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Controlling America . . .

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Here is a summary of an interview Lin Wood recently had with a whistleblower about the White-House-Mole. Hat tip to Mary S for this very valuable information. Shary Attkisson, John Solomon, and Sara Carter are the biggest threat today to the deep state players. When Attkisson, who left CBS News for their unethical practices, discovered “classified material” planted in her laptop, she had forensic auditors check it out.

The audit identified government intrusion into her computer system. The audit results, coupled with information from at least one tipster, prompted Attkisson to refile a lawsuit against the government, but this time Rosenstein and Shawn Henry (former FBI chief of DC field office) of Crowd Strike fame were named as co-conspirators. Keep this in mind as you follow along.

According to a whistleblower who goes by the name Ryan Dark White, Pence was exposed as a bisexual via multiple surveillance operations. Since, his public persona was über-Christian as governor, Pence outwardly condemned the gay and lesbian communities, as a cover. The three-letter agencies uncovered it all in their illegal surveillance dragnet trap. [VIDEO 3 :30]

This unveiled information gave the three-letters the influence they needed to control Pence.

Once Pence became governor, he felt more secure to pursue his longer-term romantic relationships. The whistleblower mentions the romantic relationship between Pence and a man 20 years his junior that was a more long-term relationship. Then he tells of another romantic encounter Pence had while he was in Congress, and plus a more sporadic affair with a man half his age. This person introduced increasingly younger people to him. As governor Pence’s behavior seemed more secure politically, but he cracked down on gay and lesbian communities as a front.

To surveil Pence’s sexual encounters, the agencies would usually set up a location that was already wired before Pence’s arrival. The younger lover would instruct the agencies where the meetings were taking place. The whistleblower claims to have seen and have copies of the illegal sexual video footage of Pence in these acts during Pence's’ Congressional and Gubernatorial tenure. Ryan Dark White had Shaun Bridges encrypt the videos.

Once Pence entered talks of being Vice President with Donald Trump, the surveillance was no longer needed. The agencies had everything they needed to manipulate Pence to do whatever they wanted. During this time, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were willing to do whatever possible to get rid of President Trump.

Paul Ryan was incensed that he was passed over for the seat of the office of President. During this time, there were also conspiracies swirling around about Rosenstein and Roberts. These men wanted to remove Trump anyway possible. They worked with Roberts prior to the actual election and had Roberts write up the FISA warrants along with Peter Strzok.

Then, Roberts sent the warrants to be signed off by his subordinate judges. The next step was to shift the focus to Rosenstein to coordinate with the deep state and democrats to complete the destruction of Trump. [VIDEO 4 :20] Mueller and Comey were tasked with transporting the information back and forth with various governments for the Russian Collusion agenda known as “Ghost Stories”.

It was Rosenstein who wanted to go after the 25th Amendment by wearing a wire. So, it wasn’t a joke; it was a serious threat. · And they tried many, many times.” The whistleblower Ryan Dark White made a tape in 2016 in Baltimore for Devin Nunes, but there was a member of the group that helped make the video who sabotaged the speediness of the destination.

Finally, when the video did reach Nunes, Nunes was very impressed with it, as was Cash Patel, and they requested to see the full ensemble of videos, since only a 20-minute sample of a three-and-a-half-hour tape was presented. Unfortunately, the co-producer took control of the opportunity seeking money instead of honor.

In the interview, Ryan Dark White is asked if Matt Couch is the co-producer he is referring to, and he responds: “Yes. ‘Lumpy Loveseat,’ that’s him.” “He — he messed it all up and he — he wanted to get in the middle, he wanted to be the hero, it was all about him and the donations. “They wanted everything immediately. Couch wouldn’t do it. He’s negotiating with them for weeks and weeks, and then by the time they finally got a copy it was a blank copy.

He screwed it all. And once it finally got to them, they had moved on.” Ryan Dark White laments that Matt Couch ruined the warning to America. In the interview, White then tells of Hammer, Sunrise and Sunset military software; explaining how the Sunset software is more focused on the surveillance exploitation of phone records and computers on civilians. White explains how people were involved in the vote manipulation in 2018 and 2020. This system was set up in 2016 during the time they lost satellite control and they moved the system overseas.

White mentions that Dr. Molly McCauley was the person assigned to the operation, but she is no longer with us. At the time the Hammer was running out of Fort Washington with satellite service in Baltimore on a CISSP computer. It was computer crimes, internet, things like that.” Otherwise, a DOJ supercomputer hooked into everything. In fact, by hooking into an open port, one could even go through the post office, or porn sites, or FedEx, or whatever you wanted to.

White claims, “They went through the post office to place child porn on Ms. Acheson’s husband’s computer, and that was Shaun. So, they attempted to remove it later and didn’t get all of it. So, that was just how they operated. And this is normal, everyday — completely illegal but normal, everyday business for these rogue agency players.”

[VIDEO 5] [1:40]

White reiterates that Pence was always a snake in the grass,” claiming Pence was the White House mole. Pence never liked Trump and was only there to get the position, and all have seen recently what he did with it and was preparing for the whole time.” In 2016 White tried to warn the president of what was going on. White further claims much software and programs were given to Iran and China; with much technology given over to China.

In 2016 Dr. Molly McCauley discovered the satellites were being used to manipulate elections and were used in 2016 — huge — just like we’ve seen in the 2020 election. They lost control when President Trump won. So, in 2018 a lot of the election technology had already been transferred overseas — Iran, Italy, China. White the whistleblower wrote this warning a couple years ago. So, in 2018 after the debacle of the 2016 election, they recooked the books to ensure a win for Pelosi.

White shifts his conversation to tell how Pence’s wife covers up her husband’s crimes of pedophilia. He goes on to say, “She’s completely a political animal.” He tells how Pence’s wife even discouraged the riskiness of his relationship with the younger male lover. It was Pence’s wife who helped him keep it quiet.

The whistleblower confirms Pence’s involvement with minor children. White said. “I mean, it’s not like he hid this stuff from her, because she managed it…Oh, she knew all about that, and she knew about it for a long time.” The whistleblower chimed in on Justice Roberts as well, saying, “And so is Roberts. I mean, Roberts is flat-out gay, at least he is now. He has been ever since he was a child. Which nothing wrong with being gay, but you’re high and manipulating stuff.” [VIDEO 6]

White reminds us how they’re all dirty in one fashion or another. So many of them are dirty; it’s very disarming. If the threat of truth would be possible, Pence could simply fashion a deal to keep the truth quashed through his political power, even if it meant leaking national security information.

In fact White tells, “Pence let stuff leak from certain conversations the president had with a staffer, so the staffer ended up taking the heat for the leak. Meanwhile, the video scandal held by the three-letter agencies on Mike Pence, Justice Roberts and more are the ace in the hole they use to control America. [VIDEO 7 :19]


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