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Scandalous . . .

#BidonGate #UkraineGate #RussiaGate #JoeQuidProQuo #DrainTheSwamp

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Today, there have been explosions around the world that have caused catastrophic damage and death. - Beirut, Lebanon - Wuhan, China - Hyesan, North Korea BOOM WEEK?

#NEW! #WOW! Listen closely to Sidney Powell, it is about to go down. My God! Far worse than we ever realized! This goes beyond Russia; this is them stealing and lining their pockets! Sidney knows what Trump knows. #BREATHTAKING [VIDEOS 3-6]

HUGE!! New audio of Biden pressuring Poroshenko to fire Shokin and nationalize Privatbank (where $1.8 billion in US aid was sent and disappeared.)

Poroshenko discussing the investigation of Biden

Poroshenko: (7:10 mark) I have some good news…  Yesterday I went and seat with the general prosecutor’s office. Joe Biden: Yes.

Poroshenko: …. I especially asked him to resign… as his position as a state prosecutor… He promised to give me statement of his resignation… One hour he gave me statement of his presentation.

Joe Biden: Great! [VIDEO 7]

Joe Biden: (10:20 mark) I am prepared to a public signing for a commitment for a billion dollars.  Again, I am not suggesting you want it or don’t want it.  I am suggesting that is what I am prepared to do.  Again, it won’t be finalized… Let me when you and I finished speaking let me huddle with my team… I agree with you there is a sense of urgency here. [VIDEO 7]

Joe Biden — (14:30 mark) Congratulations in getting the new Prosecutor General. I know there’s a lot more to that. I really think that’s good. It is going to be critical that he works to repair the damage of Shokin.

I’m a man of my word. Now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing the one-billion-dollar loan guarantee. And I don’t know how you want to go about that…  I’ll leave it to you to how you want it done and where you want it done. [VIDEO 7]

Here is the section where Joe Biden starts talking and Joe Biden mentions Donald Trump!

From the audio — Joe Biden tells Poroshenko: We will help you get the vote… Let me ask you one thing before I forget, Privatbank… This is getting very, very close. What I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get into *** where he thinks he’s about to buy into a situation… where it is about to collapse where he is going to pour more money into Ukraine…

So, anything you can do to push the Privatbank to closure so that the IMF loan comes forward I stress this is critical to your economic and national security.  THERE IS MORE COMING! Do Not Forget — DEMOCRATS IMPEACHED TRUMP OVER THIS! Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump were right. It looks like now there is audio of Joe Biden caught in a Quid-Pro-Quo!! [1]

4281 How about a nice game of chess. Objective [end]: checkmate king. Do you attack the king at the beginning of the game? Do you attack and remove pawns first? Do you attack and remove bishops, rooks, knights next? Do you attack and remove queen mid-to-end? Is the game being played public or private? 

Do emotions affect critical thinking? Add: important king control pieces [eliminate rogue elements]? Add: how do you set the stage [board] re: public opinion [optics]?  “At this time.” 



Video Sources:

[INTRO VIDEO 1] Who is Bash


[VIDEO 3] Fire in Saudi Arabia

[VIDEO 4] Fire in China

[VIDEO 5] Fire in Brussels

[VIDEO 6] France




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