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The DO NOT CRY Convention Highlights . . .

#BidenGate #BillClintonIsaPedo #DNCconvention #KamalaHarris

Click here to enjoy the video:

Nate Cain: Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with the Democrats. Are they all on drugs or just a bunch of weirdos? Am I the only one seeing this? Nate Cain tweeted this in response to: the pitiful musical act of...

2020 Dem Convention: Thanks Billy Porter and Steven Stills for helping us close night 1 of the Dem Convention! So much more to come! Come back tomorrow. 

Then there is this: [VIDEO 2] Meanwhile, the nominee for President has another lost moment [VIDEO 3] How cool is this, our Presidential nominee likes HipHop: [VIDEO 4] Meet the Keynote Speaker.

 Wow, blue must be his favorite color. ...and check out those red shoes. Who do you think wears the blue dress better? Check out that hot chick slithering past the sofa. Wow! What a massage!

While all the entertainment was happening, on the other side of town, the little lady got her heart broken: [VIDEO 5] Speaking of bad boyfriends and husbands.... Nobody can dispute: [VIDEO 6]

This lady almost spit her Dr. Pepper out on this one! Meet Joe Biden’s husband the lady, lady, lady [VIDEO 7] Listen to one of his strongest supporters: [VIDEO 8] Let’s start by thanking Harvey Weinstein for arranging this amazing day! [VIDEO 9] The audience was absolutely thrilled to be there. Yikes, so much cringe. [VIDEO 10] Watching the press conference really impressed the voters. [VIDEO 11]

The VP pick has a very famous and powerful record. Did you know: When two undercover investigators secretly taped Planned Parenthood admitting selling baby parts (a felony), Calif Attorney General prosecuted the undercover investigators, NOT Planned Parenthood. That Attorney General was Kamala Harris. Way to go Kamal girl.

Kamal lady is the perfect choice to help the governor of Maine make sure her new laws go into effect. Did you know: Gov Janet Mills says - servers must now wear face shields upside down so that their breath is directed up, not down. Yes, she wants you to wear a dog cone...

A very important issue addressed by former President Barack Obama will hopefully be dealt with by these up and coming nominees. [VIDEO 12] Oh, WAIT, our great and wonderful President Donald J Trump has solved the problem once again. Folks, hurry and get your stamps while supplies last!


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