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According to the Department of Homeland Security, human trafficking is “modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” Human trafficking is not the same as human smuggling, which involves illegal transportation of a person across a border.

               Saved In America. Saved in America is a non-profit organization of volunteer former law enforcement officers and Special Operators, Navy SEALS-turned licensed, insured private investigators. SAVED IN AMERICA, at no charge, assists parents and law enforcement in locating missing and runaway children. Saved In America also provides assistance to high-risk juvenile shelters to protect children from further exploitation by pimps and predators.

Runaway and missing children are highly at risk of being trafficked as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates that 1 in 7 runaways were likely victims of sex trafficking. Approximately 60% of all runaways are approached by a trafficker within the first 48 hours from the time they are reported missing.

Saved In America gathers intelligence and evidence to locate and identify missing children and trafficked victims, violent pedophiles (pimps), and trafficking locations. Saved In America coordinates and reports all information to local, state, and/or federal law enforcement officials.

Since December 2014, SIA has assisted in the investigation and locating of 201 missing child cases from California to Florida. 60% of all recovered children were found before being trafficked. For victims of sexual exploitation, Saved In America assists in procuring legal representation, safe housing, and rehabilitative therapy.

A California Non- Profit Organization of Former Police Officers and Navy SEALs turned Licensed Private Investigators who assist Parents and Law Enforcement in locating Missing & Exploited Children

Narrative by Founder: Pastor Joseph A. Travers, CPI, CCDI, CMECI

On September 21, 2009, while Kirby was reading an article from the Orange County Register, “Retired Terror Hunters Hope to End Child Sex Slavery” (in foreign countries). This brought to mind the news he heard recently regarding a missing 17-year-old girl who left her parent’s home in New York.

Brittanee Drexel was last seen in a hotel video in South Carolina on April 25th. Where was she? (In August 2016 the FBI reported that Brittanee was taken from the hotel in Myrtle Beach by a gang member pimp to a stash house in North Carolina for several days then repeatedly raped by gang members, shot dead and fed to alligators.)

As a former Police Detective and current Licensed Private Investigator, I have seen countless cases of missing children. The statistics are grim and disheartening.

I knew many children ended up being trafficked into human slavery and felt compelled to meet the “Terror Hunters”, to see if there was a way to perform these rescues here in the United States. I immediately made arrangements to meet these former special operations ‘Terror Hunters’. Through a series of meetings, I met a former Navy SEAL, Jeff Bramstedt who, along with Trial Attorney Alexandria Phillips, helped form Saved In America (SIA).

It was decided after several meetings and operational discussions that Saved In America would focus on preventing gangbanger/pimp/predator/slave traders from securing girls to traffic here in the United States.

- Retired Master Chief Kirby D Horrell

The Three Pillars of S.I.A. team model:

The Saved in America team model consists of three pillars; 1. We never charge parents/ guardians to find their children. 2. We do this voluntarily, refusing pay. 3. We only use former Special Operators and retired/ current Police Detectives who become Licensed and Insured Private Investigators.

Saved in America currently has over 30 operators; all licensed and insured Private Investigators consisting of former Navy SEALs, Marine Recon Raiders, SAS, and retired Police Officers. In addition, SIA has an Executive Director, Legal Director, Case Manager, Community Outreach/ Events Coordinator, Training and Child Rehabilitation Director, Social Networking Investigator, Licensed Drone Operators and State Licensed Firearms Instructors.

The approach and techniques used by Saved in America help guide the rest of the nation on how to stop child sex trafficking before it happens, by focusing on runaway and missing children.

Saved In America has taught it’s investigative techniques to the Human Smuggling & Trafficking Center, Washington, DC, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas, Nevada, Licensed Investigator Associations in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama, and, for the Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, California.

Saved In America now offers Scholarships. This is a great way to honor a very special person.

On November 1, 2018, at the 2nd annual Saved In America ‘Child Saved Not Sold” event in Del Mar, California, Saved In America awarded its first ‘Brittanee Drexel Scholarship’ to a survivor of Child Sex Trafficking. Brittanee’s mother Dawn presented the award.

The Saved in America story has been published in a book titled - “Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway of Child Sex Trafficking”, 2nd Edition October 2018.

Please visit the website,, for further information and please if you know someone who has a missing child refer them to Saved In America.


An estimated 25 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking

Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 US states

The 2nd largest child sex trafficking corridor is San Diego County because of the largest trafficking sector in San Diego county. Texas is number one.

Every day there is an average of 300,000 missing children in our country 40% of those missing are being trafficked (approximately 120,000 children)

An average of 3,000 –8,000 children are being trafficked each year in San Diego County

60% of trafficked children are foster youth

The average age of a trafficked child is 15 years old

A pimp will make an average of $100,000 a year per child

Sex trafficking is the second-largest underground (black market industry) in the country, following drug trafficking, generating an estimated $810 million a year.

75% of transactions for illegal sex are made online and occur during business hours.


Visit to learn about the Saved In America mission & show your support by DONATING HERE:

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