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Elon Musk, -CEO of Tesla, and Space X. -Creator of the future hyperloop. - Investor in the boring company, Solar City, and Open AI. -3rd wealthiest man alive with a net worth of 85.5 billion USD.

This genius idealist has already made a massive impact on the advancement of human technology, and yet he is still finding new ways to transform the world. If he pulls off this next project he may go down as the single most important man in the 21st century. On August 28th, 2020, Elon Musk presented the first look at his new neuralink.

The neuralink is a small brain implant that will create and manipulate neurons in your brain in order to solve health issues like addiction, blindness, depression, and many other brain-related issues. It can also connect your mind to gadgets like smartphones through Bluetooth technology. In the demo, Elon describes the neuralink as access to all aspects of your brain. Pain, fear, sight, smell, hearing, and all other senses can be controlled and manipulated through the neuralink.

He confidently believes that this neuralink can relieve issues like Alzheimer's, anxiety, autism, and almost all mental health issues. Not to mention this could be a breakthrough for neuroscience and figuring out every intricacy of the human brain. [The looming question is, who will be controlling your brain?]

Does this sound exactly like an episode of black mirror, yes! Does Elon find that as an issue, no!

As far-fetched as this idea sounds it’s already been made, and is being implanted in animals like pigs for testing. In the Demo, Elon brings out some pigs to reveal how they are doing with the neuralink. 1 of the pigs has a neuralink in its head and it’s been in there for about 2 months.

The pig is very healthy, moves around energetically, drinks water, and even ran on the treadmill. While Elon didn’t exactly say what the neuralink is accomplishing inside the pig's head there are neurons being sent from the neuralink into the pig's brain. There was also a 2nd pig that had the neuralink inserted and removed.

The pig according to Elon was,” very happy and healthy”, moving around just like he did before the neuralink. This pig proved that if for some reason you wanted to remove or get a new neuralink it can safely be removed.

Overall, the pigs didn’t do much but show the insertion and removal of the neuralink is safe, but it is a huge first step.

When it comes to the insertion of the neuralink Elon is certain that the only way it can be done correctly and safely is through automated robotic surgery. Human error is not an option when inserting the neuralink so they are also producing robot surgeons that can remove and insert the neuralink. [This is our brains they are talking about] The pig's test trial used robotic surgery. According to Elon, the human brain is roughly 10 mm thick the neuralink is about 5 mm.

The surgery will remove 5mm of your skull and the neuralink will lie flat matching perfectly with the shape of your skull. It would leave a small scar but ultimately will be unnoticeable if you have hair. The 0.9 prototype has about 1,000 channels which are way more than any current technology device (like an iPhone), has all-day battery life that will be charged overnight with a wireless charging device. [battery inside the head; okay!]

Elon says you would charge it in the same way you charge a phone. Also, like an iPhone over time there will be upgraded versions of the neuralink produced after launching the first neuralink. Now comes the big question is this idea actually achievable. Of course, we might be years from actually having a functional one, but it’s a start. Tesla wasn’t always the successful company it’s seen as now, before Elon became the CEO the company was going bankrupt.

Yet Elon saw the vision of Tesla and made it one of the most famous motor vehicle companies in the world. Elon has proven himself as a very ambitious, and accomplished man. Many people believe he is spreading himself too thin, or trying to accomplish too many things at once. With Tesla, Space X, (his mission to start colonizing other planets) the hyperloop, (an evolved underground transportation system), and the neuralink, it’s easy to believe the man is not being realistic.

The man obviously isn’t wasting any time in creating his vision and he already has developed a prototype. Elon has already proven he is more than capable of pursuing his ambitions and it’s important to remember he’s not alone. He is hiring hundreds of neurosurgeons, software developers, engineers, and everyone else he needs to create his vision. He’s clearly not doing this on his own. [1]

Neuralink is known as Musk's neural interface technology company. The company is building this device that could be embedded in a person's brain, where it could both record brain activity and potentially stimulate it. [This, I find concerning] Musk has compared the technology to a "FitBit in your skull." Neuralink first became publicly known in 2017 when the Wall Street Journal reported on its existence.

The company's first major public outing didn't come until 2019, when Elon Musk and other members of the executive team showed off Neuralink's designs in a livestreamed presentation. Neuralink is developing two bits of equipment. The first is a chip that would be implanted in a person's skull, with electrodes fanning out into their brain. The chip Neuralink is developing is about the size of a coin, and would be embedded in a patients' skull.

From the chip, an array of tiny wires, each roughly 20 times thinner than a human hair, fan out into the patient's brain. The wires are equipped with 1,024 electrodes which are able to both monitor brain activity and, theoretically, electrically stimulate the brain. This data is all transmitted wirelessly via the chip to computers where it can be studied by researchers. [Can the researchers also manipulate the brain?]

The robot would work by using a stiff needle to punch the flexible wires emanating from a Neuralink chip into a person's brain, a bit like a sewing machine.

Neuralink released a video showcasing the robot in January 2021. Musk has claimed the machine could make implanting Neuralink's electrodes as easy as LASIK eye surgery. While this is a bold claim, neuroscientists previously announced that the machine has some very promising features.

Professor Andrew Hires highlighted a feature, which would automatically adjust the needle to compensate for the movement of a patient's brain, as the brain moves during surgery along with a person's breathing and heartbeat. The robot as it currently stands is eight feet tall, and while Neuralink is developing its underlying technology its design was crafted by Woke Studios. [2]

The pace of technological development is likely to pose unprecedented challenges to humanity. Neuralink’s brain chips already aim to merge humans with machines. [in other words; TRANSHUMANISM] What does Musk’s invention mean to us and should we be worried about the future? The sci-fi future is here, and science fiction no longer looks like a dream.

Eventually, these breakthrough devices are to merge humans with technology. [Scientist have evolved to a point where they are doing exactly as they were in the days of Noah] Elon Musk is known for his visionary ideas that revolutionize the world. [Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. This was done in the ancient of days]

The company wants to connect humans and machines. Though it may sound like an idea straight out of science fiction, it couldn’t be truer. Sadly, the technological revolution slowly but surely changes our lives and incorporates itself into daily living. Will the same process repeat with Neuralink’s brain chip? Elon Musk predicts that this outcome is inevitable.

We’re living in the most [dangerous] times science has been through since the days of Noah. The rate of new technology development has been rising almost exponentially for the last couple decades. Neuralink’s aim is to make the brain chip technology available for everybody, everywhere. [Will this chip one day be a requirement to buy or sell?]

This tech is still in its cradle, yet with the amount of money and effort put by private corporations into technological development, we’re on the way to redefine human beings and accelerate the process of evolution. [These scientists have thrown creation out completely]. The definition of a cyborg is a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

Based on this loose definition, many humans can be considered cyborgs. However, there are people who have actually been legally recognized as cyborgs. Neil Harbisson may have been one of the first to be classified a real-life cyber human. It is likely, however, that there will be more in the future, especially since more than 70% of people surveyed are willing to augment their brains and bodies in order to improve their employment prospects. [Now, this is concerning!]

Soon, we’ll be able to tinker with the human genome and merge machines with humans. What should we expect? With the latest technology, scientists are able to accelerate what they deem as evolution, making humans more adapted to the modern lifestyle. However, it will take time to upgrade the whole of humanity. [3] [Eggghhh... is this their main objective?]

We are very likely to see this sci-fi implemented very soon in research studies of all kinds of neurological diseases where real-time continuous monitoring of brain activity is required. In many of these diseases we need this “Fitbit for the brain” to elucidate the mechanism of disease. [4]

[So, they start with this concept of health and disease; yet, they announce their goal is to upgrade the whole of humanity. Is the End-Game the total destruction of all mankind completely? Is the End-Game TOTAL TRANSHUMANISM?]

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