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The Cost of Strengthening North American Trade

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Here is a letter written by J.W. Bryan concerning the USMCA. J.W. Bryan was born in 1927 and spent five years in the Marines, from 1945 - 1951.  He has spent his life fighting to keep our Constitutional Republic.

Do we even understand what is in this USMCA proposal?  Representatives of all three countries signed an updated version of the USMCA on December 10, 2019. However, final details are still emerging, including specifics around the changes made to labor standards and a final timeline for the deal to go into effect.

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[2] Well, recently I received a link to a disturbing revelation that raised concerns for me about the USMCA. I dismissed that link because the basis of the article seemed rather anti-POTUS, so I’ve been doing some digging for myself. It is possible some sly language has been added to the original NAFTA deal to appear as a new deal, but it seems U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer pulled a fast one on all of America.

I have edited some of Mr. Bryan’s letter for the purpose of this video, so please visit this link to read the letter in its entirety:

The proposed USMCA has been widely portrayed as a replacement for NAFTA, which supposedly will no longer exist. Yet an honest look at the new agreement shows that what will no longer exist is the highly unpopular NAFTA in name only. Not only does the USMCA retain sovereignty-diminishing provisions found in the NAFTA agreement, but it actually strengthens and expands them.

Here is an example: In a bold step toward a potential North American Union, The USMCA establishes a new governing international bureaucracy. Chapter 30 of the agreement establishes the creation of a Free Trade Commission as a regional governing bureaucracy overseeing various lower regional committees.

Beneath the Free Trade Commission, the USMCA authorizes all three countries to establish 16 subordinate committees and each committee will have a representative from each country; and the possibility exists that each of these committees will have someone in charge, like a chairperson. We have 16 x 3 equals 48 x 3 or even 4, this could mean that these 16 committees could have a staff of at least 144 and possibly 192, all of whom are unelected by the people.

Something else which surfaces out of all this conglomeration of committees and commissions and humongous amounts of staff…most likely, all these heads of the various commissions will be insiders who will be chosen by the hierarchy of the USMCA.

That being the case, we can reasonably expect practically all these staff to work towards the unspoken objectives of the USMCA – the successful fruition of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

“The USMCA has a total of 34 chapters, 12 more than the original NAFTA, which had only 22 chapters. Unlike the 1994 NAFTA, the USMCA includes chapters on labor, environment, anti-corruption, regulatory policy, competitiveness, and Mexico’s exclusive ownership of its gasoline and natural gas resources, among others.”

The last part of the above paragraph raises some very serious questions. Why is it necessary to spell out the fact that Mexico retains exclusive ownership of its gas and natural gas unless they are worried about international controls or an eventual North American merger?

Why Mexico and not Canada or the United States? The first question one must ask is why are socialist Canada and corrupt Mexico willing to sign this deal?

Because they are playing their part in aiding the agenda for the new world order or world government to use the trade agreement strategy to incrementally and gradually combine all North and South America into one regional entity. 

They would be happy to sign, for they know that the agenda’s plan is to successfully combine all separate nations into regional entities of their areas. Then they follow up with combining all regional entities into one global entity with global authority.

This is likely the reason Mexico chose to have it spelled out that it would retain exclusive ownership of its gas and natural gas. They could avoid sharing with the U.S. or Canada if the North American Union successfully comes to fruition as planned.

Why didn’t our trade representative, Mr. Lighthizer, get the same agreement for America? He simply could have had it entered into the text of the agreement affording America the exclusive ownership of all its mineral properties.

If U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is on our side and protecting our interests, surely that is something he would arrange for our benefit and protection, but he did not. This raises the question – is he on our side? No! Absolutely not. I say this because of where he comes from, his connections, and their objectives.

What Lighthizer and others are up to is the destruction of the sovereignty of all nations and the amalgamation of all of them into one world government. Mr. Lighthizer is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations otherwise called CFR and as such he would conduct his activities to bring to fruition the goals and objectives of the CFR.

The CFR came into existence in 1921. It was headed by John Foster Dulles who later became the U. S. Secretary of State.  The specific purpose of the organization is to change the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

There were prior actions by the forces which brought about the birth of the CFR. Around 1917, during the Russian Revolution, Alexandria Kerensky successfully deposed the Tsar and was in the process of setting up and putting into action a reform movement, when the powers behind the scenes in America smuggled Lenin and a large quantity of gold into Russia which was used to take control of the revolution and place it in the hands of the Bolsheviks.

This is how Russia became a part of the agenda for world government. The reason for it is very simple.  In order to move America away from its position at that time, which I will call the Thesis, to a diametrical one, there was a need for a nation that represented the diametrical position, or the Antithesis, which would be the arch-enemy of America.

Through manipulation of our foreign policy by members of the CFR for over a century, and through the application of dialectical strategies, the United States is almost at the point where it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union, and thus with the remainder of the world.  This is the resulting synthesis they are working toward.

Mr. Bryan goes on to write, “Mr. President, the one thing we must keep in mind is that we can recover from a lack of jobs and a bad economy – as the recent surge in our economy after your election proves. But what we cannot recover from is the loss of our sovereignty”!

You had the globalists worried in your speech before the United Nations, and especially when you declared that,” We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”

What a wonderful statement, and it did my heart good to know that we had a President who would make such a declaration. But you reversed everything you said prior to that; when you stated, “The United States is committed to making the United Nations more effective.”

Mr. President, a “more effective” United Nations would be better able to undermine the sovereignty of our nation and all nations which is their goal. They were brought into existence specifically for this reason. Their main target is America for the national sovereignty of all other nations that cannot be undermined if America remains sovereign.

The UN is the world’s greatest enemy of national sovereignty and a more effective UN would jeopardize the very sovereignty you have so greatly defended.

The USMCA is part of and plays into the goals of the UN.  Your advisors have, no doubt, set you up, Mr. President.  I expected as much when I learned something of the back-trail of Mr. Lighthizer.  Undoubtedly others are involved. One or more of your advisors recommended him to you, and surely some of them knew him and what he supported.

The ball is in your court Sir, if you let this deal come before Congress and the Senate it will in all probability be ratified which will begin the globalists’ process to bring to fruition the North American Union.  If you wish to learn more about this Trade Agreement visit:

I beg to question what Mr. Lighthizer is up to in China? Here’s what you can do. Go to this link and read all the chapters pertaining to the agreement. As always, these links can be found at the bottom of the description box.

Next, contact your Congress Representatives by going to this link: and demand we sever ties with the United Nations immediately.






Video Sources: President Trump signs trade deal with Mexico, Canada Lighthizer lays out trade news ahead of House vote on USMCA US trade representative outlines goals of Trump's Asia trip

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