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There are few people in this world whom we trust more than doctors. We give them power over life and death and assume that they always have our best interests at heart. Sometimes, though, that’s just not true.

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream is primarily remembered today for his connections to Jack the Ripper. People who believe that the two were the same person point to Cream’s medical training, his targeting of prostitutes, and his alleged confession. While being hanged, he said, “I am Jack the . . .”

Ripper aside, Cream created his own murderous path through England, the United States, and Canada. Born in Scotland and raised in Canada, Cream opened his practice in Ontario. His first likely victim was his patient and alleged mistress, Kate Gardener, who was dumped in an alley in 1879, dead from chloroform poisoning. Her death could have been the result of Cream’s side business—giving abortions to prostitutes. To avoid prison, he moved to the United States and continued his back-alley abortions in Chicago.

Different sources ascribe a number of suspicious prostitute deaths to Cream during this period. However, it’s difficult to say if they were victims of willful murder or the inherent dangers involved in the illegal abortions of that time. One person definitely murdered by the doctor was Daniel Stott. Cream was supplying him with epilepsy medicine while also sleeping with his wife.

When Stott became a problem, Cream slipped some strychnine into his medicine. The doctor’s mistake was trying to pin the murder on the pharmacist. This caused an investigation to be launched into Stott’s death, for which Cream was convicted.

Years later, Cream was released and moved to London, settling in Lambeth.

This is when his killing spree kicked into high gear as he began poisoning prostitutes for the fun of it. He killed four women. But Cream couldn’t help himself and wrote letters trying to implicate other men in the murders. Even worse, he once met a US policeman and gave him a tour of Lambeth, describing the murders in such detail that it immediately raised the officer’s suspicions. So, the officer reported it to Scotland Yard. [1]


Dr. Josef Mengele was an SS Physician at the concentration camp in Auschwitz during the Second World War. As prisoners were led off the trains into the camp, Dr. Mengele would stand in his white coat with his arms outstretched, earning him the nickname "Angel of Death." The doctor's job was to examine each person to see if he or she was healthy enough to enter the forced labor camp or not.

Those deemed unfit to work were immediately led to the gas chambers. The doctor was also known for his harsh "solutions" to minor problems. For example, he once ordered all seven hundred and fifty women in a dormitory to be gassed because of an outbreak of head lice.

However, it was not the doctor's role in these crimes against humanity that earned him his notoriety. Rather, it was his fondness for performing forced medical experiments on the prisoners, especially on twins and children. Mengele operated on people without using anesthesia, often removing their organs, amputating limbs, injecting dyes into eyeballs in an attempt to change the eye color, and sewing twins together to form monstrous conjoined siblings.

Most of Mengele's patients died on the operating table, or quickly afterward, due to infection. After the war, Mengele fled to South America, where he lived until his death in 1979. Though he was a wanted war criminal, he was never captured and brought to justice.

Jane Toppan was an American nurse who killed thirty-one of her patients by administering lethal injections of morphine. Over the course of two decades while working in the Boston, Massachusetts area, Toppan may have actually killed upwards of seventy people altogether.

As a young, attractive twenty-six-year-old nurse, Toppan was able to hide her dark obsession with death from nearly everyone she worked with. Even as a nursing student, she would alter her patients' medicine dosages to see what would happen to their nervous systems, and once she became a Registered Nurse she took her skills to the next level, administering overdoses of morphine and atropine.

Toppan finally slipped up when she murdered a man whom she was caring for as a private nurse. Along with Alden Davis, Toppan also killed two of his daughters, leaving a third daughter to go to police and start an investigation. Once one of the Davis girls was exhumed, authorities discovered that she had been poisoned, and it didn't take much to figure out who was behind the treachery.

After Toppan was caught, she is quoted as saying that she wanted to kill more people than anyone who has ever lived before. She confessed to thirty-one of her murders, and provided details to solve them. Since Toppan had a well-documented history of attempted suicide, she was committed to a mental hospital, where she lived for forty years until her death in 1938.

Though American doctor Michael Swango appeared to be handsome and congenial in nature, signs of his inner mental instability were noticeable to colleagues even while he was attending medical school. Swango's classmates observed that he often worked on a scrapbook containing images of horrific, bloody disasters, and they worried that some of the basic anatomical knowledge expected from a physician was sorely lacking. However, no one knew how scary Swango really was until they discovered years later that he had killed between thirty and sixty of his patients.

As an intern in 1983, Swango's patients started quietly dying after he had been in the room with him. Though nurses alerted hospital officials at Ohio State University, their cursory investigations revealed nothing, and Swango continued to practice medicine without reproach. He moved to Illinois, taking a job as an ambulance driver because he admitted that he liked seeing the blood and gore of accidents. It was there that his coworkers again became suspicious of him.

Swango began slowly poisoning his coworkers with ant poison, sending them home sick with terrible stomach pains. After a particularly bad episode involving a tainted batch of donuts, his coworkers set a trap for Swango by leaving him alone in a room with a pitcher of iced tea. They later had the tea tested in a lab and found that Swango had indeed put ant poison in the tea.

A police search of Swango's home found chemicals, weapons, and handwritten recipes for poison. He was arrested and served two years of his five-year sentence. Incredibly, after being released for good behavior, he was able to move to a different state and lie his way into another job in the medical field. Swango's past caught up with him wherever he went, until he finally forged his credentials again to continue his murderous practice in a remote hospital in Africa.

After poisoning more patients in Africa, Swango skipped out of the ensuing scandal and hid in Europe for several years. When he finally tried to re-enter the United States in 1997, officials were waiting for him at the airport. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Dr. John Bodkin Adams was a British doctor who, between 1946 and 1956, may have been responsible for the death of over one hundred and sixty of his patients. Dr. Adams was a general practitioner who was especially friendly towards his elderly female patients. He would dote on them to the point where they seemingly decided to rewrite their wills. In fact, one hundred and thirty-two of these patients added Dr. Adams to their wills just before they passed away.

The interesting thing about this doctor is that he was never found guilty of murder or other professional negligence, leading some people to wonder if Dr. Adams was helping his patients euthanize themselves. However, a later trial regarding thirteen additional offences, including prescription fraud, lying on cremation forms, obstructing a police search, and failing to keep a dangerous drugs register, earned him a guilty verdict and stripped him of his medical degree. After two failed attempts, Adams got his license back in 1961.

After he was acquitted on the murder charges, Adams kept practicing medicine until he died of natural causes. This case instigated many important changes to the English legal system. [2] Or, at least this is what we are led to believe today.


In a shocking video clip that went viral on the internet, we learned of hospital marketing and administration personnel admitting they plan to deceptively count all patients in the hospital as COVID patients. They openly discuss finding a way to make COVID more “scary to the public” as a tactic to terrorize the public into taking more vaccines (which will, of course, increase the business for the hospital due to blood clots).

This stunning viral video that I can’t play here, is an open exhibit revealing that hospitals have become psychological terrorism organizations that deliberately terrorize the public. Make sure to look on your search engine for the viral video of Dr. Mary Rudyk. Is this the proper role of hospitals and doctors in society? When did hospital administrators decide that the ends justify the means, even if it requires terrorizing the public to gin up more business so they can bill Medicare for even more profits?

More importantly, why would any sane person ever trust any hospital ever again after what we are learning today? If hospitals are scheming against the public, wouldn’t they also likely be willing to harm their own patients in order to increase their profits? History tells me this is possible.

Have no illusions: This is exactly what’s happening in America and around the world right now, where hospitals have become Jack the Ripper factories and doctors are now Josef Mengele’s. It’s no longer even a secret. They openly discuss this in their “marketing” meetings. [3]


Did you know hospitals are exterminating patients with ventilators, especially if they are non-compliant, with the DNA altering experimental depopulation syrup being pushed by the government?