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Shortly, I will be reading a list of rules for new members of the Word of Faith Fellowship. The list of rules for this membership is so long, I will be unable to complete the video in a timely manner, so I will simply highlight some I think are the most bazaar.  

Here is the intro:

Let us take this opportunity to thank you for considering membership in Word of Faith Fellowship. Jane Whaley approved of your membership and asked that you be given this “New Member Handout”. In this handout, we will list a few of the very important rules- “do’s” and “don’ts”. Your enjoyment of your time with us will mainly be determined on how well you can keep these rules.

Do’s 2. You will be required to tithe (10% of your gross earnings) and give offerings. Jane will check your records from time to time. 3. You will be required to smile on command. This is called “keeping your happy face”. 4. You will be required to participate in group work projects. Enjoy it. We have need of many skills.

Don’t's 2. Don’t cook with alcohol. 3. Don’t eat at places that serve alcohol. 4. Don’t drink “Root beer”. 5. Don’t drink Cheerwine®. 6. Don’t drink diet Cheerwine®. 7. Don’t drink ginger ale.  11. Don’t associate willingly with those that do use tobacco. 12. Don’t watch movies. (Unless Jane gives approval.) 

14. Don’t enter a movie theater- (unless Jane gives approval.)  19. Don’t read books that are not approved by leadership. 20. Don’t read your Bible, too much. (Amplified version is acceptable) 37. Men: Don’t wear a color of dress shirt except white or light blue. 38. Women: Don’t get your heart set on a dress until you check with others to see of anyone else has that dress. You may need to return yours. 

46. Don’t bring visitors unless you tell someone in the office so they can tell Jane. 47. Don’t take pictures of Jane of other members unless you are given permission. 50. Don’t complain when the offering plates are passed more than once. 63. Don’t wear a bathing suit without having it covered with long shorts (below the knees) and a dark t-shirt. 72. Men: Don’t leave the house without a white t-shirt on under your top shirt.

73. Don’t go swimming with boys and girls together. 76. Men: Don’t allow facial hair to grow. No beards, of any type. No “pork chop” sideburns. 78. Don’t interview for a job unless it is “under authority”. 79. Don’t accept a job unless you check it out with authority. 80. Don’t make plans for college unless you have Jane check it out. 81. Don’t sign-up for classes unless Jane Whaley or leadership checks out your schedule.

82. Don’t buy a house unless Jane Whaley can check it out. 83. Don’t even make an offer on a house unless Jane can “checkout” and “get a feel” for the neighborhood. 84. Don’t decorate your house unless Jane or her helper can help you. 85. Don’t buy a car without checking with Sam first. 86. Don’t sell a car or truck without checking with Sam first. 87. Don’t get major repairs done without checking with Sam.

88. Don’t buy insurance without checking with the approved church source person for insurance. 89. Don’t plan a vacation or time away with your family unless you check-it out with Jane. 90. Don’t assume you can go to the funeral or a wedding of a family member without checking it out and/or someone from the church going with you. 98. Don’t go hunting. 99. Don’t go fishing. (well unless it is on an approved “ministry” trip) 117. Don’t whistle. 122. Don’t let children play with camping toys. 

126. Don’t iron double creases in your pants. 127. Men: Don’t use urinals that are not enclosed. 128. Don’t store personal garments unless they are folded neatly in the drawer. 131. Don’t ride ATV’s or dirt bikes. 133. Don’t start a relationship without checking it out with Jane Whaley. 134. Don’t decide who you will marry without checking it out with Jane. 135. Don’t talk to the other person who you are in relationship with unless someone is listening and “guarding the conversation”. 

138. Don’t place the toilet paper on the roll unless it rolls over the top.  140. Don’t ask anyone but Jane about those who have not been seen lately in services. [1] I asked, “Who is this Jane woman?”

The Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), in Spindale, North Carolina (USA), presents itself as a charismatic church aligned with the Word of faith movement. Pastor Jane Whaley, who believes that she alone receives messages from God, rules the church with an iron fist. [2]

In case you are wondering why I’m extra concerned about this group, let me back up for a minute. In a previous Weeping Angel video titled, “Careful Who You Vote For”, I outlined how our NC House member who recently stepped down to serve our President, convinced our president to give a weaker candidate his total endorsement.[3]

I am distressed to learn this weaker candidate is loosely connected with this cult along with our former congressman’s wife.  This candidate has taken images of the stronger candidate Madison Cawthorne from when he was a teenager to use as her platform for why he is too young to run for this seat.  Madison Cawthorne is clearly more qualified and certainly much stronger on stage. Of course, if his opponent does win in the runoff, I will hold my nose and support her to keep our state from going blue. 

Bennett was endorsed by President Donald Trump, Meadows, Rep. Jim Jordan, and the House Freedom Caucus. My issue with the House Freedom Caucus is in order to maintain a solid caucus of ultraconservative members who can block action on legislation they oppose even within their own party, the Republican party becomes further splintered and weakened.

Of course, Bennett says she would "continue the work of Congressman Meadows in supporting the President and his America First Agenda." The problem looming over her making that statement is this leaked audio she hasn’t yet seemed to properly address:

Matthew Burril endorsed Cawthorn after withdrawing from the primary.

Three other primary candidates endorsed Cawthorn ahead of the runoff. Cawthorn owns a real estate investment company and is a motivational speaker. He says he will "work tirelessly for smaller, leaner government and will be a strong voice for faith, family & freedom." Cawthorn describes himself as a proven fighter, and that he is.

Bennett is said to have referred to Madison Cawthorne as a “Make a Wish” foundation candidate because of an accident that left him wheelchair bound. Cawthorn's first runoff campaign ad said of Bennett, "Washington, D.C. insiders and political bosses have hand-picked who they want as our next representatives in Congress, one who will answer to their super PACs, political bosses, and caucus chairs."  He is right. I’ve watched both candidates on stage, and their performances are like night and day. Madison Cawthorne demands the stage.

What many watching today may not realize is how very important North Carolina is to President Trump’s 2020 victory. If NC loses this seat and becomes a Blue state, this will have serious consequences for President Trump’s victory. Locals here in North Carolina understand that Mark Meadows wife Debbie Meadows and Linda Bennett are close friends.

I find the image of these two with the Word of Faith Fellowship members extremely disturbing. 

The winner of the runoff election scheduled for June 23rd will face retired Air Force Col. Moe Davis. Moe Davis is a retired Air Force Colonel, former Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, Director of the Air Force Judiciary, law professor, judge, speaker, writer and national security expert for Congress.

 Considering Bennett’s weak stage presence; if she takes the runoff; she will be faced with Col. Davis in the General election, and her only claim to fame is her friendship to Representative Meadow’s wife and the endorsements Meadows solicited for her. There is more ammunition against her than accolades.

Why would our elected in Congress set North Carolina up for this failure?  Are they deliberately trying to stab President Trump in the back? I really hope not. I’m worried. I’m really worried.

If these endorsers get their wishes, they will desperately need to put Bennett into some serious stage performance training classes. It is concerning for North Carolina and even more serious for President Trump’s 2020 victory. 

Two more disturbing issues for North Carolina are Governor Roy Cooper signed HB1169 into law, reducing the witness signature requirement on completed absentee ballots from two to one. This will certainly enhance voter fraud abilities. 

Then, after Cooper refused to commit to opening the state for The Republican Party state convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Republican Convention will now be held at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is a huge revenue loss for NC. [4] Folks, please pray for NC and for America. We ALL need to pay special attention to each and every detail taking place at our national, state, and local elections. Our future and our children’s futures depend on it. Getting involved at the local and state level are the things we can do to Keep America Great.






[3] Careful Who You Vote For





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