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UNCENSORED:Star Wars COMs? Rebellion or Empire?...

3600 For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money. There is no escaping God.

Shout-out to Patrick Henry @DefendFreedom. He has considered a possibility that could truly create a D5 Avalanche nearing the complete and utter annihilation of “These Swamp People”. Follow along as we explore this fascinating possibility.

1 of 12 Could post 3599 be a que for “SPECIAL weekend”? A sign signaling [THEM] that [THEIR] time is short & every route of escape/attack that [THEY] planned leads right into another one of the 17 teams TRAPS? 3599 The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption. A Higher Loyalty [Y]. Hunters become the Hunted. Treason. Sedition. How do you remove a liability? Six o’clock can be dangerous. Family proud? This [Y] looks to be BIG! Let’s check it out...

2 of 12 @elenochle amazing job digging up old posts with the [Y] & making this info-graphic. 11/2018 17 posted a post with “Come” instead of Comey, & then posted again right after that with Come[y] like he was fixing his error. 17 was really planting a clue for later use. [AND AWAY WE GO SONG! MUCH BETTER Add Music and use animation feature]

3 of 12 The post from 3/24/18 is interesting. If you pay attention to the letter sizes and ignore the words in all caps it looks like: Clock activated. Stage (is set?) eyes on [Y]. Is [Y] some type of place marker, hidden for Patriots to find later, & signaling [THEIR] demise?

4 of 12 The post from 11/16/19 talking about Star Wars is also interesting because Comey's photo of Star Wars toys consists of all Rebellion side toys, no Empire toys. The interesting part is the Rebellion side fights for: “Restoring Peace and Freedom to the galaxy.” In we find: Rebellion (Star Wars Rebels) The Rebellion was a movement, which was dedicated to vanquishing the Galactic Empire, and restoring freedom and peace to the Galaxy. It was the most aspect of Star Wars Rebels. This Rebellion is the predecessor of the Rebel Alliance.

5 of 12 In post 3599 where is says: A Higher Loyalty [Y]. That is reference to Comey's book “A Higher Loyalty”. I propose that [Y] is an important key. Let’s check out Comey's recent tweet.

6 of 12 Comey's tweet seems to be revelatory. Is the [Y] the key to the puzzle that we didn’t have? Could the [y] be his signal to Patriots that this is all a movie, that the script is phenomenal & the Deep state is trapped? Interesting quote... “[Y]ou can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing-off corrupt people.” George P. Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, November 14, 2019.

3596 What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook? Enjoy the show!

7 of 12 In the @prayingmedic thread Medic linked Comey & Devin Nunes. They both have been tweeting about Iowa, this seasons corn growth & photos in the field. Have they been working together? Was that code between the 2 of them? Nunes deleted all except this tweet... So good to see new growth in Iowa and across the country. Devin Nunes wrote: Corn ready for to be cut.

8 of 12 Was 17 using Comey like a dis-info campaign? Fooling [THEM] into thinking white was black & black was white? [THEY] have used this same trick on we the people fooling us into thinking our enemies were friends. Because friends are rarely seen as opponents or enemies.

9 of 12 Ok here’s a big clue in my opinion. Here’s a tweet with a photo of Comey saying it’s good to be back in Iowa. The date is Oct 20 2017. 17’s first post was Oct 28 2017. Was Comey in Iowa secretly talking to Nunes on 10/20/2017? Possibly PREPPING for the HUGE op???!!! We have all been eagerly awaiting this first drop to take place. Oh, what a lovely day it will be.

10 of 12 There is a reason this is a perfect setup/timing for a meeting between the two. Comey has the perfect excuse to be there: celebrating his wife’s dads 90th birthday. Which means no red flags for anyone not on the inside team. Meaning the public, us and [THEM].

11 of 12 It was her dads big 90th birthday. They went to a ritzy steakhouse popular for visiting politicos, sounds normal. BUT a 90th birthday is a huge deal for anyone. Apparently not, they were in and out. Kind of like it was just to be seen, a show... Talking about Comey’s brother-in-law Ed Failer’s Facebook review...Here it reads: “They enjoyed themselves in a semi-private room, just a quick little dinner, in and out.”

12 of 12 @3Days3Nights retweeted this, Dr. Paul makes a great point about the clock stopping on 11/22. Let’s not set dates, but let's think critically and BE READY for anything! The clock totally stops at 11/22.

Post 1122 is as follows. Is it time for the reports to be released? 1122 TRUST SESSION. TRUST WRAY. TRUST KANSAS. TRUST HOROWITZ. TRUST HUBER. Logic dictates BIG DROPS will occur on Fridays before Holiday Weeks. If things get testy, families will be together and students will be home. Trolling dictates that we use a date like JFK’s death to make a point. 11/22 Friday meets these 2 criteria. (1122) Just guessing.

Patrick Henry adds this: “Six o’clock can be dangerous”: In military terms watch your 6 = watch your back. If Comey is a mole, this was an extremely DANGEROUS OP for him to cross the Deep state and more. [THEY] are very powerful and ruthless. Dangerous for his family too.

(COVER POST 3599 AT BEGINNING, DON’T REPEAT HERE) The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption. A Higher Loyalty [Y]. Hunters become the Hunted. Treason. Sedition. How do you remove a liability? Six o’clock can be dangerous. Family proud?

“Family Proud” This could be: Is Comey's family proud? Are they proud of him for taking a stand against the Deep state to help save America? Even if Comey was “forced” to be a mole by WhiteHat's, it still seems like a patriotic move that would take a MASSIVE courage in my opinion! [1]

A HUGE shout-out to @politicalwilli reminds us: Those are my 7-year-old godson’s Star Wars toys. We promised not to take them down. And they are awesome anyway. First reaction was that “that makes you The Godfather, Jim” Controlling some puppets? Hey Comey: What type of stenographic code is in one of your cryptic photos and tweets? [2]

3602 How do 'select' bad actors attempt the comms w/o SIGINT collection? Rebellion or Empire? Private [invite only] faction(s)? Dark > Light



[2] Videos: Evidence continues mounting against James Comey

Sep 13, 2017 Fox Business James Comey on Clinton probe, Russia investigation Apr 26,2018 Fox News

Music: We Go [They] Don't Aug 23, 2019 TAV

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