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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

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3613 "Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

Lately, those of us who support President Trump have been referred to as a cult by the Fake MSM. Clearly, the press has no clue to what a real cult is about. If anything, this movement has taught us to come out of the authoritarian rule and lies of the deep state and research and learn for ourselves. Toxic Avenger on Twitter wrote this: Good Evening Cult 45... Here is our code: Love one another.

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Forgive one another. Pray for your nation. Think for Yourself. Worship God. Read good books. Be charitable. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat healthy. Obey the law. Work hard. Play hard. Be Thankful. This movement that the MSM calls a cult has in fact liberated each of us. So, I decided today to explore one such cultic group that none of us have touched upon.

The Unification Church is a cult founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who started it in Seoul, Korea, in 1954. The official name of the Unification Church is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (founded as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity); it is currently led by Hak Ja Han, Moon’s widow.

Unificationism immediately became controversial, as Moon believed that the Bible could not be understood without the aid of his book Divine Teaching, which he claimed was divinely inspired. Moon amassed quite a fortune for himself as the leader of the Unification Church—by the time he died in 2012, he was worth millions.

Moon led his followers, sometimes referred to as “Moonies,” to do many bizarre things. The Unification Church spent $48 million to produce an anti-communist movie. The movie flopped. Perhaps the movement is most notorious is for the mass wedding of 3,000 couples in 1992.

The Unification Church is a false church. First, let us compare what the Bible says about false teachers to the life of Sun Myung Moon. Moon was accused of sexual impurity on numerous occasions. Moon was also convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to prison.

The apostle Jude warns the church about men who would turn grace into a license for ungodly behavior (Jude 1:4). This false prophet spews blasphemy here:

It gets weirder. According to Moon’s teaching, man is visible God, and God is the invisible form of man. In fact, Moon crowned himself the “King of Peace” in 2004 and claimed to be the Messiah and Savior of the world; he also claimed his wife was the Holy Spirit. [1a]

On March 23, the Dirksen Senate Office Building was the scene of a coronation ceremony for Rev. Sun Myung Moon, owner of the conservative Washington Times newspaper and UPI wire service. He was given a bejeweled crown by Rep. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill.

Afterward, Moon told his bipartisan audience of Washington power players he would save everyone on Earth as he had saved the souls of Hitler and Stalin -- the murderous dictators had been born again through him, he said. In a vision, Moon said the reformed Hitler and Stalin vouched for him, calling him "none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

Then, after Rep. Elijah Cummings, gave a speech praising one of Moon's Ambassadors for Peace, the civil rights veteran Rev. Walter Fauntroy, an unnamed Lubovitch rabbi took the stage declaring: "I have never seen this miracle where Jews, Christians and Muslims come together for peace!" At this ceremony, Moon’s cleric declared Moon the king of the "second and third Israel." [1b]

The purported goal of Unificationism is world peace through the creation of “true families.” Rev. Moon and his wife presented themselves as the “True Parents” and the first to have children who they claim were sinless. Unificationism teaches that dead people can return to earth for a second chance to atone for some of their sin.

Unification theology denies the Trinitarian understanding of the Godhead. Furthermore, Unificationism denies that Jesus was raised physically from the dead and denies His divine nature. Deliverance from sin, according to the Unification Church, is based on human effort and making restitution, directly contradicting

Ephesians 2:8–9: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” In this religion of works and the denial of the deity of Christ, the Unification Church joins the myriad of cults and false religions that have these false teachings in common.

Aside from the deceptive tactics and mind-control practices of the Unification Church, the movement is dangerous because the theology directly contradicts Scripture. Followers of Sun Myung Moon’s teachings trust a false messiah and are deceived into false understandings about God, about Jesus, and about life after death.

How sad that people are attempting to work their way to heaven, when Jesus Christ has paid the complete penalty for their sin on the cross. How tragic that Moonies follow a self-serving (and dead) leader rather than the self-sacrificial (and risen) Christ. [1a]

3635 Sometimes a good 'movie' can provide a lot of truth and/or background. Enjoy the show!

So, what about this latest Moon Children group? There is this group that seems to mostly practice parody, but some of their antics are strange; nonetheless.

This group of young adults goes by the name of Moon Children, but they also go by alternate names like: MC as an abbreviation. This group was founded before 1998 in the US.

According to their role-play, they appear to worship a moon deity, which they call Luna.

The Moon Children will tell you they were founded, by a leader they called The Father. There are some who claim to receive “whispers from the moon aka Luna. Supposedly, the early members did not receive "whispers" from Luna as the more recent members claim.

A person by the name of Kelbris was the first to receive whispers from the moon, which were said to detail how the world would end. However, he was later found dead by electrocution; it was not determined whether his death was ascension or foul play. Whether this is for real is up for debate.

Around this same time in 2002, someone named Ben supposedly became involved with either the cult or someone in it. As a result, he became the subject of a failed attempt at ascension on April 23, 2002. The method used in the ritual was drowning. Here is a go fund me account that was set up for his recovery expenses. Really strange!

They even have a web site for their cult following. This is a newly-acquired website for use by the Moon Children.

Whether a parody or a real-life cult, these are rising issues ensuing in the midst of The Storm. There are true cults fermenting around the world that will keep our most innocent in jeopardy.

Yet, as we continue to grow in learning truths, we must always remain alert. There are true cults rising up all around us. We must also remain grounded. ...but President Trump Patriots are NOT a cult.

925 This is not about religions or party affiliation. EVIL is everywhere. There are no drawn lines. No boundaries. Good vs Evil. Q





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