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Notice the PROGRESSIVES get away with any lies or crimes they choose to commit without a shred of accountability. Meanwhile, on the Republican side:

Officials are prepared to hand over sealed records from Roger Stone’s search and seizure warrants to the media in 60 days, according to Courthouse News.

 U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper decided the documents, obtained during the FBI investigation into possible connections between President Trump’s campaign and Moscow, would be released after 60 days to media outlets that sued for access last year.

Federal prosecutors pushed for the 60 days over the 30-day timeline proposed by attorney Matthew Kelley, who represents the media. Kelley argued that the slow pace of the case and the public’s desire for information warranted a faster timeline. 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Zelinsky originally claimed releasing the documents would threaten these probes and the privacy of third parties. 

But Kelley noted that the Department of Justice will be able to redact any information associated with continuing investigations. He also said third parties that served as witnesses in Stone’s trial, such as former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, are already known.

Stone’s attorney Robert Buschel also backed the 60-day proposed timeline, saying that his sentencing next month will boost interest in the case, according to Courthouse News. Stone, an associate of President Trump, was found guilty on all seven counts in November, including obstruction of justice and witness tampering. He will be sentenced Feb. 20. [1]

While Joe Biden is unscathed by his quid pro quo, America’s greatest General is fighting an uphill battle for exoneration from the snares of the Deep State.

Flynn set for Jan. 28 sentencing after the judge rejects claims ex-Trump aide was tricked. The former national security adviser pleaded guilty to a felony false statement charge but has since claimed that he was unfairly targeted.

A federal judge on Monday unambiguously rejected Michael Flynn’s claims that the former national security adviser was tricked into pleading guilty, and set a Jan. 28 sentencing in the long-delayed case.

The blistering, 92-page opinion from U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan is a complete strikeout for Flynn’s new legal team, which had demanded access to nearly 50 categories of information they contended could exonerate the former Defense Intelligence Agency chief.

Sullivan turned down every one of those requests and also accused Flynn of trying to wriggle out of a plea agreement that he voluntarily entered and confirmed to two different federal judges. Flynn pleaded guilty two years ago to a felony false statement charge. His new lawyers have since claimed that he was unfairly targeted by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

“Regardless of Mr. Flynn’s new theories, he pled guilty twice to the crime, and he fails to demonstrate that the disclosure of the requested information would have impacted his decision to plead guilty,” wrote Sullivan, an appointee of President George W. Bush.

Mueller’s office previously said it would not oppose a sentence of probation in the case. But that was before Flynn’s new legal team took an aggressive tack to try and get the case dismissed, making it unclear whether federal prosecutors will stick to their original position in advance of the upcoming sentencing. Flynn faces a maximum possible sentence of 5 years in prison, but white-collar defendants typically get sentences well short of the maximum.

Flynn’s new attorneys, headed by Dallas lawyer Sidney Powell, argued that the FBI had no basis for its critical Jan. 24, 2017, interview with Flynn, that Flynn was unfairly misled about the purpose of the meeting and that his misstatements could not have impacted the ongoing probe of alleged collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Those arguments found no traction at all with Sullivan. “The Court summarily disposes of General Flynn’s arguments that the FBI conducted an ambush interview for the purpose of trapping him into making false statements and that the government pressured him to enter a guilty plea,” Sullivan wrote. “The record proves otherwise.” 

At a hearing in December 2017, Flynn admitted that he lied to the FBI at the January interview by denying any substantive discussions with the Russian ambassador and by understating his contacts with foreign governments about a then-pending United Nations resolution on Israel.

Powell did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but shortly after the court opinion was issued, she retweeted a missive that said: “This is an Outrage! We no longer have the Rule of Law in this Country. This will not stand.” 

The defense attorney also retweeted a message referring to a Justice Department inspector general report released that sharply criticized the FBI’s handling of surveillance applications for Carter Page, a Trump campaign aide.

“Flynn was targeted LONG before his appointment without just cause,” the message retweeted by Powell said. “The government hid this information, drug out his legal fees, & then threatened his son to compel a plea - Altered 302’s & more!”

The ruling is a bitter pill for Flynn’s defense team, which had high hopes that Sullivan’s reputation as a hard-liner against prosecutorial misconduct would lead him to accept some of Flynn’s arguments, or at least give the defense lawyers the latitude to access previously unavailable evidence. [2] 




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