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The Piper’s Calling You . . .

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

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History Heist website tells of a chilling account behind the Pied-Piper of Hamelin. If you watch enough horror movies, sooner or later you’ll hear a character utter a variation on the phrase, “Every legend has a basis in fact.” Whether or not that statement is true, it is a fact that many of our most outlandish fables and fictions are rooted, at least somewhat, in actual history, and that truth often is stranger than fiction.

Chances are, most of us have encountered some variation on the fairy tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. It is one of many folktales recorded by the Brothers Grimm, and has appeared in the writings of Robert Browning and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, not to mention worked its way into popular culture from A Nightmare on Elm Street, to the novel Peter & Max, to the TV show Lost Girl.

The story generally goes that the town of Hamelin was plagued by an unusual number of rats, and a stranger from out of town, wearing multicolored (or “pied”) clothes, showed up and offered to get rid of the rats in exchange for payment. The stranger then produced a flute or pipe and began playing a tune, at which time all the rats in town followed him out through the gates of the city and either to a nearby mountain or into the river, depending upon which version you encounter.

When the townsfolk saw how easily the piper had rid the town of rats, they regretted the amount that they had offered him and reneged on their deal. The piper vowed revenge, and later—according to one Brothers Grimm account it was on June 26, 1284—he returned and once more walked through the town playing his pipe. This time, all the town’s children—130, according to one of the earliest written accounts of the event—followed him out through the town’s east gate and up to the nearby mountain which, in most accounts, opened wide to swallow them up and they disappeared, never to be seen again.

The story is a familiar one, but what most of us probably don’t know is that it has its feet at least somewhat planted in an apparently true event that took place in the real-life town of Hamelin, Germany in 1284. The earliest accounts of the story don’t include the rats, which wouldn’t show up until around the year 1559, but they do include the piper, dressed in his “clothing of many colors.”

Our first clue about what really happened in the town of Hamelin comes from a stained-glass window that stood in the town’s Market Church until it was destroyed in 1660. Accounts of the stained glass say that it alluded to some tragedy involving children, and a recreation of the window shows the piper in his colorful clothes and several children dressed in white. The date is set by an entry in Hamelin’s town chronicle, which was dated 1384 and said, simply and chillingly, “It is 100 years since our children left.”

While there is not enough historical data to ascertain for certain what happened in the town of Hamelin in 1284, there is little doubt that something occurred there which left a heavy mark on the town, and on world folklore. Theories advanced over the years include that many of the town’s children died of natural causes that year; or possibly drowned in the nearby river; or were killed in a landslide. This would explain the recurring motif of the rats being led into the water, or of the mountain opening up and swallowing the children. The pied piper himself is considered a symbolic figure of death.

One other explanation is that the children may have died of the Black Plague, which could be why the rats were later added into the story, though the Black Plague didn’t hit Germany until the 1300s, making its arrival probably too late to be the source of the legend.

Other theorists hold that the story of the pied piper actually refers to a mass emigration or even another Children’s Crusade like the one that may have occurred in 1212. Many individuals have posited that the children may have emigrated—or even been sold—to places in Eastern Europe, including Transylvania or Poland. Linguist Jurgen Udolph has performed research suggesting that surnames from Hamelin may have found their way into modern-day Polish phonebooks.

Whatever the facts of the story, it is far from forgotten in the town of Hamelin. In the 16th century, when a new gate was built in the wall around the town, it was inscribed with the following legend: “In the year 1556, 272 years after the magician led 130 children out of the town, this portal was erected.”

Today, the town of Hamelin, which is now home to a population of around 56,000, maintains information about the legend of the pied piper on its website, and during the summer months actors perform interpretations of the story in the town square. The road along which the children supposedly passed on their way out of the East Gate, never to be seen again, is called the Bungelosenstrasse, or “street without drums.” According to an article published in the Fortean Times, it is against the law to play music or dance on that street to this very day. [1]

Besides an example of varying takes on the specifics of the legend, this is also an example of how the pied piper story has entered into our everyday lexicon. While it has been connected to the longer phrase, “who pays the piper calls the tune,” meaning that whoever is footing the bill for something gets to decide how it’s done, the idiom “pay the piper” is generally linked with the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

To “pay the piper” is usually defined as to pay a debt you owe or else face unsavory consequences, and its idiomatic use goes back at least as far as 1831 in the United States. [2]

Interesting to note that on March 19th, 1831 in the dark of the night, the City Bank (precursor of Citibank) on Wall Street was robbed of $245,000 (equivalent to $6 million in today's money) by James Honeyman, a career grifter who used the alias Edward James and his accomplice William Murray. [3]

Are there Pied Pipers even today? Are they playing alluring music to lead, to their own destruction, those who listen and follow? These “pipers” pipe the tunes of pride and pleasure, of selfishness and greed, and leave in their wake confused minds, troubled hearts, empty lives, and destroyed dreams. [1]

One such person who fits this bill is William Avery "Devil Bill" Rockefeller Sr. Born November 13, 1810 and died May 11, 1906. He was an American businessman, lumberman, herbalist, salesman, and con-artist who went by the alias of Dr. William Levingston. He worked as a lumberman and then a traveling salesman who identified himself as a "botanic physician" and sold elixirs. He was known to buy and sell horses, and was also known at one point to have bought a barge-load of salt in Syracuse.

Land speculation was another one of his businesses, and the selling of elixirs served to keep him with cash and helped in his scouting of land deals. He loaned money to farmers at twelve percent, but tried to lend to farmers who could not pay, so this way he could foreclose and take the farms. Two of his sons were Standard Oil co-founders John Davison Rockefeller Sr. and William Avery Rockefeller Jr. [4] His son John learned the tricks of the trade from his ruthless dad.

A report known as the Flexner Report was a very useful tool commissioned by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller had made a massive fortune with Standard Oil and was setting his sights on gaining a monopoly in the drug and pharmaceutical industry.

However, first he had to get rid of the competition, which consisted of natural non-allopathic healing modalities – naturopathy, homeopathy, eclectic medicine (botanical and herbal medicine), holistic medicine, etc.

Hemp was also a threat to his plans, since cannabis has tremendous medical benefit for alleviating pain for numerous diseases and even has anti-cancer properties. How did Rockefeller deal with this? Well, he did this by means of the Flexner Report.

Rockefeller paid Abraham Flexner to visit all the medical schools in the US at that time. He released the so-called “Flexner Report” in 1910, which called for the standardization of medical education and concluded there were too many doctors and medical schools in America.

Rockefeller then used his control of the media to generate public outcry at the findings of the report – which, by means of the classic elite strategy of “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ultimately led Congress to declare the American Medical Association the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States.

This suited Rockefeller perfectly – he then used the AMA; today known as the American Murder Association due their widespread use and endorsement of toxic materials, drugs, chemotherapy and radiation and their power to compel the Government destroy the natural competition, which it did through regulating medical schools.

With all the hundreds of different healing modalities out there, why would we want to narrow it down to one system, if we were truly interested in health? After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with a drug-based curriculum. It didn’t take long before non-allopathic schools fell by the wayside due to lack of funding.

The son of a snake oil salesman, John Rockefeller now had his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and as a result the Rockefeller Medicine machine was born – and this monopoly has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing childhood routine snake pricks. Rockefeller and his bogus Flexner Report has made the AMA and Big Pharmakia the key aspects of the New & the World & the Order. [5]

In the Bible, sorcery literally means to use drugs. The sorcery of Babylon is just another reference to the drunkenness that that is caused by Babylon’s fornication (worship of other gods and idols).

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived. 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.” Revelation 18:23-24 [7]

This morning I received the sad news as forwarded on [8] Telegram by Misty G. It reads: Veronica Wolski was a fierce patriot who will be truly missed. She dedicated her life to spreading the truth. She would always say, if only one person saw her signs, that was one more person potentially saved. We will never stop fighting for you! May you Rest in Peace. [8]

This sad news comes on the heels of a post circulated on Telegram the evening of September 12 by a user with the handle of [9] Dawning of a new day: We need digital soldiers to get this out please post everywhere regarding Veronica who does banners on The Peoples Bridge in Chicago, the hospital that she’s in is killing her!!!! They are not giving her (Ivermectin or HCQ) the necessary life-saving meds, I’m not allowed to mention here. This message came from the individual who holds Veronica’s medical power of attorney. URGENT EMERGENCY!

Veronica was stable yesterday and was going to receive a feeding tube over 24 hours ago. She has not received enough nutrients and has taken an extreme turn for the worse. We have a team in place including a private ambulance to transport her. They are DELAYING hospice or releasing her from the hospital. We don’t have that kind of time! She is declining due to lack of medical treatment and nutrients. We are left with other NO option than to alert the public and request your assistance as we are trying to SAVE VERONICAS LIFE.

Her advocate just had to call the police department from the hospital. Make calls, be loud and be heard!!! Many of us followed the directions and tried repeatedly to call the Resurrection Hospital in Chicago to have our voices heard; only to be transferred to an automated recording that Veronica Wolski was under her doctor’s care. The plea for her life continued:

THIS IS A LAST RESORT - PATRIOTS HELP US FIGHT FOR VERONICA! WE CAN'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS. PLEASE HELP US GET THEIR ATTENTION! Her advocate is standing outside of the hospital to field questions right now! [9] It seems the piper is calling on those of the American Murder Association to pay up.

The deep yearning of countless numbers is expressed in the plea of one who spoke to Philip of old in Acts 8:31: “How can I [find my way], except some man should guide me?” The world is in need of your help today. Satan and his minions have created a world without God and too many youths do not get sufficient guidance at home to root our young people in the Rock of Salvation.

They are easily blown with every wind of doctrine and don’t know where to find the truth. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. [1] In spite of the Piper calling us to join him, we can choose to refuse. It is up to each of us to protect our children and our children’s children to avoid this flashy colored thief that parades through town selling their snake oil and deadly venom.



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