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Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde

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It’s time to call for the arrest and prosecution of top Democrat lawmakers for treason. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff all signed a letter demanding the FBI and DOJ defy the declassification orders of the U.S. President back in September 2019.

They demanded this in order to hide their own criminality. It was a desperate move for deep state Democrats to prevent the truth from coming out about their complicity in the illegal spying on Trump campaign officials throughout 2016, 2017 and even 2018. Here we are all the way into 2020, and we are still dealing with this corruption.

Across government, Democrats now think they alone get to decide who runs the country, even after they lost a democratic election in 2016. Every one of these Democrats knows that the power to declassify documents rests with the sitting U.S. President. Obama had the same power, and he used it at will.

When Obama called for documents to be declassified, such orders were obediently followed by government workers. But now that President Trump seeks to exercise the same power, high-level Democrats are demanding a deep state coup against the President, insisting that no one follows his orders. [1]

Rudy Giuliani has revealed on several occasions how Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff have connections to a Ukrainian arms dealer. Therefore, they lie in front of the nation. They are afraid of their own deeds being uncovered!

As the leader of the House Intelligence Committee and currently as a member of the Senate hearing management team, he has continually attempted to align President Trump with some ‘trumped’ up allegations concerning his phone call with the President of Ukraine.

Despite admitting his reading of the fake transcript as a parody, he continues to refer to his own parody as though it is fact. 

It is painfully obvious to all and we know why Adam Schiff is lying – he’s connected with a Ukrainian Arms Dealer!

In 2013 Ukrainian Igor Pasternak held two different fundraisers for Schiff asking for contributions between $1,000 and $2,500

Pasternack has also been connected to George Soros –

Pasternak as an arms dealer has sold arms in places like Syria –

Now we also know that Ukrainian arms dealer Pasternak is also connected to Nancy Pelosi!

There is evidence of Pasternak and Nancy Pelosi jointly attending a fundraiser in Washington DC.

 Of course, Obama’s Secretary of State Kerry, his Vice President Biden and DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa are all connected. Chalupa is connected to the Steele dossier as well as Ukrainians and Democrat leaders.

Ironically, Pasternak also was in the massive crowd at President Trump’s inauguration – What was he there for? What is going on with Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their Ukrainian Arms Dealer?

Were the Democrats being paid off by Ukrainians? Is this why they lie and push for impeachment of President Trump – to protect themselves and their handlers?

 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has been center stage in investigating the Trump-Ukraine scandal, is facing questions about his own connection to this Soviet-born businessman Igor Pasternak who has raised money for his campaign and whose company has received lucrative defense contracts from Ukraine’s government.

Igor Pasternak is the founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., which makes blimps for military and commercial customers. His business has also been involved in weapons manufacturing, working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to produce a modified version of the M4 and M16 rifles.

In 2013, Pasternak hosted a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff, who later came to embrace a strong stance in support of the United States sending military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia. Remember Pelosi and Pasternak were also hobnobbing at a DC fundraiser.

“Before this fundraiser Pasternak hosted for Schiff, Schiff rarely, if ever, mentioned Ukraine. But after the fundraiser, he used multiple television appearances to basically demand that we send money and arms to them. [2]

Considering Justice Roberts stonewalled Rand Paul about releasing the whistleblower information, we are all wondering what skeletons are lurking in Justice Robert’s closet.

Why are House Democrats stonewalling questions about the identity of the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower?

Start by taking them at their word. Perhaps they really are concerned about the whistleblower's personal safety. They also know that, beyond a limited prohibition applying only to the inspector general of the intelligence community, no law bars anyone -- in politics, media or anywhere else -- from revealing the whistleblower's identity. So, they worry.

But there is more to the story. Should the whistleblower have connections to prominent Democrats, exposure of his identity could be embarrassing to the party. And perhaps most of all, reading through the impeachment inquiry depositions that have been released so far, it's clear that cutting off questions that could possibly relate to the whistleblower has also allowed Democrats to shut off any look at how the Trump-Ukraine investigation started.

Who was involved? What actions did they take? Why did some government employees think President Trump's July 25 call to Ukrainian President Zelensky represented a lost opportunity, or poor judgment, while others thought it represented wrongdoing requiring congressional investigation?

Democrats do not want the public to know. And that is a position familiar to anyone who has watched Washington for the last two years: The Democrats' determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Ukraine investigation is strikingly similar to their determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. In both cases, they fought hard to keep secret the origins of investigations that have shaken the nation, deeply divided the electorate and affected the future of the presidency.

From their point of view, it makes sense. Democrats were rattled by Republican efforts to uncover the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. The Steele dossier, the use of spies and informants to target the Trump campaign, the Carter Page wiretap, the murky start to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation -- Democrats resisted GOP attempts to reveal them all.

But in 2017 and 2018 Republicans controlled the House. Then-Chairman Devin Nunes used the power of the Intelligence Committee to unearth key parts of the story. Nunes' efforts eventually led to a Justice Department inspector general investigation whose results decimated the Democratic Trump-Russia storyline. And then there is the ongoing criminal investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

But Democrats now control the House. As they lead the Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry, current Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and other Democrats are applying the lesson learned from Trump-Russia: Do not allow inquiry into the origins of the investigation.

The problem is the whistleblower remains an important part of the story. His carefully crafted Aug. 12 complaint created the template that Democrats have followed in the impeachment campaign. In public hearings, Democrats have praised the whistleblower's action for starting the whole process.

And it's an incredibly important process -- what matter could be weightier than possibly removing the president of the United States? But the public does not get to learn how it began.

Behind the scenes, Schiff has exercised his authority to cut off lines of questioning that might reveal anything about the probe's origin. Now, we have the Supreme Court Justice Roberts playing right along with them. [3] ACT NOW: Demand the full release of unredacted documents. Call your representatives in Washington D.C. at (202) 224-3121.





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