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The Most Important Parts of the I.G. Report

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

During yesterday's lengthy Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz made it clear nobody at the FBI has been "vindicated" as a result of his investigation into FISA abuse at the Bureau.

As soon as the report was published on Monday, fired FBI Director James Comey took a victory lap and threatened retaliation. James Comey tweets this: So, it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trumps wires. It was just good people trying to protect America.

Then the Washington Post spins the I.G. report with this: Now those who attacked the FBI for two years should admit they were wrong. Then in the article they add this: On Monday, we learned from a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general,

Michael Horowitz, that the allegation of a criminal conspiracy was nonsense. There was no illegal wiretapping, there were no informants inserted into the campaign, there was no “spying” on the Trump campaign.

But after hours of testimony and hundreds of pages, it is clear rampant misconduct repeatedly occurred against Trump campaign official Carter Page. The behavior was so egregious, Horowitz submitted his entire report to U.S. Attorney John Durham as a criminal referral.

During an interview with Fox News Wednesday night, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy laid out the most important revelations of the report and had some advice for Comey.

"We need a good Department of Justice but what they did 2016 and 2017 is just wrong. So, I don't know what report Comey read. This is the third IG report that has found his conduct to be substandard.

If that's a victory lap, if he wants to take a victory lap because he's not indicted more power to him but don't write any more books on ethics though. Don't tell me what the ethical standard is if you think this report vindicates you," Gowdy said.

Meanwhile Durham's investigation, which is much broader in scope with proprietorial authority, is expected to be finished in the coming months. I really hope the criminal part is laid out and ready to serve justice pie to the criminals in our government.


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