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Q-4545 Humanity is good, but, when we let our guard down, we allow darkness to infiltrate and destroy. Like past battles fought, we now face our greatest battle at present, a battle to save our Republic, our way of life, and what we decide (each of us) now will decide our future. Will we be a free nation under God? 

Or will we cede our freedom, rights and liberty to the enemy? We all have a choice to make.  Evil [darkness] has never been so exposed to light. They can no longer hide in the shadows.

Our system of government has been infiltrated by corrupt and sinister elements. Democracy was almost lost forever.

Think HRC install: [2+] Supreme Court Justices, 200+ judges, rogue elements expanded inside DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, WH, STATE, …….removal 2nd amendment, border etc. ……… America for sale: China, Russia, Iran, Syria…….ISIS & AL Q expansion…….expansion surv of domestic citizens……. modify/change voter rules and regulations allow illegals ballot harvesting w/ Supreme Court backed liberal-social opinion………sell off of military to highest bidder to fight internal long-standing wars……..

Their thirst for a one world order [destruction of national sovereignty] serves to obtain control over America [and her allies [think EU]] by diluting your vote to oblivion and installing a new one world ruling party. The start of this concept began with organizations such as: W.H.O., world trade org, united nations, ICC, NATO, etc.,

[all meant to weaken the United States] also the formation of EU through threat [con] of close proximity attack [attack on one is an attack on all – sales pitch to gen public – fear control]. Re: EU _did each member nation cede sovereignty to Brussels? Re: EU _each member must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas [think immigration, currency, overall control].

Their thirst to remove your ability to defend yourself serves to prevent an uprising to challenge their control. There is a fundamental reason why our enemies dare not attack [invade] our borders [armed citizenry]. If America falls so does the world. If America falls darkness will soon follow. Only when we stand together, only when we are united, can we defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy.

Their power and control rely heavily on an uneducated population. A population that trusts without individual thought. A population that obeys without challenge.  A population that remains outside of free thought, and instead, remains isolated living in fear inside of the closed-loop echo chamber of the controlled mainstream media.

This is not about politics. This is about preserving our way of life and protecting the generations that follow. We are living in Biblical times. Children of light vs children of darkness. United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity.

‘Don’t Plant Them’ – Mysterious Seed Packets from This certain place Sent to People in Utah, Washington and Virginia. Mysterious seed packets from This certain place have been sent to people in Utah, Washington and Virginia. According to officials, residents in multiple states have received unidentified packages of seeds from This certain place. [1] Since the tariffs didn’t work, is this their next tactic?

Department of Agriculture officials are warning residents: ‘Don’t plant the seeds!’ 

“Today we received reports of people receiving seeds in the mail from This certain place that they did not order,” the Washington State Department of Agriculture said Friday. “The seeds are sent in packages usually stating that the contents are jewelry. Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.”

What if these seeds get into the hands of the anarchists? Is this certain Place the leading funder of this anarchy? How many of our big box corporations are beholden to this certain place? From destruction in our destruction of our crops? Is this the plan?

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or VDACS encouraged residents to report packages of seeds from This certain place. Fox 13 reported that at least 40 people in Utah received the seeds.

VDACS said some Virginia residents have received packages they didn’t order, containing seeds that appear to have originated from This certain place. It’s not clear what types of seeds are in the packages, but they could be invasive plant species, according to VDACS. The packages were sent by mail and may have a certain unique writing on them.

People who receive the seeds are urged not to plant them. VDACS encourages anyone who receives unsolicited seeds in the mail to contact the Office of Plant Industry Services at 804-786-3515 or through the email, especially if they appear to come from This certain place.

According to a statement from VDACS, “Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment, displace or destroy native plants and insects and severely damage crops. Taking steps to prevent their introduction is the most effective method of reducing both the risk of invasive species infestations and the cost to control and mitigate those infestations.”

The Utah Department of Agriculture is also investigating the instances with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The two agencies urged residents to report when they receive the seeds and not to plant them. [2] I urge anyone who receives these mysterious seeds to report this to your local department of agriculture. 

Facebook and Twitter users from other states, including Arizona, Texas and Indiana have reported receiving similar packages.

The spate of mystery seed-related reports in the US comes following reports last week about hundreds of gardeners in Britain receiving packages of unsolicited seeds from This certain place, with those packages also mislabeled as jewelry and other items. [3]

Is this the first step to turning America into what took place in South Africa? Do you see the pattern?


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