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This article found on Camera Ready Cosmetics dot com has this to say: We are fascinated by the creative talent of professional makeup artists for film and television, especially those who specialize in special effects makeup. The ability to transform human faces into out-of-this-world creatures or bloody, gore-covered victims takes a level of artistry and focus that can take years to perfect. Here are 10 favorite makeup artists of all time.

Professional makeup artist Ben Nye, Sr. got his start in the music department of Fox Studios in Los Angeles. After three years of working in what he deemed a boring position, Nye sought an apprenticeship in the Fox Studios makeup department under head makeup artist Monte Westmore.

Under the direction of Westmore, Nye gained experience working on set of various A-List films like In Old Chicago and Jesse James, but it was his experience on set of Gone with the Wind that inspired Nye to branch out and create products of his own.

Makeup legend Stan Winston had a childhood fascination with puppetry and mask-making, which evolved into a passion for special effects makeup artistry later in life.

After moving from Richmond, VA to Hollywood in 1969, Winston worked underneath head makeup artist, Robert J. Schiffer, for Disney Studios where he perfected his talent and worked his way up the makeup industry ladder.

Winston won four Academy Award nominations and is one of only three makeup artists to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s also won two Emmy Awards out of six nominations, as well as three BAFTA awards out of five nominations.

Makeup artist Eryn Krueger Mekash got her start in special effects makeup while working in shops throughout Los Angeles. After years of perfecting her skills, she dove into a career in makeup artistry that has spanned nearly three decades.

Her vast experience in the film and television industry has allowed Mekash to master the art of beauty, special effects makeup and design - a triple threat, if you ask us. She has won six Emmy-awards - the most wins for a female makeup artist ever. She currently serves as head of the makeup department for American Horror Story.

Credited for the invention of popular horror movie makeup effects like the bladder technique, bulging blisters, and rashes on the skin, pro makeup artist Joe Blasco is a legend in his own right.

After serving as the personal makeup artist to icons like Orson Welles, Olivia Newton-John, Bette Midler and Carol Burnett, Blasco sought out to revolutionize film and television makeup like never before. Blasco’s industry experience has spanned more than 50 years.

A former student of Joe Blasco’s Make-up Center, Matthew Mungle has worked his way up to become one of Hollywood’s premier special effects artists. Regarded as a master of makeup illusions, Mungle’s fascination with horror makeup started at a young age after seeing iconic films like Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Mummy.

Mungle grew up experimenting with face casts and prosthetics on family members and friends until he was old enough to pursue artistry as a career. After graduating school, he worked on set of several low-budget films where he learned to be resourceful and think quickly. Mungle’s experience led him to win an Oscar. Mungle has gone on to create a wide range of film characters using prosthetics for film, television, and Broadway.

Academy Award-winning makeup artist Dick Smith is most famous for creating application methods that became the standard for Hollywood film and television, like fake blood, layered prosthetics and foam latex for an aging face. The makeup revolutionist found his love for performance makeup while browsing the library at Yale University, his alma mater, and stumbling upon performance makeup books. A list of awards, decades-long career and two published books later, Smith is revered as one of Hollywood’s great artists of our time.

The creator of Freddy Krueger’s makeup and the infamous Chucky doll, artist Kevin Yagher has a long-standing special effects career that dates back to the early 1980s. His expertise with prosthetics has led to some of pop culture’s most eerily memorable characters, and his contributions on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bones, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Mission Impossible have earned him industry acclaim. Another notable achievement was Yagher’s work on set of The Master of Disguise, where he created 15-20 different disguises to transform the actor’s character throughout the film.

As one of the most award-winning, living makeup artists Ve Neill is loved and respected amongst industry veterans and newbies alike. Neill has worked with a long list of A-List stars, and her film and television credits are just as recognizable. The guru spends her free time advocating for the makeup artistry profession, helping to build awareness in the general public about the craft of creating movie creatures.

Credited on more than 450 movies and television shows, makeup artist Bud Westmore comes from the prominent Hollywood makeup artist family with the same name. Following the death of his famous makeup artist father, George Westmore, Bud became head of the makeup department at Universal Studios in Hollywood where he scored credits for major horror, sci-fi and fantasy films of the late 1940s.

His career spanned over the next two decades until the 1970s when he completed his last project on set of MGM’s Soylent Green. His legacy marks an iconic era of the giant bud-headed creatures made famous in the 40s and 50s.

Special effects artist Rick Baker has won seven Oscars over the span of his 40+ year career. Baker has been outspoken about the shifting nature of film and television makeup. Announcing his retirement in 2015, the acclaimed artist said, “The business is crazy right now.

His statement was in reference to computer effects, which are taking the place of makeup artist jobs and eliminating the artistic nature of the craft. Baker says the use of CG effects in the film reduced his work so much that he “could’ve done it in a garage basically.”


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