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They will say, “IMPEACH” - She says, “IMPEACH 45”!

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Today’s video is a compilation of videos that have brought us to the place we are today.

The phony impeachment scam paid by your and my tax dollars has now reached the Senate. Please take a moment to watch this collage of videos and you will be pleasantly surprised at the hope sprinkled throughout the video that we can all draw from.

I’ve always been told that the beginning of healing is the climax of crisis. My friends, we are there. America will heal. We must all agree to stand together as we reclaim this great America our forefather’s and mother’s fought and died for. 

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This tweet from our great President and the responses that ensued, are evidence of the love his soldiers have for him. 

@RealDonaldTrump tweeted:


@ScottPresler Replied to POTUS:

Don’t worry. We will re-elect you in 2020. I’m headed to Pennsylvania to register new Republican voters. When we win PA, it’s game over & you’ve won the White House. #GameOn

@MichaelCoudrey also Replied to POTUS:

They impeached because you dared to investigate Joe Biden and Democrat corruption in Ukraine!

We know the truth. It is glaring in our faces. These TRAITORS are exposing their vileness for the world to see. 


Trump 2020 Prophecy - Kim Clement

Maxine Waters renews calls to impeach President Trump

McCarthy: Pelosi delayed articles to give Biden an edge in 2020 primaries

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Trump slams impeachment process, denies knowing Lev Parnas

Chief Justice John Roberts sworn in to preside over impeachment trial

McCarthy on impeachment: 'yesterday was no cause for celebration'

Pelosi names Adam Schiff as lead impeachment manager for Senate trial

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