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Hanx Pranks

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It is said the C.I.A. helped Michael Rockefeller fake his death so he could live out his gay lifestyle in anonymity as the Disney Hollywood Actor: Tom Hanks!

In 1961, Michael Rockefeller worked on a documentary film about a remote area of New Guinea, and when shooting was finished, he wanted to go back to see the Asmat tribe — for art, for exploration, to collect, and learn. He returned in October 1961, and after leaving for supplies, he returned once again in November with three others, two of them native to the area and the third a Dutchman named Wassing.

But as the group entered the Betsj River, their boat overturned. The two locals easily swam to shore. Rockefeller and Wessing stayed with the overturned boat, but the next morning, fearful that they would be swept out to sea, Rockefeller — an accomplished athlete in his own right — swam for shore and possible help. Wessing was spotted from the air that afternoon and rescued. Rockefeller was never seen again.

Rockefeller's body has never been found. He was declared legally dead in 1964. He was 23 years old. [1]

The problem with the Rockefeller-Hanks theory is if Michael Rockefeller was 23 years old in 1964, this would put his birthdate around 1941. According to Tom Hanks IMDB, his birthdate year is 1956. There is a discrepancy of 15 years.

Could Michael Rockefeller have pulled off a plan to appear 15 years younger once he came back on the scene? Ten years after Michael Rockefeller was pronounced dead, Tom Hanks makes his first and one-time appearance on Happy Days. You can look at these images and determine for yourself what you think.

In any case, Tom Hanks has certainly followed the footsteps of a Rockefeller in his reputation and rise to fame and power.

As found on Fiona Barnett’s website who is also a child sex victim-survivor, we learn Tom Hanks is a pedophile. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has come forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks. [2]

And then there is the trolling weirdness with his Twitter feed. Check this out:

1. Kids sock, washed ashore. Lost ashore. Bondi Beach. New South Wales. Hanx.

2. Park these socks for me. Hanx.

3. You in High School? Want to Vote in Novemeber? Register! Check out how! Hanx #WhenWeAllVote #PromChallenge [Notice, he misspelled November to read; Nove Meber. I’ll come back around to talk about this one a bit later]

4. I gotta hop home. Hanx! [

5. Aston Villa took the Carabao Cup! Up the Villa! Hanx.

6. Still so alone. Hanx.

7. First of the year. Hanx

8. I helped Check the Gate on this movie a few years ago. Gate was good! Hanx

[I’d be curious to know if someone was injured by that gate recently]

9. Starting 2020 as an Honorary citizen of all of Greece! Kronia pola! (more or less, “happy year!”). Hanx

Now this next one makes me furious!

10. Let this be the final lost pacifier of 2019! Hanx

Then, there’s this one:

11. Someone’s arms are going to be unbalanced after the workout. Hanx

Are you starting to get the picture? Many remember when Isaac Kappy died last year. There was a firestorm of suspicion, as Kappy was exposing many of the Hollywood elites including Tom Hanks.

Isaac Kappy passed away on May 13, 2019, reportedly of suicide, at the age of 42.  [3] Adding suspicion that Tom Hanks had something to do with Isaac Kappy’s death, he tweeted this on the very day of Kappy’s death: Wrap Gifts! @Hankskerchiefs ! Bespoke perfection and gorgeous. Colin Hanks knows his kerchiefs! Hanx. #Hankskerchiefs

Take notice of the imagery on the handkerchief and the Arizona scene in the handkerchief backdrop. Also, take notice of the “RED” handkerchief on the top.

Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks’ son. Lionel posted this image. 

So, on the very day, Isaac Kappy supposedly commits suicide, Tom Hanks tweets about Hanks Kerchiefs and displays one with an Arizona scene and a red scarf on top. Let’s look at those who have joined the “Red Scarf” club. Prior to Kappy’s death, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade were killed by hanging with a “Red Scarf”.

Bill Smith has a good video on this titled: Red Scarf + Doorknob = Celebrity SACRIFICE (..shhh.. Don't Talk)

The Phoenix Enigma website had this article up in 2018: June 2018 culminated a lengthy ritual involving the sacrificing of 12 well-known celebrities and members of royal families. [4]

The normies/sheeple of the world have not batted an eye at the fact that 12 wealthy celebrities have all died in the same manner in the past few years under very similar and bizarre circumstances. Perhaps this is because the mainstream media refuses to report on their connections to elite pedophilia rings which tie directly to powerful people in Washington, Hollywood, and the mainstream media.

So why did these 12 people (as seen in this image) die in nearly identical ritual suicides laden with occultic overtones? Quite simply because they were either in the thick of it or had information that would’ve exposed those at the heart of the pedophile networks. [5]

The comedian Joan Rivers called President Obama gay and the First Lady a "tranny" during an on-the-street interview in 2014. The 81-year-old was asked about officiating an impromptu gay wedding at her New York City book signing, followed by a question about whether she thinks the U.S. will first see a gay president or woman president. "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down," she responded. [6]

Then this happened:

Speaking of Michelle Obama... Earlier in this video, I promised, I would circle back to an earlier tweet. Well, here we are.  This is an interesting follow-up tweet from Tom Hanks:

Your vote is your voice! I’m with When We All Vote and joining Michelle Obama’s Voting Squad to make sure Americans vote in every election. Let’s go to work:

Here is the link to Michelle Obama’s website urging their people to vote, and here is a clip of Michelle calling on voters:  Is this a hint of Michelle planning to jump in the race?








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