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I'm calling on my followers to help me. I'm at my ropes end with the CENSORSHIP! The exposure to the Deep State has affected every social media platform I am on. Plus, I have been unsuccessful in getting my subscribers to migrate to Weeping Angel backup channels so far. As of December 10th, ALL TRUTHER channels will be suspended if they are exposing individuals or groups of individuals. This is exactly what Weeping Angel II is about. If you feel inclined, please share the backup channels links and/or the video link below of the latest video. Also, I certainly do not want to annoy anyone. So, if you aren't interested or able to share these backup links or the latest video link, I will not be offended at all. I understand we are all here for different reasons, so your wish is my desire. However, for those of you who are willing and able, I do certainly appreciate any efforts you take to help keep the channel Weeping Angel II afloat. 🚨 🚨 🚨


Learn what they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW about how THEY OPERATE IN THE DARK!!!

These are the BACKUP channels for Weeping Angel II. If you want to continue to receive videos after the IMMINENT PURGE OF DECEMBER 10, 2019, you may find updated videos here:

#conspiracy #CENSORSHIP #1stAmendment #NAZIS #PURGE

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