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So, the most recent Bill on the legislative docket is H.R. 5123: To direct the Secretary of the Air Force to develop and begin implementation of Operation Starfall. This bill is sponsored by Maria Salazar former news anchor and now a Republican Representative for Florida's 27th congressional district. [1]

On July 29, 2021, she celebrated a bipartisan amendment to complete a national land subsidence map passed the House of Representatives and was included in final passage of the HR 4502, which provides funding for the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey – responsible for land and satellite mapping. Hmmm.... Starlink perhaps??? She claims this bill is important for satellite mapping data to show the exact amount of change hasn't been updated in decades. In this explanation, she references Land subsidence – or sinking - can increase flooding, alter coastal ecosystems, and damage infrastructure.

This critical amendment will help complete the National Land Level Change Map, which will help us address the issues head on – and prepare for the future. Yep!!! Prepare for the future indeed. Soon, very soon, no one on Earth will be able to hide. ...especially from the creatures of Gog.

Back to this latest bill the Operation Starfall. Other sponsors of this bill include: Rep. Michael Waltz -[FL], Rep. Claudia Tenney [NY], Rep. Alexander Mooney [WV], Rep. Carlos Gimenez [FL], Rep. Nicole Malliotakis [NY], Rep. Brian Mast [FL], Rep. Bill Posey [FL], Rep. Eric Crawford [AR], Rep. Dusty Johnson [SD], Rep. Steven Palazzo [MS], Rep. Ann Wagner [MO], and Rep. Jody Hice [R-GA]. (All Republicans) [2]

This bill is incredibly obscure. But, based on Representative Salazar’s last passage of HR4502, it only stands to reason this bill has something to do with Satellite Mapping. In this channel’s previous video titled: Rise to Power, I explained how Elon Musk’s satellites will blanket our skies. Elon Musk is another creature of Gog. Apparently, this Maria Salazar is embracing his Starlink technology.

Inner Vision on YouTube posted a video of Elon Musk giving his final warning about Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI. Elon Musk clarifies that man-made brainpower and self-governing innovation are improving and better, and he anticipates that they should take over inside the following 10 years. Meanwhile, “Just a Dude” on Telegram shares my sentiments writing, “I Love How Elon Keeps Warning Us of The Very Things He Is Creating.” [3] It seems this Musky Masky guy has his sticky little fingers in everything space and AI.

Although his fan Maria Salazer speaks out against socialism, in her 1995 interview with Fidel Castro, she referred to the Cuban dictator as a "comandante", as well as in her 2016 appearance on Fox News where she described Barack Obama's rapprochement with Cuba as "noble." However, in late 2020, Salazar was identified as a participant in the Freedom Force, a group of incoming Republican members of the House of Representatives who "say they're fighting against socialism in America".[4] Yet, she publicly supported a carbon tax proposal and a few others leaning toward the progressive’s plans.

Maria Salazer was formally married to the home builder and designer Renzo Maietto in early 1999. Together, they had two daughters, Nicoleta and Martina.[5]

Salazer’s former husband Renzo Maietto was once quoted as having said, “I thank all of my ladies. From grandma Angelina, to my daughters, to all the women I’ve loved. I’ve married four times, to two Italians and two Americans. I am a serious person; I marry them all!” [6]

Maria Salazer’s parents Marta Bermudo and Hector Salazar were exhaled from Cuba. Upon further examination, her parents' surnames suggest both are of Castile or Italian descent. [7] So, was her former husband Maietto suggesting Maria Salazer is Italian?

Nearly a decade ago, an investigation called "Operation Monterrey" was carried out by anti-drug police forces in Palermo and the DEA. The operation exposed entrepreneur brothers Bruno and Elio Gerardi, who organized an international drug trafficking network involving dealers from the Cosa Nostra as well as from the Camorra, both elements of the Italian Mafia. Additionally, Mexican drug traffickers from Monterrey aided in transporting hundreds of tons of cocaine from Monterrey to Palermo and from Monterrey to Dutch harbors.

This evidences a relationship between Mexican drug cartels and Italian Mafia as noticed in arrests of key narco-trafficking figures. On November 2, 2013, Italian law enforcement police officers captured Venezuelan fugitive Edmundo Jose Salazar Cermeno in Rome. He is alleged to be a key member in the drug trafficking network. Salazar Cermeno is believed to be in charge of the logistic support for cocaine smuggling into Spain on behalf of the 'Ndrangheta families Aquino and Coluccio. Cermeno transported the drug by means of corrupted Spanish policemen and also in containers by air. [8]

In February of that year, 24 members of the Gambino and Bonanno crime families were arrested in New York and several Italian cities by the FBI and Italian police. Seven 'Ndrangheta members were among those arrested, and authorities quickly established the Italy-Mexico connection in the individuals' trafficking operations. Thereafter, in April, a high-ranking member of the 'Ndrangheta, Nicola Pignatelli, who had been hiding in a resort town in the Dominican Republic since 2011 after fleeing Italy, was arrested. Via the Black Nobility, the mafia became the rule of law and crime in America. [8]

Did you know the FBI was literally created by the Roman Catholic Imperial House of Bonaparte with Charles Bonaparte a direct relative of the war criminal and tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte? The Bonaparte's married with the Black Nobility and Italian royals including the Borghese's, Bourbon-Two Sicilee's, and Gabrielli's. Most every highly successful person including President Trump has deep connections with the Italian Mafia. We can also throw the Colonna's family and the Italian-Papal nobility and royalty into the mix.

Prince Ottaviano de Medici dei Toscana is a top authority over the international banking mafia and an owner of the Chaldean Mafia which is headquartered in Detroit headed up by Louis Akrawi and his family. Prince Ottaviano de Medici is from the Medici of Ottajano family of Naples and this family had business banking deals with the Rothschilds of Naples. The Medici of Ottajanos are part owners of some Camorra clans in Naples and owned the old Giuliano clan. Their banking agents own Medici Firma, an international investment firm covertly connected with various international financial groups like HSBC and BlackRock.

Medici Firma is involved in banking, investments, real estate, and business intelligence. Medici Firma infiltrates banks and investment companies and this investment firm is being covered up as nonexistent like the mafia and their Omerta. Prince Lorenzo de Medici who was born in Milan oversees Medici Firma. The Medicis were the most powerful bankers in Europe for centuries and developed many modern banking practices like the double entry booking system.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is of similar architecture to their Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. The Medicis have maintained their wealth over the centuries by storing gold in their palace vaults and by creating and investing in small banking proxies in Switzerland and Europe.

The Medicis which ruled France have a covert alliance with the Jewish Dreyfus family of France which own a large agriculture company, private bank called Dreyfus & Sohnes Banque in Switzerland, and own Dreyfus Corporation in New York which is now part of BNY Mellon. The Medici’s produced four popes and were members of royalty in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Austria as well as ruling as the Grand Dukes of Tuscany.

The Medicis are the original Zionist bankers and they are both royalty and Black Nobility. The Medicis had two Queen regents of France and ruled in Florence close to Corsica. The Medicis married with the Almirante family which colluded with the N-a-z-I-s and were involved in terrorism and killing 3 Italian police officials under Giorgio Almirante the father of Giuliana de Medici.

The Medicis are also part owners of the Corsican Mafia which still have an international heroin-opium network. The Medicis were the owners of the East Harlem Purple Gang which is now run by the criminal rap group Dipset and the artist named Joseph Guillermo Jones II, also known as, Jimmy Jones CAPO. This group raps about selling drugs, they wear purple, and are from Harlem.

The Medicis likely have some ownership of the Genovese's which are primarily owned by the Savoy's. The Medicis and Savoy's are intermarried. The Medicis have a statue of Hermes at their palace in Rome and they are the head of Hermetic orders like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Prince Ottaviano's cousin Prince Giuliano de Medici dei Ottajano as a top authority. Prince Giuliano is as wicked as they come. Hermeticism was partly based on Chaldean scriptures and is a form of alchemy.

Alchemy is chemical. The name Medici means medical. They use chemical warfare through the medical industry to persecute people. The most common symbol in the medical industry is the Staff of Asclepius which is very similar to the Staff of Hermes. The Medicis are closely related to the Chaldean royals including the Sasanian dynasty which are the ancestors of the Jewish Sassoon's which came from Iraq which was part of Chaldea. The Sasanian dynasty helped to establish the Chaldean Catholic Church. The Chaldean mobsters are Chaldean Catholics.

The Black Nobility are and always have been a Matriarchy, and that their rule over the world is just as despotic as that of the Papacy. For those who wish to bring pieces of occult research together, a study of the Black Nobility is essential. These piratical dynasties and branches of old - steer our world toward chaos and disaster, and have done so from the beginning. What we know as Communism and Socialism are but twentieth century manifestations of their grander subterranean conspiracy, known by so very few.

Dr. John Coleman a self-described ex-MI6 officer and whistle-blower reminds us that the term Black Nobility is one used by these families to describe themselves. This is because, in times past, like the Mafia, they enjoyed being known for their black deeds. Although today we are expressly hoodwinked by the media, which presents these families as great philanthropists and benefactors, they are in fact the supreme authorities not only behind powerful chivalric and equestrian orders, but a network of sinister satanic cults guilty of unimaginable crimes against humanity.

Many of the ancient queens murdered their husbands, to marry their own sons and place them on the thrones of the world to rule in their names, are not to be considered moral agents and benefactors of humanity. They acted in ways consistent with Luciferian female cults whose history goes back to the time of Atlantis.

The origin and history of the Templars and Female Illuminati (Order of Sion) directly impact the saga of the Black Nobility, whose origins also trace back to ancient Egypt. This intriguing connection to the old world is particularly visible when we research one of the most important Black Nobility families - the House of Orange. The House of Orange is a most ancient institution. The dynasty has long intermarried with many other noble families throughout Europe and the world. After converting to Protestantism, their descendants crossed to Britain when, in 1690, they became ruling monarchs, ancestors of today's noble family the Windsor's.

Given that the designations Protestant and Catholic serve as convenient disguises for the world-controllers, we see that the Black Nobility have made great use of this camouflage. In fact, we are quite wrong to think of them as Protestants. We are equally wrong to consider papal elites Catholic. Members of these rival groups are to be thought of as Luciferians. In this sense they are disciples - and perhaps even direct descendants - of the Cult of Venus, Dragon Court or Order of Sion. A study of their rites, regalia, heraldry and symbolism leaves us in no doubt of this fact.

Behind the PR veil, members of these families interact with one another heedless of religious affiliation. The "Protestant" Dutch royals are related to the Spanish and Hungarian nobility, the members of which - such as King Juan Carlos - are "Catholic." For Alpha Lodge members it's all a matter of window-dressing designed to fool the masses. It has worked for centuries, hence their ubiquitous insider-smiles.

What do we know of their ancestors who, after the fall of Akhenaton, set up a new unholy empire in Ireland? What do we know of their Merovingian branch which colonized France, to later establish the Knights Templar? And what do we know of their Eastern branches who ruled Persia, Syria, Armenia and Palestine? Do we know of the awesome power of their queens, who after murdering their husbands, married their sons, setting them on the thrones of the world to rule in their names?

This family is really an ancient network descended from notorious pharaohs of old. The network extends across Europe and the world. The Black Nobility are to be found listed as the rulers of Italy, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, France, Alsace-Lorraine, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Britain. Among the bloodlines are the houses of Hanover, Habsburg, Lorraine, Guelph, Nassau, Hesse, Guise, Estes, Savoy, Marlborough, Grosvenor, etc.

Prince Philip was of the house of Oldenburg, the Queen Mother was of the Bowes-Lyon family, Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty, and Prince Charles is a descendant of the Mountbattens, who changed their name from Battenberg to disguise their Germanic origins.

Before the rise of Zoroastrianism, the Cult of Mithras attracted Roman soldiers, merchants and nobles from all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe. A great many Masonic rituals actually derive from long lost Persian traditions. Without antique customs and elements, there would be no royalty, theocracy or masonry as we know them. Everything we see around us in the modern world is the result of a massive, age-long campaign of colonization, appropriation and cannibalization. The Masonry that emerged out of Babylon and Egypt, preserves but does not create. It empowers itself and its members by way of rites and symbols taken by force and cunning.

Contrary to some of my latest research, other researchers claim the Scythians (Scuts or Scots) were originally from the North-West, which is why a large part of the Hyksos-Atonists made for Britain after their exile from Egypt. They sought out their ancient homelands and successfully re-established their New World Order from there.

On the insignia of Ulster, we also see the Star of the David. The red cross, normally associated with the Templars, also appears. It denotes the Alpha Lodges of Masonry, specifically the Knights of the Garter, Order of St. Michael and St. George, and the myriad lesser orgs under their control, such as the Orange Order and Black Preceptory, etc.

If this is true, Ireland's history will be changed forever. Tiye was a Great Royal Wife, which means she was a member, and perhaps leader of the female Dragon Court. If her resting place is Ireland, then the Dragon Court's possible headquarters wasn't Egypt, but Ireland. Given that Tiye's father (Akhenaton's uncle) was Aya, husband of Meritaten, we see that Ireland (Scota) was indeed home to senior Setian-Atonists. In Irish mythology, Tiye appears as Queen Tea Tephi, said to be buried at or near Tara, high capital of the Irish Chieftains - the Milesian-Gaelic kings.

The symbolism incorporated into the design of Tara - of the central mound - is patently female. The Stone of Fal, which originally lay at Tara, is now the coronation stone under St. Edward's Chair, on which British monarchs are crowned. Again, the symbolism tells us that although the nations and empires may be openly governed by male potentates, the real power behind the throne is female. Indeed, the very symbolism of the throne is female, representing the Great Seat - Isis.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is the present matriarch of the House of Orange. She is a Knight of the Garter and member of the Bilderberg Organization, probably its supreme controller. In any case, this red-haired family is directly related to the present monarchs of Britain.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, son of Prince Charles. Note his coloring. His ancestor was the Grand Master of English Masonry. Under another royal ancestor, George I (first monarch of the Hanoverian dynasty & King of England) the Black Nobility reorganized and consolidated Freemasonry in Britain. Given that the Black Nobility are descendants of the Parthian-Edessans. Does this explain why British Masonry took on a Socialistic complexion, to eventually give rise to political Fabianism?

William III of Orange enslaved his devoted minions by borrowing 1,200,000 pounds (at 8 percent interest) from the J. banking houses of Holland and Belgium. In return he conceded to their will and established the Bank of England so the bankers could tax the British people and recoup their massive loan.

So much for the great liberator of the English. Additionally, his wife Queen Mary was the daughter of his Catholic enemy James II, apparently defeated at the famous Battle of the Boyne. Despite the difference in religious persuasion, from a bloodline point of view nothing changed. In fact, under William the people were made into indentured tax slaves in perpetuity.

Since many other wars ensued thereafter, the original debt incurred by William remains unpaid. The British worker today still pays off debts incurred by royalty and government from loans made to fight the Napoleonic Wars. The relationship between the Sabbatean bankers and royals (Black Nobility) is a lucrative one. Foment wars with someone or other, accept a "loan" to fund it, and tax the flag-waving citizens and their offspring for eternity.

In 1769, Prince William lent Amschel Bauer about 3 million crowns to hide from Napoleon's troops after they entered Frankfurt. The prince was already fabulously wealthy from property and tax-collecting, making over 40 million crowns alone from selling crack armed mercenaries to England to use against America. He was a senior member of the Black Nobility. The so-called J. bankers have been lent the money they loan, and have long enjoyed a tassel-to-purse relationship with Templars, Clerics, Italian Fondi and Black Nobility.

Supreme matriarch of the Black Nobility network, Queen Victoria was Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India. She was a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and descendant of the House of Hanover, a key branch of the Guelph dynasty. Known as a reclusive bat-crazy half-wit, her favorite statesmen - such as Benjamin Disraeli - led the British government and empire in her name. Almost every monarch in Europe, great or otherwise, is related to her, including Queen Elizabeth II. Victoria's advisor was the shrewd Baroness Louise Lehzen, the power behind the throne, so to speak. Victoria and her lackeys made a colossal fortune from the opium trade, destroying China, India and other lands in the process.

These drug-lords now control the Americas, the United States being nothing more than an estate of the Black Nobility's world empire.

All priesthoods are a branch of the female Dragon Court. Throughout its vile tenure, the Roman Papacy espoused pagan teachings disguised as Mariology. In the early twentieth century, this fanatical Papal branch were finally undermined and infiltrated. Like the Jesuits, they too are now committed Socialists. This means they have been taken over by the Black Nobility.

However, as time passed, the Vatican was gradually and secretly subverted by the Templar-Clerics and their Sabbatian agents. By the time of Pope John Paul II, it was exceptionally Socialistic. Coincidentally, the royals of the world also began espousing Socialistic outlooks and paradigm teachings. From the 1970's onward, we find that both Crown and Gown changed their spots and joined forces, ideologically and politically. Both have signed on for Fabian Socialism, Internationalism and Globalism. The New World Order takes birth from a marriage between theocracy and autocracy, two hands serving the same psychotic brain.

Throughout the nineteenth century the Black Nobility saw to it that fanatical revolutionary cabals and groups set Europe ablaze. It was all part of a master plan for world control. Conservative governments were forced to become increasingly liberal to pacify the hordes of disgruntled rebels and social malcontents. After decades of incessant uprisings and spread of radical anarchistic movements, the scene was set for the rise of Communism.

Marx and Engels were funded and directed by the Black Nobility through their agents in the Grand Orient Masonry. The Black Nobility desired to prevent world revolution, deciding to invent and control their own brand of faux-Socialism. They envisioned a political system that would unite the world's liberal intellectuals and middle-class malcontents.

Realizing that conservative people and nations tend to favor individualism, freedom and capitalism, the new system espoused Humanism, Collectivism, Internationalism and Communitarianism, not to mention conformity to impossibly irrational ideals. More than a political paradigm, their newfangled Democratic Socialism was designed to be a veritable secular religion to eventually replace the three Abrahamic religions.

The elite have known for some time that moderns would soon grow tired of orthodox religion. During the sixties, the behavior of the youth culture confirmed this to be absolutely true. The void had to be filled and a new customized dogma made-to-order. That which brought down Russia in 1917 could be modified to bring down the rest of the world. The new religion of Socialism–Communism-Lite is, however, patently materialistic, hedonistic and nihilistic. Such was the plan, to corral and despiritualize the human race.

As of July 2019, a woman becomes president of the European Commission. Ursula von der Leyen's family are wealthy German aristocrats. Now, at last, the symbolism fits. The male worker-ants have finished building the temple, the queens of the hive now appear on the balcony - ALL HAIL...

Jeffrey Epstein's peculiar Arabic-style "temple" that once stood on the Caribbean Islands is an important feature of the Sabbatean-Templars who serve the Black Nobility. Epstein had a Saudi passport and was a Saudi citizen.

Who did he really work for? Where did he come from? Was his handler Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell? Is he even dead? Is it a coincidence that this island is next door to another owned by Richard Branson, head of the aptly named "Virgin" corporation? (The term "virgin," in this sense, refers not to females, but to the male "castrati" or servants of the Sisterhood.) What relationship do these crumbs have with top royals? Are they agents, brokers, traffickers, or worse? No surprise to find that Jeffrey Epstein was a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, as well as other organizations directly controlled by the Black Nobility.

There are secret societies far above normal masonry, which only royals and their picked minions belong to. Members of these lodges dictate the role and policies of all governments and institutions throughout the world. This is the true Deep State. Bloodthirsty looks from Prince Andrew and his chum Ghislaine Maxwell. She is said to be Jewish, like her father. But what if their ancestry dates back much further? What if they were Parthian or Syrian? Might that not explain their penchant for "Islamic" symbolism and hearty support of Saudi Arabia? Ghislanine is often in the company of R-O-T-H-C-H-I-L-D, chief of the Sabbatians' who serve the Black Nobility. Is she even really behind bars?

Exposing the families of the Black Nobility - despotic, self-serving rulers of many lands and nations - entails first recognizing that they are not J-e-w-s or Christians and never have been. They merely pretend to be Protestants and Catholics. Their act is simply a means to an end, a matter of realpolitik, of galvanizing and maintaining world control. Many of their favorite symbols trace back to ancient Egypt, to the time of Akhenaton and the Atonists who were finally deposed and exiled from Egypt.

Their descendants enjoy considerable power and wealth to this day, via inhuman organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, European Commission, World Bank, and so on. Their willing agents are to be found in every nation, government, institution, corporation, college and university. They are often the heads of religion and government, but also work through a network of philanthropic organizations and public charities. The bulk of their wealth is secreted away in countries such as Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, as well as in offshore banking establishments not known to the public.

One of their principal symbols is that of the double-headed eagle. It signifies their control which stretches from one hemisphere of the world to the other, from East to West. All of humanity dutifully serves their hidden puppet-masters under the shadow of the great eagle of death and destruction which has torn out the heart and soul of the world, leaving only ashes and ruins in its wake. Their chief weapon in this enterprise is the media which daily succeeds in conditioning the minds of millions of men and women utterly unaware of the histories, beliefs and machinations of the world's most powerful secret societies. [9]

Ezekiel 39:1: “And you, son of man, prophesy against Gog and say, thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. This is a summary of exactly why we MUST learn our TRUE HISTORY. Dig, dig, and keep digging. These two heads of the eagle are really the dragon in my opinion and are the conclusion of the Gog of Magog war from the Book of Ezekiel. These creatures are all seeds of the offspring of the Mesech-Tubal line of Gomer and Tiras who defiled themselves with Cush and his Nephilim offspring. We are battling with principalities of darkness. It is time to put on your armor of Ya in truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, in faith, and the Holy Word.


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