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The Rite of Sabotage

#RiteOfPassage #Freemasonry #Evil #EndOfTheWorld

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Code of Vets: Oregon #Veteran arrested, and his child taken away because he refused to wear a #Mask this madness must stop now! THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL 

Sweet Home man arrested after refusing to wear face mask in court.

4493 Then why such recklessness? "The health official responsible for overseeing nursing homes in Pennsylvania — where nearly 70 percent of the state’s deaths have occurred — someone has reportedly moved her elderly mother out of a facility as deaths skyrocketed." Reconcile.

[VIDEO 2] Vincent Kennedy: Pay attention to the details. The body language. The 'Gulps'.

CJ Truth: Joe Biden: I Will Force Americans to Wear Masks in Public

[VIDEO 3] Lavender: just wrote all of my school-board members re: OSHA oxygen level requirements. MASKS INHIBIT CHILDREN FROM GETTING REQUIRED BY LAW O2 Levels. ...will be writing every principal too.

Speaking of breathing; with breathing comes odors...

… and something is rotten in this certain airport: When you arrive at the airport, you are greeted at the airport by a piece titled “Mustang”, by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez. This was one of the earliest public art commissions for the airport in 1993. Standing at 32 feet tall and weighing 9,000 pounds “Mustang” is a blue cast-fiberglass sculpture with red shining eyes. Jiménez died in 2006 while creating the sculpture when the head of it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.

The murals are fairly shocking. Here we have effigies living in a basement and the “Lord of Death”, brandishing an AK-47, killing the dove of peace. Gray waves pulse from the figure, the waves pulse outward, killing everybody in its path. The figure wears a gas mask implying the gray waves, the instrument of death in this case, is a biological weapon.

At a glance, AU AG would logically be the symbols for gold and silver. But that meaning is called into question when you find out that one of the founders of the airport also discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, also called AUAG. It has been rumored that AUAG could be a potent weapon in biological warfare.

This symbol rests on the ground directly in front of the biological warfare mural.

Nobody really knows who paid for the airport construction. Besides the fact that this dedication stone says it’s covering a time capsule for the people of Colorado, it also says the airport was paid for by the New World Airport Commission. 

The New World Airport Commission does not exist. Set against the backdrop of a solar flare and horrific destruction, not to mention the extinction of various species including whales and sea turtles, children are in the center sobbing over three open caskets. You’ll notice there is a little girl in the back-right holding a Mayan tablet alluding to Dec. 21, 2012, the end of the world.

But the Mayans also predict a ‘rebirth’ which is why some life, such as the penguin and bird, are being preserved. Oh, and let’s not overlook the city being destroyed in the background. All of the children of the world bring in the weapons from their country, handing them to a German boy. The gas mask man from the previous scene is now dead, two doves perched on his body.

All the children appear to be relieved. The deeper metaphor is the return to peace, a rebirth; there will be no more need for weapons in the new world. [IMAGE 12] The final mural is oddly reminiscent of the Garden of Eden; the world now lives in peace after the horrific events that have taken place. All the murals, when viewed in sequence, depict a massive genocide followed by the formation of a now less-populated, harmonious new world.

Finally, let’s return to those bunkers. Here is a blueprint of 5 buildings that were mysteriously buried during the early days of construction on the airport. These five large buildings were fully constructed and subsequently deemed to have been ‘positioned incorrectly.’ Rather than being demolished, the buildings were ordered to be buried, yes buried.

The ‘underground bases’, as they are referred, are currently being used as “storage” according to airport authorities. This fact is not debated. We already know there is an underground structure beneath the airport. The real question is how deep the worm hole goes. We may never know… [1] Here is another image...

Dawn Michael: Airport mural painted in 1994. Tell me this is not weird; how far do they plan this stuff in advance? Dr. Deplorable: Well, I had this programming dating back to the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. Now, it's 1994. I hope everyone knows. We are in a world of hurt. [VIDEO 4] Wyatt Austere & CJ Truth: So, what is still going on at that Airport? Was there last week. Thought these were weird.

[VIDEO 5The Sharp Edge: Nothing to see here. Just the Co-Founder of BLM hanging out for a photo with the Narco Terrorist Dictator Maduro in 2015

Opal Tometi is reportedly connected to the Maduro regime. A picture of Tometi hugging the Venezuelan dictator surfaced on Thursday. 

The photo in question was taken in Harlem at the 2015 People of African Descent Leadership Summit. At the time, Maduro was in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. Tometi thanked Maduro and his government for having her. During her speech, she condemned the “western economic policies, land grabs and neocolonial financial instruments like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.” [2]

Andy Ngo: Photos of the aftermath of last night’s riot & arson attacks at & near the Portland Police North Precinct.

Jo Taann: I just got word from a financial agent here in Canada. July 2nd -July 9th they are to prepare for a ‘financial blackout’ and had to sign confidentiality form.

Portia Place: We forgot what our founders warned us against. This is the natural order of preserving our freedoms against those that wish to destroy it. History shows us this. I'm ready to shed my blood to protect the freedoms we've taken for granted, so our children/grandchildren live free.

Shareable Guy: Fun fact. Several weeks before the tragedy, Marvin Bush took over overseeing the security of the buildings. He immediately took away certain dogs, a service that had been in place for years. MEDIA SILENT. Nothing to see here folks.

Jay Walk3r: Look at the smiles on their faces after he says, "We Will Have to Prepare for The Next One", And "It Will Get Attention This Time!"  [VIDEO 6]

4476 [a] Old playbook[s] still used today? Then v Now Compare & Contrast [b] global economic depression? race push reparations? huge rise in unemployment [40mm]? Insurrection [riots, city takeover(s), remove police (weaken), property destroy, assault(s), murder, release by certain Gov/Mayor(s) back-to-streets (safezone(s)), division, hostility, race war, etc.?

END GOAL THEN V NOW? GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Understanding the past helps to understand the present. [VIDEO 7]





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