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[VIDEO 1] This is a warning from Michael Savage in 2012: [VIDEO 2] Meet the face behind all this power? Untangling a web isn’t always an easy thing to do. Typically, one must start with the thickest thread and pull that string to follow the rest. In this web, we may have found the thickest string.

Pere Vallès is a tech entrepreneur and investor. After 14 years leading Scytl as its CEO, Pere became the Chairman of Scytl’s Board of Directors in April 2018. Pere is also the Chairman of the first online university in the world (Uni versitat Oberta de Catalunya), a General Partner at a tech VC fund (Smartech Capital), an active investor and Board member in multiple technology companies and a member of the Board of Trustees of several academic and research institutions.

Prior to joining Scytl in 2004, Pere was the CFO of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ listed telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago. Pere assisted GlobalNet in becoming one of the leading providers of Voice-over-IP in the world and participated in the successful sale of the company to the Titan Corporation. Previously, Pere worked as Senior Manager for KPMG’s M&A group in Los Angeles and Miami, providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations in the ICT space. [1]

A quick look at Obama donors from KPMG hits the jackpot. Four pages of Obama donors is definitive of Senior Manager Pere Valles’ team. Anyone who has worked in a consulting company can attest to the “birds of a feather” associations. While not a direct connection to Barack Obama, this is certainly circumstantial evidence. [2]

Pere has a bachelor's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Barcelona and an MBA from Indiana University.[1] Indiana University is one of the most liberal institutions in America. Mr. Valles was unlikely to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University’s heavily progressive MBA program without buying into the ideology.

It is known that in the mid-nineties, Kelley School of Management “Business Ethics” classes pushed an anti-traditional values agenda with intolerance of dissent. Questioning the agenda during class discussions led to derision and affected how essay questions were graded. The professor’s humiliation tactics affected other students’ perceptions when they evaluated members of group projects. Disagreeing with socialist professors affects GPA. [2]

[VIDEO 3] On a sidenote, Mr. Pere Vallès serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Exoticca [3]

Exoticca is a traveltech startup, which allows its customers to customize and purchase tour packages online. The Company's technological platform allows online purchases to be organized with multiple components that include international and domestic flights, hotels, guides, visits, trips, meals, and travel insurance, among others. One web search link has this to say: Luxury vacation packages to South Africa all-inclusive with our exotic tours. [4] [5]

Meanwhile, Oyo Government says it will soon begin registration of all travel agencies in the state to curtail the spate of human trafficking being perpetrated by illegal agencies who take advantage of vulnerable Nigerians. [6]

As for Scytl, Valles has this to say about being the leader. Initially we were an internet voting company, which we believe is the most disruptive technology in the electoral industry and the one that has the potential to change how we are going to vote in coming years.

In internet voting we have a very dominant position. There are 21 countries in the world who are using internet voting in their elections in the public sector, and of those 21 countries, 19 are doing it with Scytl’s technology, so we could say we have a market share of 90%.

What we did to expand and continue to grow is to develop an end-to-end solution that allows governments not only to automate the voting process, but also any processes within an election. The creation of the voter census, the management of that census, the management of the logistics of the election, the recruitment and training of all the people who have to be in the electoral center, consolidation of results, publication, etc.

This product expansion was made in part through internal developments and via the acquisition of companies that already had the technologies we were looking for. Now we have a complete portfolio and end-to-end solution.

For us this was an interesting strategy because although internet voting is probably the most disruptive of the technologies, it is also the most difficult to sell because it requires legislative changes and there is a “fairly high-risk" perception by some governments.

Therefore, when we want to enter a new country or market, what we do is start by offering one of our other solutions that is not as critical as voting, and from that point on sell more complex products.

He goes on to say: Surprisingly, in a country like the US, which is our main market, a presidential election is not managed by the federal government. Of the 50 states, there are 12 in which the elections are managed by the state itself, and in the remaining 38, counties take care of it.

The counties and states are our clients. There are 3,200 counties in the US and 1,400 work with us, including important ones such as Los Angeles, Miami or Dallas. As for states, of the “aforementioned” 12, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Alaska and some others are also clients.

We have a very significant presence in the US, but it is a very decentralized market that requires actions at a regional, federal and even local level. [VIDEO 4] how to hack

Scytl processing votes in Spain is unacceptable. The transparent tabulation of votes is critical to free elections. In the SOE/Scytl system, local precincts will no longer count the votes. The task will be completed by a foreign company which the United States does not control.

Once the votes are merged, local officials will be unable to check or recheck their integrity. Scytl’s electronic voting and any other electronic voting, that does not give us a paper trail of auditable ballots is a betrayal of the trust of the sovereign American People. The counting of American votes must never, ever, take place by any agency outside the sovereign United States of America. [2] Therefore, the entire integrity of the American federal vote is in jeopardy. [7] [VIDEO 5]

Follow along and pay close attention to this wheel, as I attempt to unravel the web. This section may be necessary to listen to repeatedly to grasp all the pieces. Scytl initially maintained essentially a front address in Virginia while digesting SOE during the 2012 election cycle. Since then, there has been a pattern of SOE rebranding and reorganizing itself along with a merger and new set of strategic partnerships.

In 2012 the Free Press broke the news of the connection between one Scytl's parent companies, Nauta Capital, and Carrier IQ, a maker of mobile phone applications with obvious spyware uses. Nauta's expansion into this market sector along with an expansion into mobile devices, voice biometrics, social network monitoring, online gaming, and cloud computing should raise an eyebrow.

SOE is now calling itself “SOE, A Scytl Company. "This rebranding may be PR deflection of Scytl's overseas origin and ownership, or it may have a dual purpose. SOE's name is not on the office building's marquee or directory and garnering face time with company officials proved difficult. During an interview with The Columbus Free Press, the SOE spokesperson said that the company only does “custom work for governments” and referred the party to “Scytl” for “specialized election work.”

SOE saw a period of management chaos after being purchased by Scytl. Reviews online of working there tell vague tales of revolving doors in some of the top offices combines with rapidly shifting project priorities. This chaotic pattern seems to have changed and there is now a clear management team in place. This management team has several principals that stand out. [VIDEO 6]

Starting the list is Pere Valles, who came directly from Scytl. He is now CEO. He is Scytl's man running SOE. He is also on the board of Scytl by virtue of representing the interest of a key investor in Scytl, Balderton Capital. Balderton is a British not entirely spun-off spin-off of Benchmark Capital that has a history of investment in tech companies of interest to the intelligence community.

For instance, Benchmark has invested in Nextdoor.com, which Vulcan Capital also invested in. Vulcan Capital is also invested in Scytl. The Free Press has done previous reporting on Nextdoor as a nexus of investment for intelligence community related venture capital firms.

Valles was previously with three other companies. Prior to Balderton, he was Vice President and CFO of Globalnet, a telecom provider. He appears to have been brought in to affect the sale of that company to Titan L-3, a major defense and intelligence contractor. The sale of Globalnet, two years in the making, was finalized just as the Abu-Gharrib scandal broke in 2004.

One of Titan's employees was a translator at the prison and was exposed in subsequent reports to have raped at least one juvenile prisoner. He was not fired. [VIDEO 3]

Prior to Globalnet, Valles worked for the accounting firm KPMG and prior to that he was a principal at Diamond Cluster consulting, along with all the founders of Nauta Capital.

Scytl's Vice President of Communications is Michelle Shafer, who is the quintessential voting machine industry shill.

She has previously served in a similar capacity with Sequoia Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic and Calibre Systems. The last of the list is a defense industry firm that made a brief attempt to enter the election industry through the delivery of absentee ballots to armed forces personnel abroad.

Another SOE Vice President is Brian O'Connor. O'Connor came to SOE recently from Crossmatch Technologies. Crossmatch is a provider of biometric technologies to the defense department and department of homeland security. Four current executives at Crossmatch came from another biometric technology company, L-1 Identity Solutions. L-1 was founded by Robert LaPenta. LaPenta is also one of the founders of and still a major stockholder in L-3 Communications, the parent company of Titan L-3 communications.

Prior to working at Crossmatch, O'Connor worked for Sequoia Voting Systems and Global Elections Systems just prior to the latter's acquisition by Diebold. Diebold later spun Global Election Systems off as Premier Elections Systems. The later was then purchased by Election Systems and Software (ES & S).

Federal anti-trust regulations forced ES & S to spin Premier off again. It was then purchased by Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems. A month later Dominion also purchased Sequoia.

SOE has expanded its market share through at least one merger. In 2013 SOE acquired Oklahoma based Maxim Consulting. Maxim has offices in Oklahoma City and Dallas and was an IT firm specializing in Oracle database management and integration. Their entry into the elections industry was voter registration management software. Their largest contract was with the Cherokee Nation. They executed this contract in partnership with Texas-based voting machine manufacturer Hart InterCivic.

The merger gives SOE a complete set of products from Registration, through ballot production and election management, to vote counting and tabulation and election night reporting. Although the relationship between Hart and SOE is not clear post-merger, Michelle Shafer's former tenure there as well as her continued residence in Austin where Hart is based bodes well for the continuation of their relationship.

Scytl also has a strategic partnership with ES & S. Thus, through only two executives and a strategic partnership, Scytl's management team has a relationship or an inner working knowledge of every major voting systems manufacturer active in the American market. [VIDEO 6]