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Q 1682: From Sea to Shining Sea. Who does Huber report to [directly]? Define evidence. Who has the server? Why does POTUS continually refer to the server? POTUS does not speculate. Future proves past. Who has it all? Topics stated in past. Future BIG meaning? Repeats important. Think Twitter.

Those awake see. Those asleep blind. Fake news [prop arm of D/DS] failing. Panic. Silence is golden.

 “Thank you very much,” Trump replied. “We do host it and we hope we do as good a job. That's very nice.”

The president then took the ball and tossed it to the front row where the first lady was seated.

“That will go to my son, Barron…. Melania, here you go,” he said. [1]

Ingersoll Lockwood's first two novels follow a young boy named Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp. Little Baron Trump, as he is referred to comes from a very wealthy family that lives on 5th avenue in New York City, in what is called Trump Castle. [2]

There are two videos from this channel Weeping Angel on the subject:

Strange Facts: Future Proves Past and ALERT: History Is Unveiling Itself 

Let’s travel back into the Past of Weeping Angel II.

Next, many of you may remember this vlog post

EXPOSED: Dark Shadows in America released in video on January 26, 2019 and on the vlog the following day.  We learned in that video over a year ago; in fact exactly one day to the year after the actual  first case of sicknesses were announced here in America:

We learned the we were under the current threat that these deep state cabal players had plans to unleash certain things against American citizens once the imminent arrests start taking place. Even though President Trump has stopped the original 16-year plan, these actors still have access to certain destructive things with the ability to protect themselves.

We were informed then that we were even in January of 2019 in a worse situation than the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Deep State has now become Unhinged. Deep State will use their nefarious tools against us if arrests happen; and especially if President Trump does not resign.

Trying to locate where these dangerous tools are located is the reason not one arrest had happened up to that date publicly up until and even after that posting. [3]

This seems to be exactly what we are amid today. Today, we are in the biggest Future Proves Past Event ever:  I am unable to give you those details, but please visit my vlog to grab those future proves past pieces of information while there is still time. I will have a Tiny URL link to those links at the bottom of my description bar where I always keep my sources. They will be titled “WA Vlog”.

Remember, we are in the battle of our lives. Our very lives depend on it. 

Q2401: [Destroy the Controlled Narrative] POWER BELONGS WITH THE PEOPLE. WWG1WGA!!! [4]




[3] WA Vlog

[4] WA Vlog

Video Sources: WA Vlog WA Vlog

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