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EXCLUSIVE: The Stars Speak . . .

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

#WhiteRabbit #Hollyweird #Hanks #Adrenochrome

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This from Eyes on Q:

GOD'S PLAN would set up any ADRENOCHROME USERS with a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE situation: Die from:

Adrenochrome withdrawal, Wormwood poisoning, or Suicide.

See how God works now, evil cabal celebrities? Better repent & give your last breath to Jesus.

Here, and anon explains how this works:

FeFe (Iron and Ferritin). The marker of the adrenochrome junkies. Their supply lines are cut. They have to resort to acquiring children themselves. (hence why everyone is in their homes quarantined. Read “safe”) or they have to resort to synthetic. Otherwise, they die. Adrenochrome heavy use captures iron content in the body. Ferritin acts as a sequester for iron and is a MARKER for how high the content is. I suspect the coronavirus was caused by black hats, but the cure is wormwood. Hydochloroquine and Azythromycin, or absinthe/wormwood distilled spirits for cleaning /hand sanitizing. That is the cure. And how funny would it be if all these adrenochrome users cannot get a reprieve from the wormwood-based cures because the high iron content would kill them? So, it’s agonizing pain/death through adrenochrome withdrawal, wormwood poisoning, or suicide. It looks like wormwood interacts with iron to spew free radicals in the body. And those that use adrenochrome are very high in iron. Wormwood is the great filter lol.


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