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The Crystal Ball & Your Future

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The bulk of this video is taken from the urgent message found on Camelot Daily dot com. I’m going to do my best to share what I’ve learned. I hope I don’t offend anyone watching this video, but I would be remiss not to share this message. Remember, I’m learning as you learn. I share what I think we must all pay attention to. 

Those in the conspiracy research field are familiar with PROMIS software – the back-door spyware platform used by American and Israeli intelligence organizations to spy on police departments and government agencies around the globe for the better part of 20 years, culminating in the hack of the FAA on 9-11 and facilitating the horrible deeds of that tragic day. Well now there’s a new artificial intelligence software tool on the block that makes PROMIS look like Atari’s ‘Space Invaders’ (circa 1980).

The name of it is Palantir, and its power to hack global Big Data systems and model human behavior using complex predictive algorithms is unprecedented. And because it operates on blockchain technology, it is un-hackable.

Observers point out that Palantir is as powerful as Google, Facebook, and Twitter combined. The software platform specializes in big data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, human behavior algorithms, and the like, all to create models and simulations of society – from individuals to families to communities to nations. It works with banks, law enforcement, government agencies, and other human profile compilers to compile the ultimate databases on individuals and groups.

The company behind it is private and is in fact a CIA cut-out. Founded in 2004, it has received big funding from InQtel (a CIA venture capital fund), the Malaysian government, Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), and… Jared and Josh Kushner.

Thiel and the Kushner's, it turns out, have been long-time friends. Thiel has recently made the headlines for his investing in “Ambrosia” – the fountain of youth – a project to prolong human life by injecting the blood of young people in the body.

Thiel and his gang were also behind the funding of Alibaba – the Chinese super-conglomerate. They also worked with the Chinese government to discover and root out the Chinese Dark web, which was being used to circumvent government censorship. Thiel’s close relationship to the Kushner's is suggestive [keep in mind the word suggestive] that he may, in fact, be who is circumventing and sabotaging many of President Trumps plans. [1]

For me personally, as much as I cherish our POTUS, I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about Jared.

Let me explain this part further. An article on the daily blog titled: Why Peter Thiel is the Most Dangerous Man in NZ reads: Forget that the Minister Nathan Guy couldn’t originally recall this immigration case which required an “exceptional circumstances” clause to make billionaire Peter Thiel a citizen.

Forget that the reason for him being granted citizenship was supposedly his ‘significant investments’ where he invested $7million, received a massive Government subsidy for that ‘significant investment’ and ended up walking away with a $24million profit while Government agencies broke even.

Forget that anyone wanting to be a NZ citizen normally must spend 1350 days in NZ over 5 years when Peter Thiel only spent 12 days over 5 years.

Forget all that – the real reason Thiel was given his citizenship was because he owns the largest private mass surveillance corporation on the planet and has company is deeply involved with the New Zealand Defense Force, The Government Communications Security Bureau, and The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.  And I think this makes Peter Thiel the most dangerous man in NZ.

NZ is the smallest member of the 5 Eyes partners, meaning the person who owns the company that processes all the big data that 5 Eyes records, gains an almost God like influence in that country.

Allowing a fanatical libertarian billionaire who has access to mass surveillance and has enormous contacts throughout the intelligence apparatus to become a citizen seems to border on treason. [2]

Palantir is like Maltego, another backdoor software platform resembling Promis. The CIA has a system called PRISM as revealed by Wikileaks, used for sifting Big Data hacks to build profiles on “persons of interest”. The Cambridge Analytics system helped President Trump in the 2016 election by analyzing the American political landscape with incredible detail, for maximum impact. Maltego, Prism, Promis, and Cambridge Analytics are all software systems being used to track human beings by the government and law enforcement agencies of the US and its allies.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. M.I.T. used CIA grant money to develop the Cambridge Analytics system. Palantir is just the latest incarnation of these control systems. The system manages and tracks individuals and can even predict the future using advance-monitoring AI.

It deploys something called the AQ – adversity quotient – to quantify risks associated with individuals or events, based on algorithmic assessment of all relevant data.

Palantir now provides the backbone of virtually every agency in the US government and its allies – except the US Army. The Army has its own AI, called ECLIPSE, developed by Raytheon.

It doesn’t want Palantir’s ever-awakening artificial intelligence to contaminate its systems. The world’s first quantum computers are being deployed in the service of these ominous systems. DynCorp and DARPA are teaming up to outdo all of this with their own Artificial Intelligence system in the service of the Pentagon.

Assembling vast sums of data into working models of society in real-time, Palantir can predict the future. Palantir is so complex that it is now being used to manipulate politics and media on a national level. Is this how President Trump is always two steps ahead? ...or is this how the Deep State keeps intercepting President Trumps attempt to keep his promises? Is this Project Looking Glass?

Using subversive algorithms, it is helping to shape and control the public narrative. Some are suggesting that it is directing the Deep State’s war against Trump. Others have suggested that Trump himself is using Palantir to direct his own strategy of control. [VIDEO 2]

David Gelernter was one of the early pioneers in the software development of all these “top-down” systems and an early proponent of predictive algorithms. Jason Goodman and George Webb note that the Awan brother’s father – Mohammed Shah – was involved in a precursor to all this, the Iridium system. 

Do you remember Trump’s first big overseas trip to Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? Recall the photos of Trump and the Saudi King with their hands on a crystal ball? The scene resembled something out of the X-men movies with their ‘Cerebro’ technology. Did you catch what that was all about? Well it turns out that crystal ball was operating a Palantir-based system!

The room was a command-and-control center for tracking and disabling “bad guys”, as defined by the state of Saudi Arabia. If similar systems are coming to a neighborhood near you – and they are – the Thought Police at the Palantir-powered Ministry of Truth may claim you need to be watched carefully. Then again, you probably already are. [1]

Did you know, Palantir Technologies on Tuesday August 25th filed to go public through a direct listing, as the data analytics company known for working with the Central Intelligence Agency and other government groups prepares for one of the biggest market debuts of the year? [3]





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