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Click here to enjoy the video:

A huge shout out to Golden State Times for that news clip. Friends let’s keep supporting our independent news sources. Joe Daniel on Facebook asks re: post 3898 March 24, 2020 The key that opens all doors. The 'Start'. My question would be, does this have anything to do with Trump handing out 'key' to the truckers?

This post Joe Daniel is referring to has a link to the Daily Caller that talks about how the Durham investigation will reveal the true extent of Obama’s spying operation, and how many innocent Americans had their rights violated and their privacy compromised.

Well, this week our POTUS held a conference where he saluted our important trucking industry. 

Then the White House Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany posts this: “In the war against the virus, American truckers are the foot soldiers who are really carrying us to victory.”

– President Donald Trump

Since November 8, 2019, it has been part of a signed law to fly the P.O.W. flag below the US flag on all government buildings. There has been a lot of chatter that the P.O.W. flag flying beneath the US flag was indeed a Q flag. Perhaps the sunlight hit the edge just right, but it really looks like the P.O.W. Flag has been switched.

Then, today, President Trump tweets in sequence: Liberate Minnesota, Liberate Michigan, Liberate Virginia, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege! Boy did those tweets send the media into a tailspin. 

USA Today had this to write: Critics said the president appeared to be encouraging protests in the states, all three of which are also important for the presidential election.  

"He's encouraging them to attack state authorities in the midst of a health crisis," Joanne Freeman, a Yale history professor who has studied anti-government violence, posted on Twitter. "He's slashing at states to gain the loyalty of all those who 'like' him, regardless of the impact."

Bradley P. Moss, a national security lawyer, described the tweets as a "disgusting" use of the presidential bully pulpit. [1] Hmmm...Wonder why these people are so throttled. So,

Lady War Anon posted this:

Look what @US_Stratcom just tweeted! "You are ready." "We've always said we'll be tested. It might look different than we expected, but here it is. I know you have spirit and commitment to overcome this challenge. You've always delivered so much more. You are ready." #WWG1WGA

Take a look at these images. Then you see here in 3690 where it reads: GANG of 8 DECLAS = [[AS]] “Knowingly. And in 3680 [11-50] [AS] memo FALSE.

If [AS] was privy to GANG OF 8 classified material would he not know the same FACTS (TRUTH) as NUNES/others? “Knowingly.” OP, activity pre_July 2016?

This one is a doozie! 3717 First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction. They will fight, but you are ready. Marker [9].

US Strategic Command writes: “We've always said we'll be tested. It might look different than we expected, but here it is. I know you have spirit & commitment to overcome this challenge. America & our allies expect nothing less, & you've always delivered so much more. #StaySafe. You are ready.”

– ADM Richard

Here Lady reminds us of a conversation in 3966 where the anon writes: You have to sense the tension building! It's becoming a tinder box. Then, this is the answer: Imagine if we weren't here.

While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done by the book. Average people must be able to digest and accept [factually] events. FISA lead-in [stage 1 act 1]. Bad actor(s) had to be removed.

Good actor(s) had to be installed. Sleeper(s) had to be uncovered. We are ready [think Barr public].

This “340” flashback from the past is from an anon reminding us we reached the 1.2 Million mark. Patriots You are reaching more than you know. 1=2, 2=4, 4=8. Godspeed. Then, the tweet from Trump Soldier reads: The Inspector General Report into the 2016 Election and the Hillary Clinton Investigation contains 1.2 Million documents. Production date: January 15th, 2018. #RosensteinHearing

> 1.2 Million we are on the team. As you see in this image Rod Rosenstein is at this hearing. Is he on the team? [c] We are reminded to keep praying and God wins. [d] These people are pure evil. This is not about politics. You are ready. 

"Old Ironsides" and the Constitution, and the "effort to save her for the third time." "OLD IRONSIDES III" This is an effort to save our people and our Constitution. We are ready. Thank you POTUS, The Team & US Mil. Here’s a very important poem about Old Ironsides.

Aye tear her tattered ensign down. Long has it waved on high. And many an eye has danced to see, That banner in the sky. Beneath it rung the battle shout and burst the cannon’s roar. The Meteor of the ocean air shall sweep the clouds no more.

Her deck, once red with heroes’ blood where knelt the vanquished foe. When winds were hurrying o’er the flood and waves were white below. No more shall feel the victor’s tread or know the conquered knee. The harpies of the shore shall pluck the eagle of the sea!

Oh, better that her shattered hulk should sink beneath the wave; her thunder shook the mighty deep, and there should be her grave; nail to the mast her holy flag Set every threadbare sail, and giver her to the god of storms, the lightening and the gale!

How did the Constitution get her other nickname – Eagle of the Sea? That comes from the next phase of her story – the story of the effort to save her. It was 1830. The age of sail was waning, and the age of steam was getting under way. The Navy was just letting the old sailing ships deteriorate. An unknown 22-year-old law student named Oliver Wendell Holmes published a poem about the Constitution’s fate in a Boston newspaper.

The second stanza ended with the words, “The harpies of the shore shall pluck/ The eagle of the sea!” Newspapers around the country picked up the poem. It was the beginning of the nation’s interest in saving the ship. 

Old Ironsides stopped being the Navy’s shop and started being the people’s ship – and it has remained so to this day. It has become a national monument – as much so as the White House or Fort McHenry. To me, it’s the only moveable monument in the country. What parts of the Constitution’s story did you find in the National Archives? I uncovered evidence of both the ship’s naval history and the efforts to restore her.

Old Ironsides, Eagle of the Seas is really three books in one. The first is about how sailing ships were built and how they worked. The second is about why we needed a navy. The third is the story of the Constitution itself. I didn’t plan it that way – I planned to just write about the ship.

But I realized I couldn’t do that without first understanding how such ships operated – and why we needed them. Why did we need a navy? In the early years of this country, there was no US Navy. The Continental Navy had been disbanded in 1784.

Many people were opposed to having a navy; they thought it was too expensive. But we were paying a lot of tribute to pirates in the Mediterranean to keep them from capturing our ships and enslaving our crews.

George Washington said this is no way to run a nation; we need to be able to defend ourselves and our commerce. So, the very first ship of the US Navy – including the USS Constitution – were built and launched in the late 1790s.

The Constitution fought first against French privateers and then against Barbary pirates. The War of 1812 was her third conflict and it was the one in which she distinguished herself. What was significant about the War of 1812? 

For the Americans to win the War of 1812, they would have had to defeat an entire British army like was done at Yorktown, thus forcing the British to give up and leave. As it was, the War of 1812 was simply called off without a winner, in a provision of the Treaty of Ghent. [2]

 Watch Marker: Ready sir! Marker [9]. Justice Marker. Markers matter

HAVOC! NG now active. THE WAVE. The world is watching. Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA. THIS IS ABOUT SAVING AMERICA. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA. WWG1WGA!!! God bless Patriots worldwide.

# 1020 National Guard Activated in US (like in SA) Used against them. NG now active. Refer to old drops re: SA/NG. The WAVE. I will leave you with 3907: The entire world is watching.

Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA. We are all bound by a feeling deep inside, a feeling that cannot be publicly expressed for fear of ridicule, a feeling that challenges the mainstream (narrative), against that which we are told to accept and dare not question, put simply, that people are being abused by those in power and time is running out.  

Remember the battles of Lexington and Concord - "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" For far too long we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength, that we once formed to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to deteriorate.

We became divided. We became weak. We elected TRAITORS to govern us. We allowed EVIL to prey on us. Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises. The evil and corruption only grew. —————————— This is more than party politics. This is about restoring OLD GLORY.

This is about saving our land and our people from those who wish us harm. This is about preserving our REPUBLIC.  This is about preserving our SAFETY. This is about restoring our STRENGTH.  This is about LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. This is about PROTECTING our children. THIS IS ABOUT SAVING AMERICA. We are all God's children. We are, FATHERS. We are, MOTHERS.

We are, DAUGHTERS. We are, SONS. We are, BROTHERS. We are, SISTERS. We do not look at race. We do not look at skin color. We are UNITED in these STATES OF AMERICA. We are, and will always be, PATRIOTS. WE MUST RISE AGAIN. WE MUST UNITE AGAIN. WE MUST FIGHT AGAIN.






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