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Careful Who You Vote For . . .

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4381 No civility unless [D]s win congressional control? Translation: MSDNC will incite and push division unless [D] control established. Think pre_midterms. Think pre_2020_P_election [now].

Reconcile. 1:1. The only thing that matters to them is regaining power. [prevent public learning of truth]. [prevent accountability]. [self-preservation]. These people are sick! 

@ginnylauren: Why does the MSM want us divided? Why are they denying antifa as domestic terrorists, correcting themselves when they even use the word riot?! Because they are the Enemy of the People. But...they’re receiving marching orders. 

4382 Police ordered to stand down by [D] mayor(s) [D] gov(s)?  ANTIFA [coordinated] SAFE ZONES?

@michael08930353: Who all is in on this? This video tells a lot. [FF].

4380 Attempting to establish new narrative 'riots' created[ing] second COVID-19 wave? Loss of control [first wave]? Regain control necessary re: vote-by-mail re: [D] state bailout(s) re: economy-unemployment kill etc? All assets deployed. Win by any means necessary. 2020 Presidential Election.

Well folks, I live in a huge swing state...the state of NC. Some of my previous favorite legislatures are endorsing someone who has the potential to turn this state into a completely BLUE state. If this happens, the entire United States can be ruined. NC is pivotal in the 2020 election for President Donald J Trump.  It is imperative we each pay special attention to our local and state elected.

Before I go into this, let me introduce you to what is likely taking place in your very city or town. 

If you type in [THIS LINK] you will read a headline that goes like this: BEAT TRUMP & SAVE DEMOCRACY - Trump is an abomination. Our democracy is under threat. We’re fighting back. People like you are leading local Indivisible groups in every single state. Be part of history—join the Indivisible movement. Here is what they are doing: [show Indivisible 2] They are actively ensuring our vote is INVISIBLE in the 2020 election.

Listen along as I read their latest push: CALL YOUR SENATORS AND DEMAND THEY PASS THE HEROES ACT. On Friday, May 15, House Democrats passed the fourth coronavirus package, the Heroes Act. The bill improves significantly on the CARES Act, especially on democracy and protections for immigrants, and provides additional financial relief and public health measures. Some of the items included are:

$3.6 billion in election funding to expand vote by mail and safe in-person voting locations. $25 billion in funding for the United States Postal Service. Additional $1,200 payments to individuals, including immigrants and dependents over the age of 16. A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. Expanded paid/sick/family leave for all workers.

Free testing and treatment for all, including immigrants regardless of status. The Heroes Act will save countless lives and ensure working families are able to weather this recession, but Senate Republicans are refusing to act.

Majority Leader McConnell is already calling the bill a “Democratic Wishlist” and ignoring the urgent needs of vulnerable families across America. That’s why we need you to call your Senators and demand that they pass the Heroes Act immediately without watering it down. Working families are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the Heroes Act to pass or lives will be at stake.

Folks, do you realize, these people are pushing for the support from our hard-earned tax dollars to pay for their illegal voters? is a joint website of Indivisible Project and Indivisible Action. Indivisible Project is a registered 501(c)(4). Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee. They are separate organizations.

Some of their donors are: Ford Foundation, Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Take note, each of these donors are non-profit foundations.

These organizations are setting up in every town, especially Rural Conservative towns. They bring in “tourist-like” non-profit, non-tax paying Progressives.

In turn, these new Progressive business owners live and shop in the larger nearby cities while depleting the resources of the Rural towns and forcing long-time citizens into welfare and joblessness. These same people become extremely active at the voting polls and attend EVERY town hall meeting in droves while bullying the County Commissioners into meeting their demands.

Their “ultimate" goal is to turn each Rural Town into a Sustainable Green City. Complete with Rules and Regulations that will render each citizen hopeless. 

This is what we are up against. So, what can we do? Well, we must start by getting a coalition of like-minded Conservatives to also attend “each and every” town hall meeting. Folks, it’s time to get off the sofas and start fighting for our communities before these people take over your very livelihood. 

Now, I’m full circle back to our NC election. Well, we have two candidates in a run-off to take the seat of our current Representative Mark Meadows. Meadows is stepping down to work for POTUS personally. I have been an avid supporter of Meadows until now. You see, Meadow’s wife and one of the candidates (Lynda Bennett) are personal friends.

This is who Meadows is endorsing. She calls herself the “Freedom Caucus” candidate. Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz have jumped on the bandwagon to endorse her. The “big” problem is there is a video circulating of Lynda Bennett bashing POTUS.  

 She denies this and claims it was taken out of context. Somehow, I don’t buy it. ...and of course, “VERY LIBERAL” Asheville supports her claims. If she wins this Run-off Election, the Democrat candidate Air Force veteran Steve Woodsmall will eat her for lunch in the General Election. Surely, Meadows, Jordan, Cruz, and the Liberals of Asheville know this! 

Do you realize, our President Trump is an island surrounded by RINO’s and DemonRats? Help! You can help your country by getting involved in local and state events; especially by filling the town hall meetings up with Conservatives. We need your help immediately.

We need Conservatives to overpower the invasion of the Indivisible groups.  Oh, and bring a friend. If you wish to help support Madison Cawthorne in this race against Lynda Bennett, you may donate here:






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