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UNCENSORED:HAMMER. On the clock. December [PURGE] with Dustin Nemos...

1044 Fake pic push by MSM. Videos / backup. Google kill. YouTube kill. FB kill. Twitter kill. Yahoo kill. Bing kill. Instagram kill. Net will be paused. HAMMER. On the clock.

For most of you watching today, you most likely know this special guest. For those who are just now being Red-Pilled, meet Dustin Nemos of the Nemos News Network. Dustin was one of the first to report on the Q anon drops. Dustin is one of the authors of the Q Anon book “The Great Awakening.”

Dustin has started a revolutionary movement called Stop Bit Burning. Do you want to tell us a little about it?

Investment Watch has this to say about the new “Terms & Conditions” policies to take effect December 10th of this year. Just a few weeks away. It reads:

“Terminations by YouTube for Service Changes: YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.” [1]

Click on the video above to hear answers to some of these questions:

1. What is your contact with Zach Vorhies if any, and if so, has he given you any insight into these upcoming Censorship plans for us?

2.With this eminent action just around the corner, do you think BitChute is going to be the next YouTube?

3. Will the monetizing program work for Bit Chute like it did for YouTube?

4. Are there other popular video upload platforms that you recommend?

5. What are you doing to protect yourself from being shut down with YouTube’s new rules?

6. How confident are you that YouTube is going to follow through with the Dec 10 threats?

7. I saw your show where Captain Roy Davis is banned from YouTube altogether for signing off with WWG1WGA. This is incredible.

8. Do you think President Trump will be able to help us?

9. How can the Patriot Channels help one another stay strong?

10. What other things can we do to fight against this censorship?

Thank you, Dustin, for your time and fantastic information. Please, go to Dustin Nemos on YouTube and Nemo's News Network and Subscribe if you haven’t already. Dustin, do you have anything else you will like the audience to know?


[1] or-for-not-being-commercially-viable/

1.1K[VIDEO YouTube New Update On 10 December 2019 | YouTube policy 2019 | YouTube new Terms and conditions 2019 Nov 9 PC Mentor

08/21/19 Grand

Project Verjitas ‘We don’t want to be knee-jerk,’ YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says of policing content YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki indicated that certain types of commentary videos and online punditry could be in trouble as the company prepares to institute a new policy around “creator-on-creator” harassment.

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