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A Very Wet Summer . . .

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Clint Richardson wrote:

Intent is the foundation of a proper response and action against any problem. At the moment, most of the small percent of an otherwise uninformed population of this world that actually knows about Geo-engineering as a weather modification and control scheme inversely has no idea how to fight such an esoteric and out of reach event (despite their determined intent) – like a bunch of electricians without tools for the job. We feel helpless against it; watching from miles below as the sky becomes dim and while record-breaking temperatures scorch and freeze parts of the Earth that have never known such dramatic variations in temperature.

While it is clear that our mutual intent is to stop these psychopathic efforts to alter our climate in any way they can, as we look around for the “solution” to this deleterious alteration of our environment we collectively come up short. Our intent is as a dandelion in the wind; blown in all different directions and so completely unorganized that even millions of people with the same goal cannot make even the slightest dent as a resistance, spreading more and more weeds of confusion and the disappointment of knowledge without remedy.

We beg our supposedly representative legislature to disallow such unprecedented spraying of our skies but are shrugged off with lies and the denial of the very existence of this phenomenon by the very congress and local officials who legally regulate it. And we walk away disappointed and enraged… complaining to our mutual in-activists in the virtual world of “social media” where it makes no difference in the real world – right where these megalomaniacs want us to be.

"An Opportunity to Learn, Meet & Network with Worldwide Members” is an invitation found on the website: “Weather Modification Association”

Please note: The 2022 Annual Meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn - Downtown in Corpus Christi, Texas on April 26-29, 2022. The meeting will feature technical sessions that will inform and educate attendees about current research and operations occurring in the field of weather modification.

Geo Engineering Watch is full of information on the who’s, how’s, and what’s of Geo Engineering. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to stay on top of what these scientists are spraying on all of humanity.

Sources: Weather Modification, Inc. Weather Modification Association Geoengineering Watch website: Police frequency, GAWP, BeachMilk, Insider Amigo, Amazing Polly Bitchute Mirror, Vivoterra World, FREE SPEECH, Ghost Ezra, and RT on Telegram and The Peoples Bridge on Facebook

Other Sources to explore: Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted - APTI, Inc.

YouTube Video links: Ingraham Warns of Coming Climate Lockdowns

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