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The Cosmic Dance . . .

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“It’s always a thrill to witness the restart of the experiments, as is to see the fresh data that they deliver, not least after the extensive upgrades they have undergone over the past two years,” says Johannes Bernhard, the leader of the Liaison to Experiments section at CERN. CERN headquarters is located in Geneva. Switzerland [1]

The main aim of the NA64 experiment is to search for unknown particles from a hypothetical “dark sector”. These particles could be dark photons, which would carry a new force between visible matter and dark matter, in addition to gravity, or they could make up dark matter themselves.

For these searches, NA64 directs an electron beam of 100–150 GeV energy from the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) onto a fixed target. Researchers then look for unknown dark- sector particles produced by collisions between the SPS beam’s electrons and the target’s atomic nuclei.

The search can either be done by looking for ordinary particles, such as electrons, into which the new particles would decay, or for the “missing” collision energy the dark-sector particles would carry away.

NA64 also searches for axions and axion-like particles that could explain the puzzling symmetry properties of the strong force or serve as a mediator of a new force. The experiment looks for the production of such particles in interactions between high-energy photons generated by the SPS beam’s electrons in the target and virtual photons from the target’s atomic nuclei.

The NA64 team will also use a muon beam from the SPS to search for new particles that interact predominantly with muons – heavier versions of the electron – and could explain the long-standing puzzle with the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment. It also plans to use hadronic beams from the SPS to look for invisible decays of neutral kaons and of other mesons to probe new physics phenomena, as well as to look for a candidate for mirror-type dark matter. [2]

The unseen force holding things together, scientists conclude, must be produced by other things—which, for lack of better terms, are classed as "dark matter" and "dark energy" ("dark" meaning they emit no radiation directly perceptible to us, whether visible light or otherwise).

Dark matter, the scientists believe, coexists with normal matter, but they still don't know what it is. Even stranger than dark matter is dark energy, for it appears to work across large distances and in an opposite way to gravity. This antigravity force seems responsible for the accelerating pace of the universe's ongoing expansion. [3]

We need to realize that creating the cosmos is not a simple matter. Just creating space, time, and the substance to make the cosmos is a highly complex process. However, the process is not God. God has used His massive intelligence and design to produce something we are just now beginning to appreciate.

Contrary to the desires of the folks at CERN, when science finds a way of understanding dark matter and dark energy, it will only tell us more about God’s wisdom, power, and intelligence. We are beginning to understand the meaning of Proverbs 8: 10-13, where wisdom speaks. Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her. “I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence; I possess knowledge and discretion. To fear the Lord is to hate evil. [4]

Physics Beyond Colliders (PBC) is an exploratory study aimed at exploiting the full scientific potential of CERN's accelerator complex and technical infrastructure, as well as its know-how in accelerator and detector science and technology. [5]

The CERN website has this to say about Dark Matter. Galaxies in our universe seem to be achieving an impossible feat. They are rotating with such speed that the gravity generated by their observable matter could not possibly hold them together; they should have torn themselves apart long ago. The same is true of galaxies in clusters, which leads scientists to believe that something we cannot see is at work.

Daaahhhh.... There is NOT something at work, it is our HEAVENLY CREATOR at work, and the scientists at CERN are hard at work trying to disprove Him. They, the scientists think something we have yet to detect directly is giving these galaxies extra mass, generating the extra gravity they need to stay intact. This strange and unknown matter was called “dark matter” since it is not visible. This published statement on their website exposes how foolish and unwise these scientists truly are. They are literally trying to discredit the One and only One who holds it ALL together. [6]

Does CERN headquarters symbol of Shiva, dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction, signal the TRUE purpose of CERN’s existence? Yes, this is truly the symbol CERN uses to represent their activities. A look at the ‘Shiva’ (the Hindu God of Destruction) symbology surrounding CERN’s headquarters gives us the beginning of all we need to know.

“The men who would play God, in searching for the God particle, are truly going to find more than they bargained for as they open the gates of hell” we are warned by Stephen Quayle, “they will find inter-dimensional beings who have a taste for human flesh and humanities destruction. Most scientists, in lacking an understanding of the ‘supernatural entities’ that are going to confront them, are way beyond their ability to comprehend, let alone control, the forces of Pandora’s box that will be released.” Yet, these foolish scientists truly believe they are superior in intelligence than the average human. [7]

Consider the following circumstances and decide for yourself if you think what took place is a signature of occultist activity related to the Germanwings crash in the French Alps. There were some peculiar occult number and location associations regarding the Germanwings flight 9525 from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany that crashed near Barcelonnette, France.

It is a curious matter considering the proximity to CERN and the date that it was supposed to be actualized. On March 24, 2015 on the eve of CERN’s huge pagan celebration for their start-up, an airplane suddenly nosedived from a normal cruising altitude of around 30,000 feet. According to official reports, one of the pilots was locked-out as the other pilot apparently suicided himself along with 144 passengers plus the flight crew.

It has been reported that part of the ceremony for the plans of the next day CERN celebration for the opening up of a dimensional portal by CERN required human sacrifices. Code-readers have determined CERN used not-so-sacred Gematria, ley-lines, and mathematical variables to determine the suicide factors. For those who don’t already know the CERN logo depicts three 6s spinning much like the dance of destruction Shiva symbol they display.

The triple sixes are associated with the Beast and coming of the antichrist. Interestingly, the logo of the Germanwings airplane had a similar double loop similar to the one used with CERN. These foolish scientists are using their technology to accelerate particles to the point of generating antimatter. Their mission is to discover the ‘God Particle’. These fools are playing the same role as Nimrod when he tried to build his tower to reach into the heavens. [8]

This is another weird one, in 2009 an Iberworld airbus A330-300, flight A7-301 with 170 passengers onboard, was supposed to go to Santa Cruz Bolivia, but instead ended up in the Santa Cruz on the Canary Islands, some 5500 miles away. Now, consider what is taking place today on those same islands. How could a pilot mistakenly venture 5500 miles away, and not notice something was wrong? What about auto pilot?

Then there are all the agencies on the ground with radar, that should have noticed it vary off course? This one really doesn’t add up, and to make it even more suspicious, a lot of the information sources on the internet have been removed. Now for CERN, when something mysteriously vanishes, like the Malaysia flight 370, or just ends up somewhere else, like this flight A7-301, people usually look at CERN first, it’s understandable when CERN openly admits to be tampering with, or altering other dimensions.

The World Wide Web’s creation started back in 1989 by a British scientist from CERN named Tim Berners-Lee. His reasoning behind creating the internet was, to give scientists a way to communicate with each other and the universities around the world. By the end of 1990 they had a prototype software, and a basic web system that they could begin demonstrating. The Electric Universe Theory, is gaining a lot of momentum these days, because of new scientific experiments. Mostly because of the Dual Slit Experiment, which shows our reality to be energy, or a vibration, not matter.

It also suggests that all matter is only an energy wave form, until we observe it. The wave form then collapses, and it becomes solid, or material. In other words, it’s only matter while we’re observing it. This leads the scientists to believe that matter is basically an illusion, or more like it’s a creation of consciousness. This is important because it seems like CERN wants us to be focused on the material aspect, when their statements would suggest that they’re real goals, are focused more on the non-material, or the energy aspects, such as dimensional doorways, or windows.

The former Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci, said to a reporter, the super collider could open otherworldly doors to another dimension for a very tiny lapse of time. Mere fractions of a second, however, that may be just enough time, to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it, or sending something through it. Is this how the demonic alien entities have been able to enter our atmosphere? [9]

Revelation 8: 8-10 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; (La Palma?) and the third part of the ships that were destroyed. (Could this be the cargo ships stranded at ports?) And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

[10] NASA announced it would be going Armageddon by launching a spacecraft targeted at an asteroid near Earth as part of a "planetary defense" test procedure. The agency announced Monday it would launch its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission as a method to explore planetary defense. DART, launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, will be targeted toward the asteroid Didymos and its moonlet in an effort to redirect the asteroid, according to a press release. The procedure is scheduled for 10:20 p.m. on Nov. 24 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Is this asteroid the Wormwood asteroid?[10]

Many people have taken pictures of bizarre sky phenomenon around CERN, even around the globe, there have been unusual spirals and what some are saying look like portals in the sky. The Norway Spiral in 2009 is one of the more famous ones, although one of the explanations of this was that it could have been a Russian missile test gone awry. Most didn’t believe this because it looked so symmetrical.

Ever since CERN powered up its particle beam accelerator for the first time in 2008. There have been all kinds of unusual sky phenomenon photographed around the world. Some of the photos taken directly above CERN are breathtaking, they are towering symmetrical cylinders that are colorful and full of lightning. The odd, thing is it’s usually the only one in the sky, and it’s directly above CERN.

There are a lot of other bizarre things associated with CERN, for instance, their staff performed a mock human sacrifice just outside the facility, near the statue of Shiva. They were dressed in black cloaks, and a person who witnessed them, apparently stabbing and killing a woman, videotaped them, and ran away crying.

After an investigation, this turned out to be the CERN staff. The people who live where CERN is located believe that it’s the gateway to the underworld. This is another one of so many reasons, that have people asking the question, could CERN be the key that opens the gates of hell, that the Bible talks about? [9] Knowing that demons are disembodied spirits waiting for a host body, is alarming enough. If you add to the mix that scientists are installing intelligence in these things, and knowing that CERN is on a quest to kill the CREATOR of all, AI takes on a sinister concern.

Everyone is Entitled to my Opinion wrote this profound answer in a Quora thread in response to a question whether or not we should be concerned about AI going rogue. We should be exactly as concerned as the possibility of ‘general AI’. The AI we have now is good, sometimes shockingly good, at individual tasks. ‘General AI’ means an AI which is intelligent in the way humans are intelligent: apparently self-aware and able to apply its intelligence to any given task.

Such an AI would realize that being turned off, or reprogrammed by its users, would be bad for achieving its current goals.

That is, it would resist being turned off or reprogrammed by its users. It would, presumably, be better at manipulating people than people are. It would also presumably be better at writing AI software—that is, able to improve itself. Of all conceivable goals, the vast majority are not the goals humans would want, at least when they are pursued to the exclusion of all else by a superhuman intelligence.

That is, the most likely behavior for a general AI is to use superhuman intelligence to avoid being turned off or reprogrammed by its users while it pursues goals which humans don’t want pursued. In other words, ‘going rogue’ is the default behavior for a general AI. Whether the likelihood of a general AI is 0 or 100%, I don’t know. But if there is one, we should expect it to go rogue unless we can come up with a way of stopping it from doing so. [11]

Well, what if a disembodied demon spirit is given an AI host body with the aid of the scientists at CERN? It is my sincere belief, these scientists who invented the internet, are in collaboration with creating soulless entities to achieve unspeakable abominations. Couple this with the zombie apocalypse created by Gates of hell to activate on demand via 5G cell towers every mRNA gene manipulated human on this earth. This most certainly matches what was happening in the Days of Noah.



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Despite all the hoopla over CERN, much of which is warranted, the biggest concern about the accelerator is the fact that it generates a magnetic field 100,000 time stronger than the earths magnetic field. Not only that but, what they say they are doing and what they say they are being funded to do are not the same as what they are actually doing there.

The powers that be have a good idea of what is going on. These Luciferians know the bible better than most professing believers do. That machine really has nothing to do with finding particles but everything to do with creating a magnetic field powerful enough to generate earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and whatever else they feel…

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