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Sam’s Sons . . .

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Thank you, Missile Madness, for this excellent piece on the Sons of Sam. By the time you’re just starting the third of the fourth episodes, you’re fully encased in that feeling that you’re at the very tippy top of the world’s tallest rollercoaster, and you know what comes next…and there’s no getting out of the carriage. You’re about to tackle that freefall head on.

Exactly what was Maury Terry looking into? In Maury Terry’s correct conclusions, he was only glimpsing the tip of the iceberg. [VIDEO] The Process Church

Because these networks were and are far more organized and inculcated than even, Mr. Terry acknowledged. Now with this understanding, as yourself, what did Stanley Kubrick know aaaaaand was trying to convey with his last opus, Eyes Wide Shut...) All of this ties straight into the UFO realms.

Speaking of UFO realms, Stanley Kubrick made this confession just before his death: [VIDEO] Stanley Kubrick Confesses

Why the fraud??? Stop and think, why there haven’t been any serious serial killers on the loose in the past, oh, say 20 years or so. Because the operations have moved on. 9/11 ushered in an entirely new and spectacular way to keep the masses traumatized – which had heretofore been the job of the likes of the Bundy’s and the Dahmer's and the Berkowitz's and the Zodiac’s of this world. And my oh my, what do we have here now? COVID. And a whole new way of delivering that massive trauma spike that “they” want us continually laboring under. And why? It makes us weak. It makes us controllable. It makes us malleable. It makes us ripe and willing for whatever they want to install, whatever they want to do to us; new methods of control, new methods of social engineering. All of those other things: the killers, the terrorist attacks, and now the masks and lockdowns and pathogens on the loose…. all are just a “means” to an end. Until that final card gets played, it’s ALWAYS going to be something new every 20 years or so.

That GLADIO and Strategy of Tension is never ending. [VIDEO] Lockdowns Destroying America 1:40 – 2:36

Only now…only now the timeline seems to be running on an accelerated track. Whether it’s because of the surprise 2016 election result, or the news that they couldn’t keep under wraps any longer re Epstein (and everything that entailed), or the masses of the useless eaters (deplorables) arising under the umbrella of the Great Awakening which deployed the ‘Q’ forces (& whether you believe that was real or just a LARP), millions upon millions of ordinary folks are now pissed off and mobilized, organized, in ways they never had been before. And that spells trouble for “them.” Even the fact that you’re seeing something like the above on a platform as mainstream as Netflix represents a win for us. And a sweeping acknowledgment of what may be going on at the center of it all. [VIDEO] Let’s Play Franklin Coverup

Because this has all, ALL of it, always been organized:

There is an Octopus, Human Trafficking and Mind Control operation taking place worldwide; right under our noses. You will be absolutely amazed at the number of times certain names come up over, and over……and over……again. As noted on the website “While researching for his documentary on 9/11, Jonathan Elinoff discovered the tip of the iceberg for a large pedophilic blackmail ring operating in Colorado. His finding came about after looking into the background of Delmart Vreeland, an Office of Naval Intelligence operative who alluded to the 9/11 attacks before they happened, and was arrested in Colorado on child molestation and pornography charges in 2004. Before his arrest, Vreeland (who grew up in Michigan during the time and place that the North Fox Island pedophile ring operated) had confided in Andy Stephenson about a personal history abuse much like what “Franklin” victims endured. [VIDEO] Conspiracy of Silence 4:30

Probing the drug and sex underworld that Vreeland was part of drew Elinoff into strange circumstances where he played a key role in exposing the meth-for-sex scandal of former Arapahoe County sheriff Pat Sullivan. [VIDEO] Meth Users – Pat Sullivan Provided

The connections of the Sullivan case led him to a much darker pedophilic underground involving meth subculture members, white supremacists, corrupt law enforcement officers, nightclub operators, organized criminals including Russian Mafia members working under Viktor Kozeny and more: [VIDEO] Gangster Planet – Viktor Kozeny :44 to 4:31

With every step, with every link in the chain, we grow closer. Closer to a true People’s Revolution. Glad to have each and every one of you on board. [VIDEO] What Makes a Revolution Successful 4:44 4:58

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