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Q1630 Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations? Openly giving interviews or in background shots? Symbolism will be their downfall.

This shocking account is taken from the archives at on the Scotch Rite Masonry. The Secret Lodge undermines the College, by concealing its rowdyism and sheltering its rebellions: —the Court House, by its rival oaths;

—the Legislature, by corrupting and intimidating its members; and the Church, by its rival, mock sacraments. A condensed account of this Scottish Rite, which is now, say all their writers, the most popular —

Stone-masons had initiated hazing on their apprentices, journeymen and master-masons. At York, England, these initiations were woven into a ''Rite” around the year 926., which overran England; and is now the basis of all Masonic ''Rites” giving them their names and spirit. In 1649, Charles I was beheaded and his queen and son Charles II were exiles in France where there was then no centralized lodge power.

But Charles II secretly joined both the Papists and the Masons; and by the aid of French Masons, who were Papists, and English Masons, who were Protestants he regained his father's throne; was pensioned by the French king, who was then called ''The Eldest Son of the Romish Church;'' reigned disgracefully twenty-five years, and died, gazing on a silver cross held before his eyes by a Romish priest named Huddleston in 1685.

Three years later, (1688) England was revolutionized. James, the brother of Charles, fled from his throne and people, and took headquarters at the Jesuits' College of Clermont, in Paris. This college became a factory of higher Masonic degrees, to govern English Lodges and restore James and Popery to the throne, as Charles II had been restored before. Meantime Masonry was changed.

In 1717; at the Appletree tavern, London, as is well known, four old lodges formed the first Grand Lodge, dropping Craft masonry, and ''accepting'' all who would pay dues, promised to fit them for heaven, "the lodge above”.

That is to say; —they set up a false religion, with a despotic constitution of government, and salvation by ceremonies; but omitting the Savior and the Holy Ghost. This horrible compound, now falsely called “Masonry,” was in operation while the sons of the fugitive, James II, were exile pretenders to the English throne; living by Masonry, and plotting with Jesuits in France. There now appears on the scene the chief manufacturer of Masonry as it now exists, exists, as “The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite'' of 33 degrees.

This was no other than the Chevalier Ramsay, of whom Machey, the leading Lexicographer, Jurist, and Historian of the lodge, says: — Q1413 Guardian of the Pope. [Personal] Q

"No one played a more important part in the history of Freemasonry in the 18th century, than the Chevalier Ramsay.” He was indeed the most learned man, who, up to that time, had taken any interest in the order. Ramsay was a brilliant young Scotch Presbyterian; of course, familiar with the Bible, which he garbled and corrupted to manufacture Masonic degrees.

He was the son of a baker; educated in Edinburgh University. He afterward became a companion of kings, priests and pretenders; amassed great wealth, and apostatized from Protestantism to Rome.

He was twenty years old when James II threw the mace into the Thames, and fled to Paris. He went to Holland, and under a popular enthusiast, Pierre Poiret, plunged into the tenets of the mystical theology then widely prevailing.

In 1710 he lived six months in the family of the mystical papist, Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray, with whom his apostacy to Romanism became complete. He had before been, in the words of Rebold, “The instrument of the Jesuits;” framing Masonic degrees, and plotting the restoration of the Stuarts. He became a tutor to the two sons of the first Pretender, Charles Edward, and Henry. His heart seems to have cleaved to bonnie Scotland.

He called his first invented degrees ‘Scotch’. He offered fortunes to his relatives, but they spurned him and his money, gained by apostasy; by the sale of sham dignities, and from the pay of Catholic kings, priests, princes, and pretenders. The success of Charles II. in recovering his father’s throne;

—his long reign, and the powerful backing of the French king, the Pope, and his Jesuits, exalted their hopes to the highest. Adventurers flocked to them, and for a time Masonry was the rage in France, and Ramsay was its Head-center.

He told the French LIES; that his new degrees were brought from Palestine in the time of the Crusades, by returned princes, priests, knights and nobles. And in 1740, as its grand orator, he pronounced a discourse before the Grand Lodge of France; manufacturing history as he went on; and the falsehood was greedily swallowed.

And the marvel is, if anything Masonic can be marvelous, that while this mass of fundamental lying is admitted and recorded by Mackey, Macoy, Folger and the other Masonic authors, they seem to deem falsehoods no disparagement to pure Masonic “morality” and “truth!”

One has only to glance over their pages to see all the facts just as given. When France had been sown with the new degrees, it became necessary to codify and condense. Ramsay digested a code of six degrees, called the “Ramsay Rite” which he attempted to foist on the English, but without success.

The gunpowder plot in 1605, was believed, by the British masses, to have resulted from the Romish doctrine that Protestants have no rights which Papists are morally bound to respect, beyond what policy dictates. And for three centuries Romish priests did not consecrate a burial ground on the soil of England.

The Stuarts sunk to rise no more; and England would have none of “Stuart Masonry.” But the flood from the mouth of the dragon flowed on. (Rev. 12:15.) The Chevalier De Bonneville, in 1754, formed a Chapter of Clermont in the Jesuits' College of that name, with a Rite of Perfection of twenty-five degrees.

But Masonry is a “troubled sea whose waters cannot rest, but cast up mire and dirt.” After an agitated existence of four years, this Clermont Chapter was merged in a "Council of Emperors of the East and West,” which out-bragged all before it. The members called themselves “Sovereign Prince Masons,” "Substitutes General of the Royal Art,” and “Grand Superintendents of the Grand and Sovereign Lodge of St. John of Jerusalem,”

Three years after this, in 1761, this august bubble, or ''Council of Emperors,” which itself burst a few years afterward, gave Steven Morin, a Jew, who cared nothing for his religion, and so was willing to adopt the Ramsay ''Rite of Perfection,” which Masonically exalts Christ in some of the degrees ; if only, like his ancestor, Judas, he might sell him for silver;

—this mock "Council of Emperors'' gave to this Jew, power to establish this Ramsay Rite of Perfection "in every part of the world." This Steven Morin came to Charleston, South Carolina, via. San Domingo, and started what is now this ''Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite;” the "leading Rite of the world!"

A detailed account of Morin's work in Charleston, S. C, is given in the analysis of the fourth degree. After appointing a Deputy Inspector General for North America, completing his American work, and appointing some other Inspectors for the West Indies, Morin disappears from history.

No one knows when he died, or where he was buried. Of the first sixteen "Deputy Inspectors General" appointed by Morin, thirteen were Jews. From the advent of Morin in 1762, there is a gap of some years in which Masonic history is silent or confused.

The struggle for American independence was then beginning, and the long war which established it, took place in that period; and all Masonic writers agree that the twenty-five degrees brought over by Morin were rearranged; eight other degrees added; and, in 1801, The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was formed, as it now stands; consisting of 33 degrees; and the first "Supreme Council was opened in Charleston, S. C, by John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho in 1801;''

- which system now leads all others. Next year, 1802, this Rite travelled back to Europe. And, though an American invention, and though its founder, Morin, had only received power to confer the 25 degrees, which were the old Ramsay, Jesuit Rite of Perfection; and though he was branded as an ''audacious juggler," and himself had been recalled, and his patent taken away and given to ''Bro, Martin,” in 1766, by the power that gave it;

— Folger documents that Morin went on constituting Chapters and Councils all the same. In 1783, seventeen years after his recall, and his patent had been annulled, he erected in Charleston “The Grand Lodge of Perfection.”

And Ragon says: “The Prince Masons in Charleston, who were at first all Jews, not satisfied with the Rite of Perfection, consisting of 25 degrees, in 1801, added eight degrees more, making in all 33 degrees; and constituted themselves “The Supreme Scottish Council of America and the French Possessions.” John Mitchell and Frederich Dalcho were the only members of the first- Supreme Council in Charleston who were not Jews.

These facts are given by Folger, attested also by Ragon, Thory and Clavel. But what was to be done? “The Council of Emperors,” which commissioned Morin, was extinct, and his Patent annulled by The Grand Lodge of France, and he had never had even any Masonic authority to invent degrees and create a Council. This is what they did.

They forged or found some constitutions, which they said were given by Frederick the Great, of Prussia, dated in 1786, the year of Frederick's death at 74 years of age; and he had long been incapable of business! and on these spurious constitutions, which Kloss in his history pronounces ''The grand lie of the Order” these infidel Jews, with Mitchell and Dalcho, who were not Jews, founded ''The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which now owns the temples and rules Freemasonry in America and Europe.

Thus, we have given from Masonic authorities, a full-length moral portrait of the present leading system of Masonry in the United States and Europe. And the Freemasonry of today is a child of Jesuitism, born in France, when France was so saturated with Lodgism that even the true-hearted Lafayette was drawn into it. His apron is now shown as a relic in the house of Washington at Mt. Vernon.

And Lamartine tells us in the Revolution of 1789-92, that the Freemason lodges were "The Catacombs of a New. Worship.” We shall now give a Historic Sketch of this reigning rite, and see what that "new worship” was.

Q100 Satan. Who follows? What political leaders worship Satan? Q


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