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UNCENSORED: CPS aka Child Predator Society

Q3173 Children used as shields? 

Here is an example of how tragedy is playing out for our parents and children. Cyndie Abcug moved to Colorado seeking better medical treatment for her son who has epilepsy. Then CPS stepped in to “help”, and before long they snatched her son. 

She tells her story on SGT Report about how when she tried to call her son, the authorities warned her she was not allowed to tell her son she loves him or she would be in violation of her visitation rights. The next time she saw him, he had a black eye.

Then she tells the horrific story of her son telling her during a visitation that his sphincter hurt. She asked how he knew about this term, and he told her his foster family was teaching him. Obviously, this mother had to step in to protect her son. Here’s what is recently took place as announced on North West Liberty News. [1]

Thank goodness, the judge has released her from jail and reduced her bond. Please continue prayers for Cyndie and her son.  

Recently, I received this disturbing email. To protect the innocent, I am omitting the original names and replacing the names with an alias. The letter reads:

In the last week of July 2019 our grandson, Alan cried out to his dad that his maternal grandmother has been sexually abusing him. My son then made the decision not to return our grandson back to his mother from his summertime visit. (I’m assuming the parents are divorced) He went to the police department and made a report of the outcry. That is when CPS became involved.

They hired an attorney, and on November 14 the judge turned our grandson over to CPS and sent him to River Crest in San Angelo Texas. He was there for two weeks for an evaluation and placed on suicidal watch. From there they sent him to Sheltering Harbor in Springs, Texas. Here we are today seeking help from anyone that can help us to retrieve him from CPS.

We hadn't spoken to our grandson in five days, so we called on a Wednesday to try to talk to him.  The adult male in charge of the house answered the phone. He instructed me to call back, so we gave them 30 minutes and we called back. This is when the adult female in charge of the house answered the phone and she asked who was calling.

I informed her; I am “Nana.” The woman in charge said, “Oh my gosh, he is not the only child in this home, and he has already had two phone calls today. Call back in 30 Minutes because he’s busy.”  So, my husband “Papa” called back 40 minutes later. The same woman answered the phone and asked, “Who’s calling?” My husband said “Papa”. She asked, “Your name?” My husband answered and said, Randy.

Then this woman said oh my gosh you people call all the time I’m going to give you five minutes with him. Finally, my husband was on the phone with our grandson, and my husband asked Alan how he was doing.  Alan said, “Not good Papa.” Then, Alan informed his Papa they were bully him. 

At this point, the woman in charge began to yell and scream at Alan. She screamed, “Don’t you lie to them.” I could not get my phone out of my purse fast enough to record the conversation:

What types of people gravitate to these positions in government? Remember the Q post,

3422 [New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]

These are the kinds of people attracted to child protection [2] 

All too often, we are seeing cases where Child Protective Services are overstepping their bounds of service. Clearly, this division of the government sector is not the safe harbor we as citizens once believed it to be. Those we seek to help our children are not only using their positions as a means to bully children and parents, but they are also involved in even more sinister activities. 

Here, an employee of Child Protective Services in Fort Worth was arrested during a county sting operation charging the man with seeking out children for sex. Adrian Martinez, 44, of Saginaw was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a child. A spokesperson confirmed that Martinez was a current employee at CPS. [3]

Then, there was a Hardin County woman employed by Child Protective Services who was arrested after being caught with heroin and smoking methamphetamine with her teenage son.

Police said after receiving a tip, 39-year-old Stephenie Chism, of West Point, was stopped outside her residence by officials from the ATF and Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force. West Point police then found a half-gram of heroin in her possession.

A search warrant was obtained for her residence, with police witnessing Chism’s 14-year-old son attempting to dispose of meth and a meth pipe. Under questioning, the teen said he and his mother smoked meth together on several occasions.

Chism was hired as a caseworker for health and Family services. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance (heroin) and felony unlawful transaction with a minor and lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center. [4]

Q2987 "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Reagan

Hillary Clinton has campaigned on the platform of having worked for decades to protect America's children. During the presidential debates, Mrs. Clinton repeatedly brought up her work focused on children. Here is what Clinton's consider helping America's children:

Under Bill Clinton's Administration, he signed a law that gave cash incentives to CPS for every child taken from their parents and placed up for adoption. Clinton's law gives CPS $4,000 per child with an additional $2,000 added for special needs children that are taken from their parents and put up for adoption.

On November 19, 1997, President Bill Clinton signed the law - The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA, Public Law 105-89) after having been approved by the United States Congress in early November of 1997. [5]

Q2973 "They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. 

Notice the human trafficking trend since Donald J Trump took office. This is why the Deep State hates him. He is removing the loopholes that enable the criminals in and out of government office the tools to harm our children. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to do. Our figures of authority are entrenched in the mud. We still have judges, attorneys, doctors, educators, and caseworkers living a lush lifestyle off the turmoil of our children. 

3077 Be vigilant at all times. See Something. Say Something Q







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Is CPS being paid to traffic children? 8 PM ET (7/8/19) Steel Truth

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