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UNCENSORED:Epstein – The French Broward Connection  #browardgate  #floridagate


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Everyone, please pray for Field McConnell. This man is being held in Pierce County, Wisconsin and expected to be extradited to the “drug & human trafficking capital” of South Florida to Broward County FL.

One of the main reasons is the same explanation for why Financier Jeffrey Epstein set up shop just north of Broward in Palm Beach County, Florida—that’s where the BIG MONEY is!

That’s also where the concentration of Illuminati families has congregated and consolidate power for decades.

Could it be that they believe the way to stay young is to pay BIG MONEY for the organs, tissues, blood, and adrenochrome that are harvested from illicit child exploitation operations? [1]

Obviously, Drugs & Human Trafficking, gun running and the money to carry-out these operations go together like peas & carrots. Watch our tax dollars at work. They are putting time & resources into a 70-year-old man, while drug & human trafficking run amuck. While senior officials are breaking the law, our tax dollars are paying for it.

Q 3396 Untouchable mindset by all involved? Blackmail? Power? Top-down protection?

Plane + Temple + XYZ pics = witness? Witness+ [CLAS 1-99]? Why did RC start/form a modeling/talent agency? Why was RC / Epstein & the [MASONIC]-Temple highlighted in the past? Dark to LIGHT. These people are sick.

Who are Masons? Politicians, Judges, FBI/CIA, Sheriffs, Gang members? Bankers? Royalty? Lawyers? Athletes? NASCAR Drivers? Military?

They WILLINGLY took a blood oath to withhold immoral/illegal secrets for THEIR benefit to sell us all into a system of Lies, Deceit to rob us of our Birthright. Any member of these groups should resign and none should ever be allowed authority of anyone else. They have shown they cannot maintain their own freedom so why should anyone’s else Liberty be up to them?

The previous two videos on this channel have taken a deep dive into the underbelly of freemasonry. We learn the Scottish Rite Masons originated from the Jesuits in France. We will see the French connection soon.

Who is Pam Bundy? She is the former Florida AG, and she is currently on POTUS’s Legal Defense Team. Remember, it was on her watch that Epstein continued his criminal operation in NY and FL; possibly for the CIA/Mossad/FBI and MI6.

Of course, there are several infamous Brevard county incidences that I’m not allowed to talk about in this format. Oh, and isn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Representative for Brevard county? Hmmm... Florida has some serious issues.

This leads us to NASCAR driver Brian Vickers's wife Sarah Kellen aka Sarah Kensington who is also residents of FL. Sarah worked as an assistant for Epstein for several years; she has been accused of multiple lawsuits of scheduling young women to have sex with Epstein.

In one lawsuit, The New York Times reports, Sarah Kellen was described as the “lieutenant,” and was also described as an assistant of sorts to Ghislaine Maxwell. BOOM! [2]

Ghislaine Maxwell was born in 1961, in Maisons-Laffitte, France, the ninth and youngest child of Elisabeth (née Meynard), a French-born scholar, and Robert Maxwell, a Czech-born British media proprietor.[3] Ghislaine Maxwell founded the TerraMar Project, a nonprofit that works to preserve the world’s oceans. And all the water in the world won’t wash off the stain of her complicity to child sexual abuse. [4]

No charges have been filed against her, but she has been named in civil lawsuits alleging that she acted as a procurer of young women for Epstein. Maxwell used her social connections to introduce Epstein to some notable figures, including Prince Andrew. Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the darkest and most mysterious men to appear in British public life.

Even his death remains a mystery. In November 1991 he disappeared from the deck of his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, named for his youngest daughter, as it was anchored off the Canary Islands.

More than a quarter of a century ago, Ms. Maxwell's father — media mogul and fraudster Robert Maxwell — died under bizarre circumstances. [VIDEO] The body of the publishing baron was found floating in the ocean naked after he vanished from his luxury yacht in the Canary Islands. [5]

Rumors have circulated that Robert Maxwell was connected to the Mossad including a book entitled “Robert Maxwell Israel's Superspy, The Life and Death of a Media”. With Robert and Ghislaine, we have a French Connection. Like the Scottish Rite Masons, it seems the sinister connections always seem to come from France. Was the entire Epstein-Maxwell scandal, in fact, a military mind-control operation?

Next, let’s examine the connections. Connections are NYC-Broward county FL- the Caribbean-Mossad-CIA-masonic temple, etc... Which opens the doors to the Black Nobility?

If you tie these powerful and sinister world controllers with local, state, and national appointed and elected officials with the horrific crimes they impart on their victims, they bring us full-circle to the French Jesuit Masonic Order that was “perfected” by and sold by Impostor Jews.

We learned in my previous videos that the main objective of these secret societies is brainwashing, manipulation and control over their members that they promote throughout every aspect of our society and government to enslave and control us. These mind control operations lead us out West to the place of powerful earthquakes in July of this year.

In this examination, we will be able to better understand the twisted mind of America’s most notorious killer. Charles Manson, a programmed Monarch slave who received initial programming at China Lake, after an arrest for armed robbery. Once released, instead of returning to his mother, he got caught up with another hoodlum and was arrested two weeks later.

In the investigation that followed, he was linked to two earlier armed robberies. He was sent to the Indiana Boys School (think PENCE?), a strict reform school. He later claimed that other students sexually assaulted him with the encouragement of a staff member.

He later lived with his cult only 45 miles north-west of China Lake at the remote Myers and Barker ranches. The area’s tavern has been named the Hideaway. The Hideaway Tavern has been a local hangout for the CIA in China Lake. The base headquarters is known as the White House, and it looks somewhat like a yacht clubhouse. Northwest of the airfield, the government has built a large magical hexagram seal of Solomon with each leg 1/4-mile-long on the ground. [6]

The Illuminati functions off a chain of command similar to the military. (In fact, a big secret is that Satan’s realm actually served as the model for military and political structures.) Religious leaders make up the majority of fathers of Monarch survivors that have sought help. Most Illuminati victims have parents who are important religious leaders, many of them top clergymen in the established churches.

The worse the inflicted trauma, the more sadistic programmers enjoy it. Sensory deprivation, forced labor, poisoning, and violations of every orifice of the child are popular tortures by the programmers. The child soon learns that he is at the mercy of crazy people who can only be satisfied by total submission, and the willingness to allow someone else to think for you. Some of this sadistic behavior is toward a goal. [7]

Please pray and keep Field McConnel and the Abel Danger Family in our thoughts. We owe a huge debt of gratitude for his exposure of this dire crisis. Please God in the name of Jesus, I ask you to fill the hearts of the wicked with the Holy Spirit, finally understand the damage they are doing to all of us and stop hurting others. If you are holding a position of authority that we depended on to protect us and OUR CHILDREN and have turned a blind eye to allowed these horrific crimes to continue, please provide details to your superiors. If they fail to act report it to their superiors. If you choose to continue to allow these crimes to continue and do nothing, please resign NOW.

As we can see, these torturous mind-altering techniques are used from coast to coast. Is this the fate of Field McConnell as he faces the beasts of Brevard county? My intention of exposing this material is to bring this awareness to my viewers and to make sure you never allow your children or loved ones to fall prey to these satanic cults. I also hope you will make sure to keep an awareness of potential victims.

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q










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#currentevents #corruption #humantraffickers #qanondecodes #qanon #WeepingAngelII

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