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[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming

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Absolutely nothing makes sense about this Nashville bombing. Not even a little bit.

Three hypotheses: 1) Hiding/Destroying Evidence. 2) Deflection from something else that’s going on. 3) A dry run for something bigger coming. Take your pick! [1] [VIDEO 2]

In a series of tweets, Warren C warns: If Trump will not act due to bad advice of his top advisers; and if Congress will not defend the republic, then “We the People” will likely move toward action very quickly after January 6th and do what’s necessary to save the republic using the rights and duties described in the Second Amendment, which was written to allow the People to defeat tyranny. It’s almost as if the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for this exact moment in history.

They knew government would become larger and more corrupt over time. [2] Meanwhile, there seem to be imminent signals everywhere.

On December 27 there was a threat at Empire State Building that later turned out to be unfounded. This threat came on the heels of the Christmas Day disasters. [3]

A video evidence has appeared showing that an incoming missile initiated an explosion in Nashville.

The following images demonstrate quite clearly an incoming missile trail immediately before the explosion. We also now know that the location, which was blurred out by Google street maps, housed the AT&T / NSA VoIP Router Complex, which allows the NSA to spy on all phone conversations and phone texts of anyone using the AT&T network.

The ex-owner of the building is allegedly Cerebus Capital, which is tied to Yagoobzadeh, which acquired some ownership of Dominion Voting Systems. Many internet analysts claim the blast appears to have been intended to halt a Dominion voting machines audit that was about to take place in the building as well, although that has not yet been confirmed.

The incoming missile clearly shows this was a military operation, launched from an aircraft. This screen shot clearly shows the incoming missile trail, meaning this was a military operation, and the missile was fired from an aircraft. And here’s about a second later as the missile trail is disappearing, from top to bottom (indicating the missile is moving from the sky to the ground). Finally, only a moment later, the explosion takes place. Then there is a bright flash in the air, which vanishes after a second again. [4]

HAT TIP to Marnie M who sent me this message from Forbidden Knowledge TV: An anonymous user on 4Chan claiming to be a data center employee who says he expects it to take days to restore communications and he’s concerned that backup servers will overheat from the excess traffic. He asks, “How long do we have until everything starts shutting down due to hardware over temp?

“This is just one explosion, where else are they planning? They knew exactly where to hit, at the fiber vault on the street. You get 3-4 of those go off, it could produce a Regional or US Wide telecom outage.” [5]

Meanwhile, on the same day, in Rochester NY, this happens: [VIDEO 3]

In 2016 the Democrat & Chronicle wrote a promotional piece titled, “Catching up with Mark Cleary.” Mr. Cleary, the current owner of the burned-out building tells all about the Print Shop in this piece when his print shop was thriving. [6] ...but after the fire demolished the print shop, rumors started flying. Someone from City Blue Imaging took it upon themselves to post this on Facebook:

To the misinformed people on @Twitter and @instagram #cityblueimaging does not print #ballots, does not do work for #Phoenixgraphics and was never owned by the owner of #phoenixgraphics. You may want to read a book someday to learn about my reference to rising like a #phoenix.

Then, Carter Rountree responded with: Took me ten minutes on Google and your own Facebook page to connect you to Phoenix and ballots and that was before everything started to go viral. Think I might have been one of the first to connect the dots. Next step y’all are going to lawyer up. Or rather your puppet masters will get you lawyers. Just come clean and restore some order in things.

Jeff Newton gave this statement: I hope the hell people look into this. The driver that came from NY to PA needs to be asked this question of where ballots were picked up, I'm assuming not from City Blue, but all printers have a mark and a track back to them. [7] On this same Christmas Day, we have distractions of a Texas shooter, an Oregon Shooter, and a Miami Shooter. [8.9,10]

As though that isn’t enough for Christmas day 2020, we learn of another large explosion. This one at a steel plant in Ontario Canada. [VIDEO 4]

There are forces out there ready to obliterate this country. It’s been happening slowly, and now these same forces are turning up the heat. Think about it. If you wanted to destroy a nation’s ability to defend itself, you’d want to destroy its masculinity. ‘Toxic masculinity’ does it ring a bell? You’d want to destroy its ability to reproduce – abortion on demand, the more the better.

You’d promote homosexuality as normal – no new warriors being born there for sure. If you wanted to destroy a nation’s culture — you’d promote radical feminism and destruction of the family unit. You’d try and confuse young children as to their gender, or even which pronoun they should use.

You’d destroy a nation’s culture of self-reliance. “American self-reliance has hurt our response to the pandemic,” said China-mouthpiece Dr. Fauci. You’d destroy Christianity – like they do in China. You’d promote massive waves of migrants from areas of the world that don’t share our values as a nation, a massive drain on resources and destruction of security and culture.

You’d push fake ‘racism’ in the military, to destroy unit cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. You’d control the media, and social media, to censor views you don’t like. You’d infiltrate and corrupt the Federal government, the judiciary, Congress, and even local politicians. You’d send hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies into our educational system, to send American technology back to Beijing.

You’d run up the national debt as much as possible, to break the bank, debase the currency, make the nation insolvent. You’d create envy between races, classes, even geographic locations – divide and conquer would be the strategy. Hell, you might even launch a bioweapon, like a virus, to incapacitate your target and make all this happen faster, lockdowns and all.

You’d use it to destroy small business, make Americans dependent on the state, scared to go outside, and used to obeying ‘Big Brother’. You’d do this with the enablement of the American elite ruling class, which you’d buy off, blackmail, and promise these ‘useful idiots’ they’d be part of the ruling class in the new ‘people’s republic’.

You’d do all this slowly, over decades, until one day in the future, when you thought you were entrenched enough, you’d literally try to steal a presidential election, install a Chicom puppet, and make the United States of America a vassal state to the Chinese Communist Party.

And, if even that didn’t work, you’d go kinetic — a dirty nuclear device in a big city, an EMP attack to destroy the electric grid. Or an incitement in the South China Sea, or another virus. It’s coming America, unless we get Trump back in his duly elected rightful place in The White House. [11]











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