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There are some extremely compelling interviews, depositions, and initial newspaper releases that paint a picture of how deeply the devil is entrenched in the swamps of Georgia; literally.

In 2005 published a piece written by John Caylor about Florida Transportation Investigator Raymond Lemme’s badly beaten and dead body in the bath tub of room 132 of the Knights Inn in Valdosta, GA. Raymond Lemme was working undercover to investigate one of the most extensive human-drug trafficking rings in our nation’s history; which involved some of the most prominent politicians in office today. Since Lemme’s death in 2003, the Valdosta police and Florida Department of Transportation continue to insist Lemme committed suicide and all crime scene photos and autopsy reports are missing since his cremation.

Thankfully, another informant stepped forward after an apparent poisoning to confirm Lemme’s investigation. This person; Jim Harnage of Lake Park, Georgia and his wife both were employees of Coggins Farms in Lake Park, Georgia. Harnage and his family suffered greatly at the hands of the Echols County Sheriff’s Department.

Jim Harnage knew and furnished the people involved in the bogus social security numbers; including the Chinese spy Henry Nee. Nee was responsible for thousands of illegal aliens and possibly Al-Qaeda terrorist smuggled into the United States by Coggins Farms and Big Wheel Recycling-Aztec Environmental president Jimmy Livingston. Henry Nee plead guilty to espionage against the United States, July 15, 2004; almost a year after Lemme’s death. Nee was employed for Yang Enterprises of Oviedo, Florida. Yang is the United States government software contractor with contracts at NASA as well as the Florida Department of Transportation.

Yang had access to some of the United States most sensitive secrets. Yang Enterprise’s lobbyist is former Florida Congressman Tom Feeny; and former Speaker of the Florida House who along with former Florida governor Jeb Bush promoted Yang Enterprises to the top of the list for state and federal contracts despite knowing full well Yang employers were involved in subversive activities aimed at overthrowing the United States government. It is suspected that Yang Enterprises is responsible for writing vote scam software used to over-throw US elections. Now, it makes since why the RINO’s are fighting the audits. They are all involved.

Deceased investigator Raymond Lemme was on the trail of Henry Nee when he was murdered at the Knights Inn in Valdosta, GA in 2003. Lemme has shared with his family and friends the week of his death that he had solved the “high-level investigation of his career”, and he was excited to see it through. Raymond Lemme was on the trail of Yang Enterprises and Henry Nee at the time of his death; which the Valdosta, GA sheriff department today insists was an apparent suicide.

There are even bigger reasons certain people in power would want to silence Lemme and now Jim Harnage and family. In 2005; at the same time as the Yang Enterprises-Henry Nee exposures, a series of allegations were also made about a sex trafficking ring in the Valdosta GA area. As fate would have it; an unusually high-profile murder took place. The new findings came out right after the arrest of John Couey, a Florida sex offender who had raped and murdered 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford before fleeing to Georgia. Two different articles, citing unnamed law enforcement sources in linking Couey to a pedophile ring in South Georgia.

This alleged ring involved Coggins Farms trafficking illegal immigrants, pandered children to political elites in Valdosta, and these disturbing revelations were found to be part of Ray Lemme's investigation.

Despite a lack of hard evidence, some elements of this ring have been corroborated. A couple months after the articles were released, John Caylor independently published an interview with a former Coggins employee done in December 2004, who had mentioned illegal immigrant trafficking for farm labor and sex. In 2009, writer Chris Dahl began investigating the John Couey case and found signs that political pressure was being exerted to cover up its full extent.

Dahl even identified some suggestive pieces of evidence that would fit with Couey's involvement in a Georgia sex ring. And a prostitution ring in the Georgia area that trafficked immigrant women to provide sex to farm laborers was busted in 2013, confirming the presence of illegal immigrant sex trafficking in the region.

Two different articles, one by Ralph Kershaw and one by Dan Hayworth and Roger Schmid, tells how Coggins Farms of Lake Park GA used their farm for forced labor and sex. Coggins Farms was a large agricultural producer with regional farms in southern Georgia and northern Florida. It was accused of smuggling in illegal immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, and other countries to be used as farm laborers and sex slaves. These captive illegal immigrants trafficked by Coggins Farms became victims of the larger Valdosta sex ring.

The independent mention of Coggins is especially important in adding to the veracity of the sex ring allegations. Hayworth and Schmid named Coggins Farms, detailed its role in human trafficking, and even mentioned the use of "nickel-men" (those responsible for providing fake IDs) in March 2005. In the summer of 2005, Caylor released his interview with a Coggins whistleblower taken in December 2004 that confirmed all of those details. Again, I encourage you to find this link at the end of the blog at and also within the text to read this interview for yourself. It is chilling!

Caylor interviewed Jim Harnage, a Lake Park resident who was formerly an assistant manager of the Coggins Farm Supply. Harnage's wife worked as a financial bookkeeper for Coggins during the same period. During the interview, Harnage accused Coggins of illegal toxic waste dumping before going into darker territory: the trafficking of illegal immigrants. He asserted that Coggins used a network of crew leaders and coyotes to bring in illegal immigrants from Mexico, and that owner Kevin Coggins annually went to Honduras with a large sum of money to purchase workers. Harnage also detailed the role of "nickel-men" in providing false Social Security identification to the trafficked immigrants. [2]

I found this information on Kevin Coggins at

Big Cog Farms LLC; 530 N East St Lake Park Ga 31636-2706 - Poboy Investments LLC; 30 East St Lake Park Ga 31636-2706 – and Coggins Farm Supply, Inc; 240 Coggins Farm Rd Lake Park Ga 31636. [3]

Florida and Georgia law enforcement officials, speaking on conditions of anonymity, now report that Lemme had also stumbled across the importation of underage Mexican teens and children being used as sex slaves in Valdosta. This ring was linked to the criminal activities Lemme was investigating at the time in Florida and is likely part of the reason he was drawn to Valdosta as part of his investigation, an investigation that had officially been shut down on the direct orders of Jeb Bush.

The child sex slave business involved a number of Valdosta politicians, businessmen, and some policemen and continues to this day. Couey, who I will discuss shortly, is the murderer of a child named Jessica Lundsford, was one such participant in the child sex slave business, paying $300 a session. On the morning of March 21, one Mexican ring leader of the sex group quickly departed by bus from Valdosta.

Mexican children are reportedly locked in barns and other structures in and around Valdosta for purposes of sex with clientele like Couey but also influential and well-paying businessmen and politicians. Some 300 abducted children were said to have been held in Valdosta for an influx of "customers" expected for that yearly upcoming Easter weekend.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Department, the lead agency investigating Jessica's death, reported top-level interference in the case from Tallahassee and Washington, DC and that the case "involves others." The recent reported tie-in of current White House sexcapades involving male prostitutes to past Republican and Democrat political involvement in the Franklin, Nebraska child sex slave scandal of the late 1980s involving GOP lobbyist Craig Spence (who was "suicided" in New York City), Lawrence King, Jr. of Omaha, top Republican officials in Nebraska and Washington, DC, Saudi sex slave traders, and President George H. W. Bush has once again come full circle.

Jeb Bush has also been charged with covering up the fact that some 6000 children, supposedly in the care of Florida's Department of Children and Families, are now missing from foster homes and other care centers. [4]

In addition to being farm hands, the trafficked girls in particular were used for sex. The girls, many of them as young as 13, were forced to be sex slaves for the other imported immigrant workers. Harnage mentioned that the girls were locked up in compounds with chain-link fences, corroborating Kershaw's claim of Mexican children being "locked in barns and other structures". He further alluded to the girls being prostituted outside of Coggins Farms, confirming their use at truck stops.

Florida PEER a peer-run nonprofit organization in Florida corroborated Harnage's whistleblowing and verified part of his story. A whitepaper went into how Harnage had alerted the Georgia environmental agency, EPA, and FBI about his concerns, yet received no follow-up. They included pictures of the illegal toxic waste disposal and mentioned how many people in the region had died of cancer, confirming a portion of Harnage's interview with Caylor.

PEER also brought up the immigrant trafficking allegations, writing that they sent a FOIA to the Immigration and Naturalization Service's (INS) about the illegal immigrant smuggling but never received any reply. They even expanded on Harnage's allegations, making a brief mention of the fact that Harnage also accused the crew leaders of smuggling "drugs" in addition to people.

The whistleblower, Jim Harnage alluded to the trafficked girls being used as sex slaves outside of the farm compounds. In their articles, Kershaw and Hayworth/Schmid go further, explicitly claiming that the girls were prostituted to Valdosta residents. Kershaw even says that the girls were provided for sex to local politicians, businessmen, and policemen in Valdosta, drawing a parallel with elite pedophilia rings like the Franklin child sex ring in Omaha. Hayworth and Schmid didn't mention the elite pedophilia angle, but said that the girls were pimped to Valdosta residents by local businessmen at establishments like strip clubs.

These claims, specifically of politicians, businessmen, and policemen being pandered children, are uncorroborated beyond those two articles. That said, there is some evidence of a pedophilia problem in Valdosta: in recent years, two officers from the Valdosta Police Department were arrested for pedophilia crimes, and nearly a dozen civilian and military personnel at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta were arrested for soliciting child sex. Also noteworthy is that the motel where Ray Lemme (who was investigating the sex ring) died was very close to a Valdosta strip club.

Caylor and Hayworth/Schmid reports both implicate high-level Republicans in protecting the Valdosta sex ring. Hayworth and Schmid claimed that Coggins Farms owner Kevin Coggins was a big player in the Georgia Republican Party, as well as a major campaign financier of Saxby Chambliss 2002 election, and George W. Bush.

Caylor also named Chambliss, but placed him in a larger Dixie Mafia network that involved Georgia businessmen (such as the Coggins family) and top Republican politicians. Hmmmm... Now, we know why the Republicans are pooh-poohing the push-back on the 2020 election. They’re afraid this will all blow up in their faces.

Ultimately, both reports agreed that there was high-level political support for the Valdosta sex ring, which, according to Hayworth and Schmid, led to state and federal investigations and grand jury probes being shut down on orders from the White House.

It is important to note; the claimed political connections to Coggins Farms have yet to be verified. However, claims and circumstances certainly raise eye-brows. The Coggins family are Republicans who contributed a fair amount to Chambliss and Bush, but their prominence in the Georgia GOP and relationship to people like Chambliss are unproven. One of the reporters; Caylor claims he has a tape of a goon sent by Coggins and Chambliss threatening him if he releases his findings.

The most shocking allegation is the connection between the Valdosta sex ring and John Couey. John Couey was a Florida sex offender with a low IQ and history of molesting little girls. In 2005, he kidnapped 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, raped her, and buried her alive. After law enforcement began investigating, Couey fled to Savannah GA, where he was briefly interrogated, and then Augusta GA, where he was arrested and brought back to Florida.

Couey's arrest, confession, and trial received nationwide attention. He was universally considered pure evil, and most people were happy to see him receive the death penalty, though Couey actually died on death row before his execution.

However, there was troubling evidence in the case that pointed directly at the Lunsford family. Much of it came up before Couey was a suspect. Certain aspects of the abduction bore the hallmarks of an inside job. From the beginning, it was acknowledged that there was no sign of forced entry. In fact, the door to the Lunsford home was actually unlocked.

The Lunsford family owned a dog but it did not bark during the time Couey was in the house, quite possibly an indication that it either knew Couey or others were involved in removing Jessica. And there was no evidence of a struggle in the actual abduction itself, to the point that Jessica was allowed to take a stuffed dolphin with her. Her autopsy showed no injuries other than those caused by the sexual assault and being buried alive.

More damning evidence was found on her father Mark Lunsford's computer. When Mark's computer was examined right after Jessica's abduction, the police found child porn. Lunsford denied he had viewed any child porn pictures, and claimed that they got onto his computer inadvertently through "pop ups", but they were found in the delete bin, indicating he had consciously downloaded the images before deleting them.

Law enforcement was surprisingly unconcerned about this discovery. In fact, Sheriff Jeff Dawsy and the state attorney's office under Brad King both refused to pursue any criminal charges. The excuse was that Mark only had a "limited amount" of child porn and had "been through enough".

Eventually, the authorities began to lie and state that no child porn had been found. Assistant state attorney Ric Ridgway wrote as much in a 2007 letter to Mark Lunsford's lawyer. Det. Gary Atchison repeated the same implausible excuse about pop-ups and accused the media of lying. However, former journalist Dave Pieklik confirmed that he was told about the child porn and its location in the delete bin directly by the prosecutors and the Collier County's Sheriff's Public Information Office.

The most serious accusation concerning Jessica was that she had been raped before. Outside of Couey's own accusations, the evidence for this is unclear. A Wikipedia edit on July 11, 2006 made the claim that the recently-released coroner's report showed evidence of "prior healed notches" and "clefts and scars" in Jessica's hymenal area, indicating that she had been raped before Couey abducted her.

It cited a news portal on the Ocala Star-Banner website, not any specific document, and this portal is now gone, making it impossible to verify the source. The autopsy report that was released through a public records request makes no mention of prior vaginal injuries. Furthermore, the identity of the Wikipedia editor turns out to be David Stodghill, himself a convicted pedophile. Altogether, there is no unequivocal proof of prior abuse, but the other irregularities concerning the child’s father Mark Lunsford and the strange behavior of the coroner certainly leaves the possibility open.

It was suggested by Chris Dahl report findings that Couey and Lunsford were both involved in a criminal underworld that exchanged sex and drugs. According to Dahl, some death row inmates agreed with his findings and suspected that scenario was what led to Jessica's rape and murder. He claimed that rumors were circulating throughout the Tampa Bay area of a larger group of pedophiles that was about to go down, but the narrative suddenly changed and Couey alone took the fall.

Some corroboration exists to support Dahl's recollection. One former Homosassa resident who followed the case also recalled hearing rumors that Couey had "friends", perhaps from a local bar. There was in fact a local bar where people were making jokes about Jessica Lunsford. In a press conference with Sheriff Dawsy following Couey's arrest, a reporter mentioned speculation from neighbors that Couey knew the Lunsford family, something Dawsy vehemently denied.

It did not stop others from speculating along similar lines. Interestingly, Dawsy was a lot less dismissive of the possibility just four days earlier. On March 15; shortly after her death Sheriff Dawsy talked about the police hunting down an out-of-state suspect who was "part of Jessica Lunsford's family, social, school or church circles". Given the evidence of Couey's guilt as well as indications that the Lunsford family had some role in facilitating the abduction, it is quite plausible that Couey and Mark Lunsford made some type of "exchange" involving Jessica.

Lunsford was given a substantial amount of public sympathy after Couey was caught, but his character was by no means upstanding. Multiple ex-girlfriends accused him of physical abuse, and one also accused him of drug use, fitting with the suggestion of a sex-for-drugs exchange.

One ex-girlfriend even claimed that Mark assembled a group of his biker friends to drive by and intimidate her. Biker gangs, it should be noted, have long been associated with criminal underworld activities such as drugs and prostitution. So, Mark Lunsford does in fact fit the profile of someone who might be involved in a sex and drug network alongside Couey.

As is well-documented in similar cases like the Franklin scandal, these types of networks are not just patronized by the bottom-rung of society (people like Couey and Lunsford). The political and business elite often engage in wild debauchery involving drugs and sex, particularly with children.

It is quite likely, then, that such a ring in the Homosassa area would be well-protected by the political establishment. And Couey murdering Jessica rather than returning her to her family was a catastrophic mistake that could have exposed that pedophile underground.

Oddly enough, while searching for Jessica, another body of a young girl was discovered, perhaps someone involved in this same ring who met a very similar fate. To protect the network, John Couey needed to be portrayed as a lone offender. The incomprehensible actions by law enforcement of ignoring Mark's child pornography are indications of an official cover-up to that end. [2]

Here is an interesting take from a blog about a photo image of Mark Lundsford and a theory behind a cover up of a larger picture. In this excerpt, RKae writes: Jessica Lunsford (according to my wacky theory) was not killed by “a sex offender.” She was murdered in a Satanic ritual involving many people. Burying alive (which is how she was killed) is a regular part of a ritual intended to crack the child victim’s psyche to create dissociative identity disorder, thus allowing control over the child.

Yes, John Couey was involved, but he was merely the fall-guy for the others in the cult who got off Scott-Free. Mark my words: the truth WILL come out on this someday. RedLeg replied: Being from the same area as the man on the left (referring to Mark Lundsford) I know who he is. Despite what happened to his daughter. He is a dirtbag. Then RKae responded: If he’s as dirt-baggy as you say, he might be involved. Parents often are. Satanism is a multi-generational affair. [5]

On an interesting note: The Gates of Hell couple are buying farm land linking shell companies tracing back a Gates’ firm known as Cascade Investments that purchased over 6,000 acres across four counties in Georgia. In Georgia and Florida, it is confirmed through property records that the Gates from Hell investment firm owns more than 7,000 acres through two limited liability companies, Lakeland Sands and Lakeland Sands Florida, LLC. Both companies were founded in 2012 with the same address as Cascade Investments in Kirkland.

In every state where the couple own land, a tangled web of locally registered limited liability companies follows. While those companies don’t explicitly name Cascade Investments as the owner in their public records, they do share the email and address or subsidiary of Cascade in Kirkland, Washington, and the Gates Investment Group.

Starting in 2012, Gates’ investment firm began buying family farms in South Georgia. One of those farms, Stanley Farms, specialized in Vidalia onions, and another, Coggins Farms, focused on growing carrots. In 2014, Cascade Investments combined both of those companies and the land into Generations Farms, which continued to grow vegetables. So... now ya’ know! [6]


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