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Dawning of the Age of Aquarius . . .

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Ephesians 6:12 KJV

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

V1. [VIDEO] The Fake Alien Invasion to :22

1/ The New Age of Aquarius World Order as Discussed in the thread by James Paul •The imminent mass culling of humanity •Why the Elites want 'Truthers' to survive this cull for the main event in 2025 •The coming Luciferian One World Religion

V2. [VIDEO] The Real Great Awakening :08 to :43 2/ The Theosophical Society was started by Helena Blavatsky in the late 1800's to lay the groundwork for the destruction of Christianity to be replaced by a new Satanic one world religion. Theosophists openly worship Lucifer who they refer to as the 'Light Bearer'.

3/ Theosophists like Alice Bailey spoke of a "Plan" for a 'New World Order' or 'New Age of Aquarius'. They say that a 'new Christ' who they refer to as 'Maitreya' or 'World Teacher' will appear sometime around 2025 & usher in a golden age of light and peace.

4/ This New World Order is never spoken as being Dystopian, in fact it is said to be an age of enlightenment where a "select" portion of humanity known as "Starseed People" will undergo a 'shift in consciousness' & transition into this new utopian Aquarian Age on earth.

V3. [VIDEO] A Real Witch 1:00

5/ Theosophists claim that all religions have a portion of 'Truth' and that "there is no religion higher that truth". Their coming Satanic world religion will be a synchronism of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, eastern mysticism, paganism & occultism all under one flag.

6/ Alice Bailey started the New Age movement and the Lucis Trust which became the spiritual wing of the U.N. Bailey wrote a 10-point plan which was given to her by her "Spirit Guide" to prepare the world for the New Age religion. All 10 stages of this plan are now in place.

7/ The Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) started a group called ‘World Goodwill’ an official organization within the U.N. The stated aim of this group is “to cooperate in the world the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ" who they claim will appear in 2025.

V4. Aquarius The Age of Evil to :58

8/ A part of the Theosophists New Age "Plan" was to prepare a select group of humanity for the coming One world Religion by introducing them to mystery school occult teachings under the guise of 'Truth seeking'. And so, the 'New Age' & 'Truther Movements' were formed.

9/ Before the age of the internet, there was "Lucifer", a magazine published by Helena Blavatsky which claimed to "Bring to Light Hidden Things of Darkness"

V5. [VIDEO] David Icke to 3:51 The Truther movement & Alterative Media were started by Satanists to entice spiritually awakened people into the occult.

10/ Secret New Age pied pipers like David Icke will mix conspiracy theory with occult Luciferian ideas such as "we are all one consciousness", we can "transcend consciousness", "consciousness creates reality" or "we are living in a matrix". They want us to think “we can be Gods.

V6. [VIDEO] GA Guidestones 3:59

11/ New Age 'Truthers' ensnare free thinking, intuitive people by revealing explosive truths, but will then go to great lengths to debunk Christianity, claim Jesus never existed or that Jesus is Horus. Examples include popular youtuber Eric Dubay or the "Zeit-geist" documentary.

12/ A common belief among many prominent New Agers & is that there will be a selective depopulation event before we enter the Age of Aquarius. In the example below, Barbara M. Hubbard claims that the "wheat will be sorted from the chaff" in a "selection process".

V7. [VIDEO] David Spangler 1:08 to 2:40

13/ New Age guru David Spangler warns that "those still attuned to the old world will be transported to another plane of existence". Spangler & Hubbard held high level positions within the United Nations. Their words should not be taken lightly.

V8. [VIDEO] Magick XII 1:34 to 1:50

14/ Theosophist Aleister Crowley once wrote that there would be a "bloody sacrifice" and that the "world will be bathed in blood" in a "World Ceremony" before we enter the "New Aeon" (Age of Aquarius)

15/ The Age of Aquarius started astrologically on December 21, 2020. It is no surprise then that shortly before this date the insane covid vacs, which will be offered to every person on the planet, was rolled out. It appears this Aquarian Age "Selection Process" has now begun.

16/ Everything about this vac is intentionally off-putting and insane •It was rushed •Its experimental •It alters your DNA •Has unknown medium- and long-term side affects •Doesn't stop you getting covid •Doesn't stop you transmitting it •Side effects may include. Death...

V9. [VIDEO] How to Lessen Karmic Retribution 5:50 - 6:12

17/ In telling us how insanely stupid & dangerous this covid vacs is, the Elites will believe they are absolving themselves of any Karmic retribution. Anyone who takes it and dies, will be simply be viewed as being victims of a necessary Darwinian natural selection process. [VIDEO] How to Lessen Karmic Retribution :42 to 2:28 18/ There have been many stories of adverse reactions to the vax in the MSM. Surely if they wanted all of us to take this then these stories would never come out? This paradox makes sense if we consider that they want to scare a small section of people to NOT take it & survive. [VIDEO] How to Lessen Karmic Retribution 3:42 to 3:55 19/ We're in a spiritual IQ test for entry to the New Age of Aquarius World Order. We're given a choice; corrupt your sacred DNA to go back to the old normal of the 'old world order'. Or don't. All who choose incorrectly will be deemed unsuitable and will not make it. [VIDEO] How to Lessen Karmic Retribution 5:09 to 5:20 20/ There is much deeper level to this #plandemic. They are not really trying to fool us. They want us to know we are being fooled. All the Over-the-Top tyranny and theatrics are for us. They want truthers to KNOW something is up. They even have nurses dancing around empty hospitals [VIDEO] How to Lessen Karmic Retribution 5:24 to 5:36 21/ Microbiologist Dolores Cahill gave a recent interview where she claims there is a "kill switch" (cytokine storm) in the vax which when triggered will kill up to 80% of people within a year or so of taking it.

V10. [VIDEO] I Will Not Take That Vaccine to 3:00

22/ If this happens it would be the most traumatic event in human history. It would lead to a complete breakdown of society globally and a period of total chaos. The stage will be well and truly set for the 'Maitreya' to make his appearance and restore 'order'.

V11. [VIDEO] Stepping into a New Era 1:26 to 2:50

23/ Christians will believe they have survived the Mark of the Beast and that this New Age 'Maitreya' is in fact Christ returned in the flesh. The New Age of Aquarius World Order will then begin.

V12. [VIDEO] GA Guidestones

24/ All who reject this 'World Teacher' and his New Age Religion will become outcasts from society and face extreme persecution as has been warned both in the Bible and by prominent New Agers themselves...

25/ While there may be many dark and challenging days ahead, this really is an amazing time to be alive. As we prepare for what is coming, the greatest of all battles, we should remember that for this reason and for this time, God sent down to Earth, his toughest soldiers.

V13. [VIDEO] Are You a Soldier to 1:32

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