murdered. It will be promoting environmentalism – exalting the creation over the Creator and rights of humans.

It will be Establishing a world government – without due process or individual human rights. And it will be promoting a new spirituality and/or morality – to replace a Holy Faith based hope as a result of being caught up with Christ the Savior.

Why would there be a need for a new ‘Age of Reason?’ Perhaps a possible cataclysmic event will shatter the present World Order like a Rapture event perhaps. If that were to be the case as the Bible prescribes, the ‘event’ of a “Catching Away” would create a monumental shift in the human paradigm.

Such an event would leave a moral, spiritual, economic, political vacuum that Humanity will be screaming for a replacement theology of sorts and a need for a new Messiah. According to how some interpret the End Times; it is at this future time when Lucifer’s Antichrist will come on the scene to deliver this new Age of Reason religion to fill in the vacuum.

The Antichrist will dictate a new law and morality, a new economic system, and a one-world government -apart from the one true GOD YHVH. Furthermore, any remnants of the faith-based morality, laws or association will be brutally eradicated as being an affront to this new paradigm shift in humanity’s spiritual quest to ‘godhood’ or so called Trans-Human evolution. Specifically, during the coming New Age of the ‘Religion of Reason’, Christianity will be seen as an impediment to Humanity’s progress toward this Luciferian goal of redefining Humanity into Lucifer’s image and likeness.

Bible Believers will be labeled ‘Enemies of the State’ by the Antichrist, as they have always been under the previous conspirator Pharisee Masonic Empires of Lucifer. The Bible states that Yeshuah Christ will allow Lucifer’s Antichrist and the False Prophet a ‘little’ time to actually accomplish this.

This is in reference to the verse that astonishingly states that Lucifer will ‘wear out the Saints’. This is not referring to the context of the Church Age as that is impossible due to the promise of Yeshuah to the Church. Although Satan will attempt to overthrow and wear out the Saints and the Seven Ecclesiastes, the Gates of Hell will not prevail.

Currently, Lucifer cannot prevail over the Church despite atrocities and martyrdom committed by Lucifer’s ‘Builders’ and his Elders of Zion. The context of this verse of GOD allowing Lucifer and his Builders to wear out the Saints deals with the Tribulation Period. As it is now, many in the Church of Christ are asleep spiritually anyway. By some spiritually estimates, at least half the Church is asleep based on the Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids.

Many in the Church though are only recently waking up and paying attention to what is going on around them and are actually realizing what is at stake and coming. This is not to mention even all the prophetic timelines, astronomical and Earth anomalies taking place.

Most that are ‘asleep’ are in the West as those in East, Middle East in particular have to fight for their very lives against the Muslim menace and slaughter. What is happening now in the whole of the Middle East is a Christian Holocaust. Since the Church Age is about to close, there appears to be a last Luciferian onslaught campaign against Yeshua and His Ambassadors on Earth that are about to be going Home soon.

The Church of Yeshuah Christ has always gone through waves of persecution and tribulation. It appears though that the Builders are intensifying the warfare against the witness of Yeshuah Christ in this last Terminal Generation per Psalm 150. In part due to ‘knowledge increasing’ as foretold by Daniel that would comprise the Last Days, the Luciferians know that they are being exposed by those vigilant in the Church.

One day Yeshuah will fumigate these parasites and flush them away to the Lake of Fire where they belong. Until that time, in these last prophetic hours of the closing of the Church Age, individual members compr