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Harvesting the Wheat . . .

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Did you know, flour made from wild plants existed long before agriculture, and many of them have a lot more flavor and nutrition than store-bought flour? While leavened bread is a product of modern agriculture and civilization, flour predates agriculture and sedentary cultures. Look back a few thousand years, and you’ll find evidence of our ancestors foraging wild plants to process and grind into wild flour. [VIDEO] 2:23 to 2:30 Narrowleaf

One such grain I have growing in my yard is well known as an edible weed; the low growing herb plantain is usually harvested for its medicinal leaves that work as convenient field Band-Aids.

Those same leaves are made into all manner of healing herbal creams for the treatment of minor injuries and burns. Some foragers even eat the young plantain leaves. The seeds are easy to harvest in abundance for wild foraged flour. In fact, I re-planted an entire hedge of these in my front yard for the very purpose of making healthy flour. [VIDEO] 6:57 Identifying and Uses

The stalks put out tiny purple and white flowers in mid-summer. By late fall, they’ve matured into little papery capsules filled with seed. You simply run your hand over a seed stalk, and you’ll harvest it by the handful. The paper husk capsules fall away quickly, leaving you with plantain grain, which can easily be ground into flour. Why am I telling you about this?

These are some of the things we will all need to know soon. Make sure to go to the latest post at to learn why you may want to know this information. Click on the image on the post to watch the rest of the story.

Due to popular demand, I’ve included Rumble in my group of backup channels. So, for those suggesting I go there, you may find the link to the latest video to my backup channels by visiting my website at

With the advent of the JAB, it seems lots of tech companies are jumping on the band-wagon to be the first in line for the VAX ID. A Seattle-based company is rolling out their version called Vaccertify.

Currently, the only way to certify your vaccination is to provide proof of your medical records, but this is a private document and cannot be openly shared. Vaccertiffy has launched a prototype of a digital vaccine certificate for COVID-19. This ensures that you have been vaccinated, and there is a digital certificate to verify the same.

Telegram [VIDEO] Ghost Ezra TicToc Video

Vaccertify is a prototype platform that provides an easy-to-use digital vaccination certificate for mobile phones. This document displays the name, picture and identifies the vaccination taken. Vaccertify also includes a scannable QR code that takes the inquirer to the Vaccertify profile, revealing the ID when a security pin is entered. To acquire the certificate, you must obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and submit the vaccine record, a government-issued ID, and a selfie.

In 2021, one of the biggest questions that will arise is: “Have you been vaccinated? Can you show some proof?” The Vaccertify prototype digital certificate is sufficient for plumbers and electricians to confirm that they have been vaccinated before entering the premises of a customer’s home. The company states, “During these times of worry, a certificate of guarantee can go a long way.”

Vaccertify is convenient and easy to use, and with the QR code along with security pin, one can verify they have been vaccinated. The documents are self-submitted to the platforms, and the analysts manually review them to find any mismatch.

It is perfect for social situations such as – Parties and events, Dinner, Lunch, or Brunch gatherings, calling friends over to watch the game, Dating or online dating, Allowing visitors for the elderly, or Repair/ Handyman. Yep, I see where this is going.

IBM spokesman reminds us that millions of people are counting on widespread COVID-19 vaccines to enable a return to normal after a year of business closures and restrictions. But how can someone prove they've been vaccinated? For many, the key will be digital vaccine certificates uploaded onto their smartphone. [VIDEO] Steve Hilton blasts

IBM recently unveiled updates to Digital Health Pass, including a partnership with Salesforce that puts blockchain technology at the center of the tech firm's vaccine credentialing platform. Unveiled to coincide with CES, the annual consumer-technology showcase; passport technology promises to securely record and exchange information with other vaccine services, information that includes an individual's recent temperature checks, the version of the vaccine they received, where and how long ago the vaccination took place and contact-tracing data. [VIDEO] Access your CV Certificate

“Certificates that authenticate vaccination will be essential for critical services like education, travel and office work to function again at large scale. To get back to work, we need to trust the vaccination process," according to Eric Piscini; IBM executive of the Watson Health division.

A broad spectrum of private companies, think tanks and world governments are developing vaccine passports. IBM spokesman Piscini assures, “Digital Health Pass will use custom APIs to integrate with and operate in the background of other applications. In theory this will provide a "streamlined user experience while checking in with an airline or entering a stadium."

Friends, do you see where this is going? Revelation 13: 15-17 - 15And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

[VIDEO to 1:23 and Script] So, we are almost there. The World Economic forum are in the process of resetting the current currency to be a digital global currency controlled by the very beings that view the world as useless eaters. Minister Tharman had this to say regarding the current private digital coin users: The private sector players have been a source of fresh ideas and solutions, but they cannot be left on their own. The payment system is a public good, and therefore needs to be regulated, interoperable and safe.” Believe me friends, once they get their greedy paws in the game, the Body Activity Data Cryptocurrency System will determine our final destiny. [VIDEO same as link above [VIDEO] Trump Warns of Massive

Meanwhile, start learning as much as possible about foraging and prepping. ...and even more, get as close to our Father Creator as possible. Ultimately, He is our only hope.

[VIDEO] Cherokee Owl on Telegram: For Those Unvaccinated [VIDEO] WEF Collaborate to stop the spread


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