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EXPOSED: The Big Lie . . .

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1785 Twitter [today] releases ban? Was Twitter told to by MSM to demonstrate impact? Do you think they got the [4am] memo? Coincidence?

It seems censorship and re-writing History go hand-in-hand. Hat-Tip to Rod Trenne for this great topic today. This message today is taken from [Stolen History dot org and Bridge Life in the Mix dot info sites]. History & Technology have been stolen from us by the sons of satan.  Today, we will be exploring the land erased from our history books.

Tartary, is a land full of speculation and controversy with even the very definition varying greatly between Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia, and of course the CIA. Today, we even have certain appearance related stereotypes. It seems Tartary was multi-religious, and multi-cultural.

There is even tremendous disparity between what leaders like Genghis Khan, Batu Khan, and Timur looked like to the contemporary artists vs. the appearance attributed to them.

 The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow became quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. [1] 

Before the Crusades, Christendom was a huge realm with monarchs overseeing each nation under the authority of a Church that represented the message in the Gospels. 

The system was administered through the Abbeys and Monasteries, the biggest and most powerful of which in Europe, was the Abbey at Cluny in Burgundy.

From 909 AD, this monastery was taken over by the warrior cast, the Carolingian dynasty, who then set about inverting the Benedictine doctrine on land ownership and became a powerful religious order that acquired land and more land ad infinitum. Land became their currency. What they carried out was the formation of the feudal system which they then thrust on England in 1066.

Possibly the Crusades were the portal for the influx of the Magi controlled House of Judah, from which the subversion of Christian kingdoms would begin across Europe and Russia, and from that platform they moved east and moved against the people of Tartaria, or Tartary. The agenda of the Jewish Templars was to create the secret society title of King of Jerusalem in league with Saladin in the pact of 1150.

They would set out to create the center of this new money and power with the country of Hungary movement in Rome, Italy, commencing the building of the Vatican complex as we today know it, on top of what was there before, and to then claim it as the center of Christendom from the start. This way they could sideline Constantinople and move to oppose it.

The Vatican oversees the canon and therefore land law. The Holy See, which controls the Vatican, the Inner City of London and Washington D.C. has moved to shift land law into its own jurisdiction, that of Admiralty and Maritime Law through the use of the Birth Certificate as opposed to the canon Title, the Live Birth Record. In other words, if your name is in all Caps on your birth certificate, (and it is) then you are owned by the Holy See under Maritime Law.

The last thousand years would be the history of concealment of the real heritage of Europe with a slow and methodical undermining of the priesthood, from which they were able to replace the truth with the garbage we are offered today. Welcome to the long-lost empire of Tartaria.

When examining Tartary, many things that are taken as sacred are thrown into total and complete disarray. If as is being projected the origin of the white race is to be found in Tartary, that Iran by definition of its name, is so named to depict her origin as Aryan, that the Bolsheviks sole intent was to wipe out the Tartary race, or the original Russian, then we can better understand that the white race as a whole has a serious enemy.

An enemy that appears to have full control over our governing machinery through the incorporation of the State from which they have managed to set our nations to war against ourselves. We have been tricked into this Super-Control by allowing the states to run our nation. Simply bring in one of the Holy See oligarchs as governor or mayor and tyranny trumps the human rights of our Federal law.

Everything in your entire experience has forced fed you to accept as the real, both in a historical context and in the moment or in the now, is perhaps the biggest deception ever to have been accepted as fact by a global population in which a future they are coerced to vote in, will cancel them out.

To imagine there once was a global empire, not that long ago, which broke up when certain members of the trade agreement wanted more and demolished the long-held acceptance of each other's cultures within their own boundaries, which had served to allow for a peaceful existence by all the nations in agreement, without everyone having to be uniform.

The remnants of the empire are thought to have been demolished completely by about 1733, and not until the ability of flight, was there any signs of the empire and its buildings in Siberia to modern man.

The book burning frenzy that took place across Europe, claiming to be burning the works of Luther, were in fact removing the books that gave the real truth about what Rome was, in order to establish a new Rome, the one we have today. This was done to bedazzle the populations through a false heritage.

A huge and highly technologically advanced northern hemisphere empire once existed. Then, after some dubious internal decisions were enacted, the consequences triggered a series of catastrophic events that caused many of the inhabitants to flee. Since at least the Middle Ages, all evidence of the empire was systematically deconstructed until finally all the survivors were killed off by the mid 1700s.

From that point all references to the empire Tartaria, would be omitted from all future academic works.

The Mongol invasion was a cover for a much larger attack on the entire landmass. With the Mongols as the winner’s, they rewrote history citing the Mongols as being the natives of those lands. If you search Google Earth, you can visually see a massive nuclear conflagration and a series of cataclysms that have occurred in history in that area.

Yet, the historians tell us we are on a linear timeline of technological advancement. Could the Mongols have been the liberators of the landmass back into a Tartarian tribes' hands? China and Mongolia have never been on good terms. What is presented as history is incorrect. In Israel it is now being discussed that over 90% of Russian Jews are not Jews begging the question…who really controls Israel?

The world that has been offered as history, since at least the Crusades, is but a fraction of the truth, and moreover, what we today accept as our foundation, is a fiction created by the parasitic factions that would build upon the remnants of a greater global civilization and claim it as its own. The system they are pushing over the globe is best classed as the Mystical Body of Satan.

There is a growing idea of a mud flood event which lead to a concept they are calling the restart. If the giant pyramid and other huge complex buildings were in fact a part of one global empire, then we could indeed be speaking of technologies such as how to use sonics to move huge blocks of stone.

The miss-use of this technology, we are told, took place in Atlantis, which was an agreement between 10 empires, that moved to take over the world for itself. If sonics were employed and the earth began to vibrate, then Egypt and all other buried archaeology would have sunk into the liquefied soil and sand. This explains the many buried cities and complexes around the world.

The great flood could create the same mud fill we can see in many cities around the world, but the line being covered with the mud flood idea places the event only centuries ago and not millennia.

This same event could occur again today with 5G technology through sonic vibration which is known as liquefaction. Is this what was used to move the huge boulders of the Pyramids? Either way the truth is being hidden.

The parasites in power worked to commence three World War strategies into the 1900s. Using and abusing children through these wars has been a constant theme. They kill off the adults, then do as they please with the remaining children.

The City of London exported hundreds of thousands of British children across the commonwealth while importing blacks and Asians back into Britain. Towards the end of the Second World War as the Bolshevik Russians entered Germany, over 1.5 million German women were gang raped to death, leaving only children. Then the war leaders of the Second World War flooded Europe with the Bolshevik Russians. [2] Think Kissinger, Soros, Rothschilds, Schiffs...All parasites who re-wrote history. All, the sons of satan. 





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